What Does A Sub Woofer Do? Things You Need To Know

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Have you ever counted how many speakers you own? If you include phones, computers, televisions, cars, etc., the number will be more than you think.

Do you know what a sub woofer is? What does a subwoofer do?

Subwoofers are the essential equipment for any electronic device to serve the process of listening to music, watching TV, using the Internet, etc.

For those passionate about speakers and who always want to own a quality sound system, owning a subwoofer is something you should consider.

In this post, we will learn together about subwoofers and related information!


What Is A Subwoofer?

What Is A Woofer

What Is A Woofer? 

There will be a surround sound system with conventional speakers that cannot accurately reproduce sound at low frequencies.

It makes your enjoyment and relaxation with sounds such as lyrics, movies, etc., not as good as before.

However, try now with the speaker. This product focuses on creating low frequencies in music, also known as bass and sub-bass. The device will help you amplify through the woofer to bring an extreme experience when resting and relaxing with this type of sound.

If conventional speakers only allow you to hear the bass, the speaker will help you feel the sound with a frequency range of about 20-200H.

A speaker’s use highlights sound effects and musical instruments in that entertainment, such as bass guitar, pipe organ, and kick drum.

In addition, the product also helps to profoundly enhance the voice and realistic sound effects similar to the cinema experience.

Depending on the equipment you already have for your sound system, a subwoofer is a perfect addition.

Subwoofer Operation

Subwoofer Operation

Subwoofer Operation

Many people will ask the question: how does the subwoofer work? The way subwoofers work, they have enough sonic force to form ripples of water through a cup or vibrations on the surface of speakers if you leave them on.

The subwoofer has a specific diameter size. In addition, variables such as speaker base size or frequency are preset.

The product can generally produce a 10 – 200 Hz frequency to help you have a perfect and excellent experience.

The sound and feel of the speaker are made up of components that allow you to increase or decrease during use quickly.

A song, a complete audio track, will have good musicality with a frequency range usually between 20 kHz – 29 kHz.

Thus, the above is the operating mechanism and the appropriate frequency range that the product brings to the user.

What Does A Sub Woofer Do? Benefits of Subwoofer

This device has many benefits for users, and we list some of the key features below for your understanding:

Better bass response

Better bass response

Better bass response 

The subwoofer integrates mainly with the car audio system to expand the bass response while listening to music, relaxing in your vehicle.

Currently, most car stereos will usually only stop at 50Hz. However, a subwoofer will bring a frequency of only about 20Hz or even lower.

Besides, using this product will make users feel the entire bass extremely clearly, deeply, and without missing any melody or lyrics in the whole song.

Greater clarity in all sounds

The product has excellent sound quality with speed, clear sound response. Therefore, the audio lines will make customers have a wonderful experience.

On the other hand, it won’t be easy to process sounds and vocals so smoothly and fluently with low-quality products.

Reduce distortion

Subwoofer type can reduce distortion as well as the need to absorb sound in your vehicle.

However, when full-range speakers produce sound at low frequencies, the diaphragm side can lead to distortion.

The subwoofer can promptly adjust the mid-range tweeter to improve music quality and avoid distortion when playing music at high volume.

Take the load from the smaller speaker

This kind of speaker will free up the smaller speakers to create low frequencies. It will allow the smaller speakers to produce the correct frequency range for perfect sound quality without distortion.

Full-spectrum response

An excellent subwoofer will deliver sound that lasts longer than mainstream speakers. However, with a quality sound system, subwoofers will try to provide the best frequency.

The frequency amplifier will be lower than the one used for cars, and the sound management is more precise.

In addition, you can connect an AV amplifier to drive smaller speakers with mid and high frequencies.

With products equipped on cars, there are often processors for many different types of music. However, if you do not own a subwoofer, you will undoubtedly lose a wonderful, relaxing experience in your vehicle.

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Where Can The Subwoofer Be Placed?

Deciding the type can take some time. However, here are a few tips for those who want to use a speaker system in their car or home.

Using one at home

Owning a product to integrate with the central bass system increases your home sound system’s width, depth, and reverberation.

The generated sound waves are omnidirectional and will reflect around the room. In both the size of the room, the arrangement of furniture also affects the sound. And the bass frequency is sensitive to the elements in the room.

Using on a car 

Using on a car

Using on a car 

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to pull over to the side of the road because the music was playing so loud that the car shook? 

On vehicles, you can equip standard factory sound systems based on the product, their model. However, most of the sound systems on each vehicle are quite professional, making the car more luxurious.

  • Owning a quality speaker system with excellent bass is also considered one of the factors when choosing to buy a car for many customers.
  • The bigger a subwoofer is in the vehicle, the richer the bass becomes. Therefore, you should keep the subwoofer box in the trunk or the seat.
  • The closed space will create a deeper bass range, suitable for all box-type frequencies.
  • Product wattage is RMS or average power connected with their processing capacity. Higher RMS means more bass.
  • This product sensitivity is determined based on the required power level to generate.
  • A specific volume is expressed as bar pressure level or SPL.
  • After the specifications are set correctly, you will feel a richer sound. A new speaker provides better acoustic feedback, helping everyone in the car enjoy and fully feel the music on their journey.
  • With a quality car, speakers will also help your sound significantly reduce distortion when opened at large.
  • If you have more ideas on using your speakers, go with what you like.
  • The speaker’s power source is an external amplifier with the right power to maintain the bass effect through the speaker system. They operate on built-in amplifiers with AC power.
  • Using a car version brings you more exciting and attractive experiences.

For some other tips, you should watch this detailed video below:


As such, each subwoofer is tailored to a specific environment so that it can perform at its best. However, before buying any electronic product, you should consult an expert or a sales representative to know your desires, preferences, and available items at home to combine.

Hopefully, the above sharing will help you better understand the subwoofer and make an appropriate choice for your life!


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