What HDMI Cable Comes With PS5? All Things To Know

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PS5 is the most sold-out game console today because of its new upgraded features and uses. People often connect this PS5 to a large TV screen via HDMI for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

However, not all ports are suitable and allow connections. So, what HDMI cable comes with PS5? How to identify PS5 HDMI port problems?

When unboxing the PlayStation 5, it includes a rear HDMI 2.1 port to connect to an external cable, which is versatile and compatible with many devices.

In the article, let’s learn about this port and PS5!

What Is HDMI and PS5?

Many people know about the PS5, and an HDMI port is required to connect to the TV. However, few people know and understand what HDMI or PS5 is. So let’s learn about these devices to use them effectively!




This cable is a tool that supports the transmission of images and sounds between two devices with high definition. 

This device is often used on a small scale, such as families and schools to connect devices such as disc players, game consoles, computers, etc., to the TV.

So, you will easily share your computer screen with a larger screen so more people can watch your presentation or movie together.

Today, people use these cables to replace complicated cables or plugs because all features are integrated right into this device. 

Therefore, most businesses, schools, or consumers turn to this type of device instead of traditional tools because of its convenience.




With the success of the previous PS3, PS4 versions, Sony continues to release a new upgraded product than the PS5. 

These machines are consoles with various games and multiplayer designs. The purpose of the multiplayer app is to be played in family or group of friends to increase solidarity.

The PS5 comes in two versions: a disc player and a digital version with pre-set games and a cheaper cost. There is also an SSD drive to adjust and transfer data at the highest speed even on the set.

The software settings also give players great gaming experiences: AMD GPU for 4K resolution. 3D sound effects, accurate picture speed.

What HDMI Cable Comes With PS5?

There are many types of cables on the market today, but not all are compatible with the PS5. This type of home game console uses HDMI 2.1 connection – the best conversion cable available today. Fortunately, Sony will provide this one right in the kit without you having to search and buy it outside.

Previous versions only allowed frame rates between 30 fps – 60 fps. Yet, with the 2.1 version, you can experience 2-4 times the frame rate of the regular version, up to 120 fps. The latest version gives better image speed and resolution.

This compatibility enhances the user experience to the fullest extent, and Sony has produced PS5 with 4K picture quality. And to support this level of image transmission, only this version can.

Some games allow you to choose from different frame rate modes, such as 4K resolution at 60fps or HD quality at 120 fps. Some other games still have a speed limit. So, not every game you can play is at 120 frames per second.

For more details, you can check out this testing video below:

How To Identify PS5 HDMI Port Problems

How To Identify The Problem

How To Identify The Problem

If suddenly one day you can’t connect your PS5 to the TV screen, there may be a problem with the connection error in the port. 

Some signs that you are having problems with this connector:

  • Your TV screen is not bright, do not understand the display even though it is connected and fully plugged in. Or if your TV shows a “no input” or “no connection” message box. You can check again by unplugging the port because it is most likely that the connector is loose.
  • Picture or sound quality is not guaranteed. Errors in the image can be jerky or blurred, and the sound becomes distorted.
  • PS5 will only show a green light when you turn it on. But if the green light is still on before you turn it on or even after you turn it off, the device’s hardware is likely having a problem.

Here are some causes when connecting to this PS version that you can refer to avoid. You can also find ways to fix these connection errors when you know its reason without spending a lot of money or time taking it to a repair shop.

  • Connecting the wrong port is a fairly common mistake. Many people use two versions in parallel – 1 HDMI version 2.1 to use for this 5th version, one old version to connect other devices. You can check this to see if there is a mistake when plugging in.
  • Usually, people do not pay much attention to the hygiene issues of technological and electronic devices.

As a result, dust accumulation occurs frequently and disrupts the connection. In many cases, dust and dirt left for a long time can damage the sound and image transmission process.

  • Other errors come from external physical forces, such as the extension cord bending too hard or when you plug the port in using too much pressure. These effects all affect the structure and connections of HDMI.
  • Another error comes from the hardware on the device’s motherboard. It can be a chip failure or any part of the internals that leads to the connection interruption.

See more:

How To Fix HDMI Port

If you have identified the HDMI connection cause and error to the PS5, now is the time to fix it. You can follow these steps to fix this connection error yourself before shipping it out to save some money.

Check the HDMI port of your PS5 and HDTV

Checking the port of your device and HDTV is the first step, and it’s pretty easy as well as you can check from the outside without removing any parts. 

The HDMI port has a distinctive shape and is easily distinguishable from other ports: a semi-octagonal shape. You can find this connector on the back between the AC power and the ethernet port in terms of location.

Once you’ve identified the correct port, you can proceed to inspect the inside for more cracks, damage, or accumulation of dirt. If so, you need to clean up all the dust and plug the cable back incorrectly. 

The correct connection is when the cable fits snugly and is flat against the surface of the device. It is an improper connection if you see a protrusion or the cable is not fully plugged in.

Check your HDTV

Check your HDTV

Check your HDTV

Many people are subjective and think that the TV has no problem, but in many cases, the error comes from the HDTV, not the HDMI player.

There are two ways to check: connect the HDMI to another TV device or connect another HDMI to the TV.

If the device is still working correctly, you will know where the error is coming from. If you use a Smart TV, update to the latest firmware versions.

Turn off HDR

Some PS5 HDR settings will not be compatible with all TV models. So you can turn this setting off to improve connection errors. You can turn it off with a few simple steps:

  • Go to PS5 settings
  • Select Screen and Video option
  • Select video output
  • Select HDR and disable this setting
  • Boot into safe mode

Booting to safe mode is the last thing you can do at home to fix connection problems. You can enable safe manner by following these steps:

Turn off the control panel

  • Connect the wireless controller by USB and press the PS button on the controller
  • Safe mode menu selection
  • Click the option Change video output
  • HDCP 1.4 settings
  • Restart the device to check the operation


Hopefully, with the above information, you have answered your questions about the HDMI cable that comes with PS5.

If your connection is problematic and cannot be repaired after performing the above steps, you may need to take your device to a professional service center.

Please share your experiences on this topic with us by commenting below the article. Thank you for following this topic!


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