Why do I hear intermittent white noise in my left Here Bud when my smartphone is connected (Android)?

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The volume level when streaming to any wireless device on some Android phones is, by default, very low so we boost it when streaming audio to your Here Buds. This may lead to you hearing some white noise, especially in your left ear.

There is a workaround for this issue:

1. With the buds already paired to the app, go to Bluetooth settings on your phone and tap the gear icon next to Here One and then tap ‘Unpair’2. Open the Here One app3. Open the main menu in the app, go to Settings, My Buds and tap on the (i) next to your pair of buds4. Tap ‘Pair With Second Device (Beta)’

5. Go back into Bluetooth settings on your phone and select Here One under ‘Available Devices’