What devices are compatible with Here One?

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To use Here One and access the Real-World Sound Control features on your iPhone or Android smartphone, you’ll need to use the Here One app on a device that supports Bluetooth Smart (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy, or BLE).

The Here One app is currently optimized for:

  • iPhone 5 and above (with iOS 9.0 or later; iOS 10.0 or above recommended) 
  • Android phones running Android 7.0 or later

For more info, check out our app page.

The Here One app is not available to Windows Phone users.

If you’d like to use Here One solely to listen to music from other devices, you can pair it with most Bluetooth-enabled devices including tablets and laptops. However, you will not be able to use Here One’s Real-World Sound Control features unless you’re connected to the Here One app.