Who Created The MP3 Player? Everything You Need To Know

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Music brings us spiritual values. It is also one of the optimal and almost indispensable entertainment sources for every person. Music also significantly affects the development process and the spiritual world of each of us.

There are many ways we can access music. One of them is using an MP3 player. So what is an MP3 player? Who created the mp3 player

Today, we will introduce it to you as well as mention its history and creator. Scroll down and check it out now!

What Is Mp3?

What Is Mp3

What Is Mp3? 

First, we will give a brief introduction to MP3.

MP3, which takes MPEG Audio Layer III. MPEG is responsible for setting audio and video transmission standards in lossy compression. It is a group of people working within the ISO and the IEC.

MPEG Audio Layer is a trendy format used to encode and compress audio files. 

It can be available as a format that has contributed significantly to the rapid increase in the availability of digital music online. Since then, it has helped usher in a significant era in the approach to music in the world.

What Can MP3 Do? 

MP3 has proven to be a top choice when it can reduce the file size many times compared to the original size. Moreover, creating files is also very easy without losing the clarity of the sound.

The reason is that compressing the file has removed redundant sounds, including too high or too low frequencies, noise, and electrical interference caused by audio instruments. 

You can shrink the original audio data from the CD down to a factor of 12 with absolutely no loss in or loss of sound quality.

Brief History of the MP3 

In 1987, the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany researched the EU 147 project with the code name EUREKA, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB).

By January 1988, MPEG was part of ISO/IEC. In April 1989, the Fraunhofer Institute finally obtained a German patent for MPEG Audio Layer after arduous research and development.

In 1992, the Fraunhofer Institute and Dieter Seitzer collaborated to integrate the resulting audio encoding algorithm into the MPEG-I standard, and in 1993 it was first published.

In 1994, a complete version of MPEG-I, called MPEG-II, was born. On November 26, 1996, the United States granted a recognized patent for the device.

In September 1998, the Fraunhofer Institute began to exercise patent rights. Those who develop encoders, extractors, and decoders must pay a license fee to the Fraunhofer Institute.

Then, in February 1999, the company first recorded and distributed the music in the SubPop format. Also, from there, the first portable player appeared.

Who Created The Mp3 Player?

Harlheinz Bradenburg and Dieter Seitzer are two names associated with the development of MP3 Player.

Today, some technology enthusiasts are interested in who created the Player.

The German Fraunhofer Institute researched it and developed it. The institute then obtained a US patent of 5,579,430 for a “digital encoding process” – audio compression technology.

We must mention the inventors who contributed to the invention are KarlHeinz Brandenburg, Bernhard Grill, Ernst Eberlein, Jürgen Herre, Heinz Gerhäuser, Harald Popp and university professor Dieter Seitzer. 

KarlHeinz Brandenburg

KarlHeinz Brandenburg

The person who directed the Fraunhofer Institute’s research was Mr. Brandenburg – an expert in mathematics and electronics.

If he has studied music compression methods (since 1997), Dieter Seitzer has studied the quality transfer of music over a standard telephone line; he is known as an audio coder in the project.

In the 1990s, Brandenburg developed a music player, but unfortunately, it did not work for long. Therefore, he failed to create a complete MP3.

Instead, the man who wrote the MPEG amp audio codec was developer Tomislav Uzelac of Advanced Multimedia Products.

Next, two university students, Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev converted AMP to Windows.

From there, they created Winamp. Winamp was one of the reasons behind the overwhelming success as it became a free music player for everyone. 

There will be no more licensing fees to be able to use the player.

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Karlheinz Brandenburg and Dieter Seltzer are the creators of the MP3 player.

Now, MP3 has ceased to license its related patents instead by AAC. Yet, MPEG Audio Layer is a work that made a big splash during its invention, and it will live forever in people’s hearts because of the benefits it brings.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the history and inventor of the player. Thank you for reading! 


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