What Is Mic Monitoring? How Is It Relevant To Gaming?

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Have you ever heard of mic monitoring? Check out our article now. You will get what it is and other helpful information that you want to know.

In today’s digital world, mic monitoring has become the ideal solution for the right communication.

Have you ever lost a game due to faulty communication? Have you ever had to say “Excuse, could you please repeat?” during a meeting?

Obviously, these communication audio gaps might not look quite serious. But as they can pile up, things will get more frustrating.

In this case, mic monitoring is an easy-to-use and merely universal tool to deal with this problem. 

Today, we will discuss everything you want to know about it. So if you are sick of chaotic communications, take a look below!

Many of you may ask: “What is mic monitoring?”, “What does mic monitoring do?”


This tool helps you to listen to yourself on the other end of the microphone, which also has built-in mics. It transfers the sound into your headphones using the USB port on your computer or another audio interface.

This feature helps keep the chaotic channels at bay. It is ideal for frequent conference callers and meeting-makers. People who have to do a lot of conference calls benefit greatly from it.

What Is Mic Monitoring?

How Important Is Mic Monitoring?

When you listen to loud music, play games, or use noise cancellation, headphones will sometimes lead to you raise your voice unnecessarily. You may speak louder than usual.

To minimize the chance of it happening, you can use microphone monitoring to gauge whether or not to find out if our speech is at a comfortable volume.

Avoiding Raising Voice

Whenever we play loud games or use noise-canceling headphones, we unconsciously talk louder without even realizing that it is too loud and makes other people feel uncomfortable.

So let’s face it, raising your voice is uncomfortable for yourself and annoying for surrounding people. There’s no need to shout to be heard.

If you can measure the volume of your voice, you will not have to worry about being too loud. While using microphone monitoring, you can detect changes in this frequency range. It is where mic monitoring is required.

Mic monitoring function can tell you whether you speak loud enough. Therefore, it gets rid of the need for constant interruptions.

Improving Team Communication

Using mic monitoring is the best way to improve your team communication.

Improving team communications

Improving team communications

Having a meeting in which someone shouts in every other people’s ear quite literally would be problematic, in practice, in life, and in game matches. 

Working on a project with such high stakes means having subpar audio is inevitable, which requires you to steer clear from sloppy people. 

“Excessive shouting” isn’t the only thing that causes stress for gamers.

This topic pertains to the overall sound quality and would assist you in measuring your overall sound monitoring. 

When you use the mic monitoring feature, you can respond immediately or wait several seconds before saying anything.

Enable Real-time Troubleshooting

It is clear that crisp audio is essential for both work and game.

The worst thing in the world: You keep saying, “Can you hear loud and clear?” at a client meeting.

For gamers, simplicity of use can mean the difference between death or alive. Even if your teammates knew you were asking, they wouldn’t have time to wait. 

For those two examples, measuring the quality of audio can be useful. This practice will let you hear your voice, making it easier to assess when your silence occurs during a recording. 

If your devices had this feature, you could quickly detect the problem, consider what you are doing, and react accordingly without someone asking you to do so. It’s good, isn’t it?

When Should You Use Mic Monitoring?

After knowing how important mic monitoring is. You may ask yourself when to use mic monitoring ideally.


Monitors let you hear and talk at the same time. This ability serves to minimize distractions and increase the players’ concentration.



If gamers are playing a game that emphasizes communication, it’s especially advantageous to use it. 

Mic monitoring is useful in both competitive and casual gameplay and in any other modes.

Conference Calls

This setting will allow you to hear yourself with greater clarity and detect errors. 

It’s useful in a professional environment. It is crucial to be able to hear yourself in calls with clients or meetings with colleagues. The mic monitoring feature helps you know that you’re audible and your speech level is correct. 

Additionally, you can use it to catch your mistakes when speaking. For example, if you call your boss by his/her first name instead of calling them by their family name. You will be able to hear it in your headset and correct it.

Real-time Calls

When using applications such as Skype, Team Speak, and Discord, you can use this mic monitoring feature to listen to your voice or the other people’s speaking.

Employing these apps, you can listen to yourself while you are recording real-time so that you can notice your mistakes and increase or decrease the volume as necessary. 

It may seem obvious, but the biggest issue while using these real-time calling apps is talking too loudly, which will have the speakers inaudible at you. 

Using the microphone monitoring will allow you to monitor your voice and change the volume as needed.

How To Turn On Mic Monitoring

With several gaming platforms, there are several different ways to start mic monitoring.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below for each platform, and any device should be able to use this feature.

It is not unusual, but each device can be programmed to work with the server on demand. Today, working with audio inputs has never been easier. If you know and input values, you can alter these easily.

More typically on computers, the mic monitoring feature is not a default setting. To put it simply, other platforms and devices have their specific ways of doing it. 

No problem because we’ll make it as easy as we can for all the video game players or office workers out there. Stay tuned!

For PC

People have always preferred PCs when playing video games. 

Turn on mic monitoring for PC

Turn on mic monitoring for PC

You’ll need to connect a microphone and a pair of headphones before you can activate the mic monitoring on your computer. 

After that, Windows 10 users can follow these steps:

  1. Open “Control Panel;”
  2. Click the “Sound” icon;
  3. Click the “Recording” tab;
  4. Double-click your default device;
  5. Click the “Listen” tab;
  6. Tick “Listen to this device;”
  7. Choose your wished playback device on the “Playback through this device” option;
  8. Click “OK.”

On Mac

When using the built-in method on a Mac, there is no way to activate mic monitoring. But don’t panic! macOS users only need to install specific programs or apps.

We will be using QuickTime software today as it is the easiest one to monitor.

QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player

You can use AudioMonitor or GarageBand for mic monitoring work as well. Here are the steps:

  1. Install QuickTime Player;
  2. Click “File;”
  3. Click “New Audio Recording;”
  4. Turn the volume on the screen to the maximum.

Disclaimer: You don’t need to click the “Record” button for monitoring.

On Xbox

Xbox game consoles don’t usually have built-in microphones, but, as stated earlier, they do require built-in mic monitoring headphones.

Turn on mic monitoring on Xbox One

Turn on mic monitoring on Xbox One

It is impossible to redirect the sound from an Xbox to your speakers as laptops or desktops do. Said another way, it requires another system to do this job. 

If not, you can always choose to purchase additional products that can supplement the functionality. 

Mic monitoring Xbox One is on by default. Each headphone process is likely to be different, and the steps may be different for each manufacturer or model. 

The following instructions are generally to increase or decrease the microphone monitoring volume:

  1. Plugin the qualified headphones on Xbox controller;
  2. Press the Xbox button;
  3. Choose the “System” tab;
  4. Choose “Audio;”
  5. Adjust to your desired volume.

On PS4

When speaking about PlayStation 4, the word “Sidetone” is often used to refer to mic monitoring.

Turn on mic monitoring on PS4

Turn on mic monitoring on PS4

Mic monitoring in PlayStation 4 is on by default, but users can adjust the volume.

The headphones must be PS4-compatible for mic monitoring to be activated. Some features are the same on both platforms (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and Play), but the PlayStation 4 has some significant differences on account of its own.

With the PS4, you have to go into the settings and activate Sidetone and not have it done automatically for you like with the Xbox One.

Now let’s follow these simple steps below:

  1. Plugin PS4-compatible headphones;
  2. Go to “Settings;”
  3. Select the “Devices” tab;
  4. Choose “Audio Devices;”
  5. Click “Sidetone Volume;”
  6. Turn up the volume.

How To Turn Off Mic Monitoring

Now you may think about how to turn off mic monitoring. Is it difficult or complicated? The answer is No. It’s as easy as a piece of cake. Let’s dive in!

For PC

The feature can be disabled just as easily as it can be activated. You only need to make a small and obvious change. 

You use the guidelines from the “how to turn on” section and then uncheck the “Listen to this device” option. It’s finished! Follow one by one as below:

  1. Open “Control Panel;”
  2. Click the “Sound” icon;
  3. Click the “Recording” tab;
  4. Double-click your default device;
  5. Click the “Listen” tab;
  6. Uncheck “Listen to this device;”
  7. Click “OK.”

On Mac

No need to use your brain when talking about turning off the mic monitoring function on Mac. It can’t be easier.

You simply need to turn the volume to zero or completely exit QuickTime Player altogether. Let’s do it:

  1. Open QuickTime Player;
  2. Click “File;”
  3. Click “New Audio Recording;”
  4. Turn the volume to zero.

On Xbox

Turning off mic monitoring Xbox One is super easy. You only need to follow the same steps to access Xbox One mic monitoring settings and turn the volume to zero. The second method is to unplug your headphones. 

Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Press the Xbox button;
  2. Choose the “System” tab;
  3. Choose “Audio;”
  4. Adjust the volume to zero.

On PS4

When you disconnect the headphones from PlayStation4, the mic monitoring feature or Sidetone will turn off automatically. However, users can turn off Sidetone and continue to play with the headphones.

How to reach “Settings” to turn off Sidetone? Easy, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to “Setting;”
  2. Select “Devices;”
  3. Choose “Audio Devices;”
  4. Turn off “Sidetone.”

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Mic Monitoring?

Since everything has both benefits and disadvantages, be sure to keep in mind that there are issues with mic monitoring as well..

It is why we’ve supplied additional details and reasoning for you to go along with the mic monitoring. In this section, here are the drawbacks of this feature.

Take Time To Master

Some gamers encounter difficulty with adjusting to monitor their audio and visual work, while others don’t mind.

On the other hand, people may not like to hear everything they say. So, taking time to master or get used to mic monitoring is an essential thing you need to do.


The mic monitoring might pick up your speaking voice if your mic is set too loud. It’s not a dealbreaker.

Also, decreasing the volume of your headset will solve the problem. It means you’ll be able to hear your voice but without any echo.

Additionally, you may notice some headphones that have mics designed out and have a sound baffle built-in.

Final Thoughts

Even if your microphones are great, gamers or users still find mic monitoring as a helpful tool. Overloading a microphone happens most frequently when you are too close to it, which will affect your voice signal and make it harder for others to hear. 

As a result, being able to talk over the sound of the computer microphone is extremely useful for game streaming production, where good communication is crucial.

If you listen for a long time, you and everyone deserve better audio quality.

Once you’ve used it for a while, you’ll enjoy using it while playing games or being in call conferences and real-time calls. Briefly saying that mic monitoring is your life-saver and a good-to-go option.

We hope our article is helpful for you. Thank you for reading!


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