Water In Headphone Jack Android: What Are The Consequences And How To Solve?

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Water-damaged phones remain a headache for Android users. This problem may lead to the phone stuck in headphone mode. What’s worse, it can even cause damage to the Android software. 

To fix the problem, you can try drying your phone manually or with some absorbing water materials. If saltwater gets stuck in your device, the method may be a little more complicated. Besides, there may be an issue with your headphone mode.

This article will explain detailed instructions on dealing with the issue. 

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Can We Fix A Water-Damaged Android Phone? 

Water usually enters our cell phones through the headphone jack or the charging port. Many people share this problem with you.

Fortunately, the devices do not become useless as soon as they come into touch with water. Even if there is severe damage to the software, you may be able to repair them. All you have to do is make the right choice immediately.

If you’re having the problem with your headphone mode, there are even more tips to solve it. 

Can We Fix A Water-Damaged Android Phone?

We can fix a water-damaged Android phone 

What Will Happen If There Is Water Stuck In Headphone Jack? 

Moisture is a threat to the electronics and circuit of your Android phone. Once the water reaches the internal elements, there is a high chance of a short circuit happening. As a result, your Android software gets damaged for sure.

If the water enters the headphone jack, you may have trouble with the phone stuck in headphone mode. 

How To Fix When There Is Water In The Headphone Jack Android?

There are two main steps to address the problem: switch the Android phone off and dry it out.

To make sure the phone is completely dry, you can either manually clean the water stuck in it or utilize some substances to absorb the water. 

If you’re not having any issue with  the headphone mode, here is a complete guide to saving your Android phone stuck in water:

Switch the phone off

Press the power button to shut down your phone swiftly. Removable batteries are still available on some devices. The fastest method to turn them off is to remove their batteries.

In general, the short electrical incident doesn’t harm your Android. The incident even helps reduce the possibility of damage to your phone.

How To Fix When There Is Water In The Headphone Jack Android?

Power off the phone first 

Dry your phone manually

You should determine if your phone totally soaks in the water or only catches a touch. It will be easier to fix the problem if you just got a splash rather than full immersion.

To dry the phone manually, you should use a cotton cloth. Then, leave it for about 24 hours to be completely dry. Once the moisture has evaporated, your Android can work normally.

You can watch more drying methods right via 

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Utilize moisture-absorbing materials

If you still see your Android phone stuck in headphone mode, apply some moisture-absorbing materials in the water-damaged headphone jack. Here are some substances you can try.


First, pour uncooked rice in a container until it’s full. Then, bury your phone into it completely. Next, you need to put the container under a lamp or any warm place to speed up the evaporation time. You need to wait for one or two days for your phone to dry. 

Utilize moisture-absorbing materials

Remember to put the container under a lamp 

Some experts claim that using rice can make the water drain out quickly. Meanwhile, others think this method doesn’t work. The rice even adds starch and dust into the headphone jack. 

Silica gel

You can find silica gel in every medication bottle or packaging at home. Then, put your phone in a closed container with the gel. Silica gel is beneficial when it comes to removing moisture from your Android phone via the headphone jack.

Silica gel

Silica gel is easy to find 

Microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth can also work well to wipe the moisture. This kind of cloth often comes with your camera or glasses.

Vacuum bag

If you can’t find any microfiber cloth or silica gel, try with the vacuum bag. Simply put your moist phone in it. This method can draw the water out quickly.

Plug in the Android headphone jack

This method requires broken or used headphones. If possible, plug the headphones into the headphone jack several times. The jack will help remove water in your phone.

Precautions For Android Headphone Jack Damage 

There are some cases related to the water damage you need to pay attention to. 

Don’t use any heater

The heat can accelerate water evaporation. However, it can cause severe damage to your phone, especially to the software. As a result, never use any heaters or hair-dryers to save the Android phone stuck with water. 

What if there’s saltwater in the headphone jack?

Through the headphone port, saltwater may enter your Android device and do serious harm. It may even destroy the electronics.

In this case, there are some steps you need to take. First, fill a zippered bag with clean water and place your phone inside. 

Then, add some baking soda to the mixture. The soda powder can protect your device from damage by neutralizing the corrosive effects of seawater. It’s just a simple fix that you can accomplish at your home.

What if there's saltwater in the headphone jack?

Baking soda can protect your device from damage 

There is also a specific technique to repair an Android phone. You can disassemble your device and clean every component with a solvent. 

Precautions For Android Headphone Jack Damage

Disassemble to clean the components

How To Fix Android Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode?

Water immersion causes Android phones to be stuck in headphone mode. There are, though, other reasons for this problem. If cleaning the headphone jack can’t help, you can try these tips to turn off headphone mode in your device.

Restart your Android phone

This method is the most straightforward option to adjust the headphone mode. 

You just need to hold the Power button, wait for your device to reset, and check the headphone mode. 

Take out the battery

Because newer phones, such as Samsung, have non-removable batteries, you can easily take them out. Then, please return it to its original position and switch on your phone. Check whether the phone is working correctly and not in its headphone mode.

Water In Headphone Jack Android: What Are The Consequences And How To Solve?

Taking the battery out can help 

Factory reset

If all the methods above can’t fix the problem, a factory reset can help to turn off headphone mode.

  • First, make sure your device has enough battery.
  • Access the setting section.
  • Choose the “General management” option.

How To Fix Android Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode?

Choose “General management” option 

  • Go for the “Reset” tab.
  • Click on “Factory reset”.

How To Fix Android Phone Stuck In Headphone Mode?

Tap on factory reset 

  • Confirm your adjustment by tapping the “Reset” and “Delete all” buttons.
  • Check if the headphone mode issue becomes normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Android users still have some concerns regarding the water issues. Here are some of their frequently asked questions.

Is it possible to put wet headphones in uncooked rice?

The uncooked rice can likewise work as a desiccant. You can put your headsets in a small bag of rice grains right away. These grains will absorb moisture from your headset.

Is it possible for wet headphones to harm my phone?

You can’t use the wet headphones as usual. They involve electronic circuits, such as speakers, which will experience a short circuit if they work while damp, causing them to be ruined immediately.

Is it possible for wet headphones to harm my phone?

Wet headphones can damage your phone 

Does water damage my phone?

When water seeps inside the speaker shell of your phone, the sound will go mute. When any moisture enters your speaker, and it dries up, it can cause significant harm.

How much does it cost to repair a phone that has been damaged by water?

Moisture-damage devices are a little more difficult to price since they need a more comprehensive diagnosis to establish the level of the damage.

A basic repair should cost approximately $49, while a more complex one should cost about $100. It would be more cost-saving to try DIY tips.


Android phones stuck with water annoys users so much. However, you can follow the tips above to fix the problem. If none of them can’t work, the final solution is to contact the Android service center. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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