Useful Tips On How To Connect Home Theater Speakers To PC

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How to connect home theater speakers to PC? The detailed article below will introduce you to many different tips to make this operation simple!

Nowadays, computers have developed more than before; people can combine recordings and then put them into high-quality DJ and radio programs. Yet, doing this is not possible for everyone; you need to know specific setup rules.

The new devices have almost no receiver system but a direct audio link through a single HDMI input. You can use any device, but they can all be combined with speakers to play sound.

Connect Theater Speakers To PC

Connect Theater Speakers To PC

How To Connect Home Theater Speakers To PC

Cable connection

Step 1: Make sure your computer has 3 3mm to RCA cables available.

First, you learn about connecting to a home speaker theater. Next, you need 3 of them to fit the 5.1 speaker system. The 3.5mm connector that connects to your computer will be on the PC part.

This cable will be compatible with your speaker system as well as your computer, and it will not depend on other components such as sound cards or other software installed on your computer. The main speaker will connect to the computer.

Alternatively, you can connect via Bluetooth or a regular aux cord if you’re using the Soundbar. The receiver also designed the imported jacks.

However, you should check and consider connecting to your PC and home speaker theater so that everything runs smoothly.

Step 2: Connect to the appropriate jack port.

It is also considered a simple but crucial step. Each home speaker theater will have ports with colors such as blue, green, red, etc.

Each end will have a different use; your job is to connect to the blue port with the SR end on the right and SL on the left side for the home speaker theater.

Also, pay attention when connecting the green port to the FR input on the right side and the FL on the left side.

Next is the pink port of the PC with the C unit as the center and the subwoofer SW and home receiver.

Yet, if your home appliance doesn’t have a subwoofer or one of the components above, you can entirely skip those steps. In the future, you can also consider adding a speaker system to make your home equipment more complete.

Computer configuration settings for speaker output

You need to download or use applications and software to help manage audio downloaded from your computer.

Realtek HD Audio Manager in Windows 10 is one of the application programs that customers appreciate pretty well to manage and install the output and input parts of the sound.

Current versions of this program will regularly update on PC. It is the way to ensure the most up-to-date versions are suitable for editing.

Next, you proceed to check your sound quality.

You check if your speakers are calibrated and sound good or not. If the product doesn’t turn out the way you want, it’s a good idea to make some adjustments to complete your setup quickly.

You will perform the pairing of the audio ports together into the same Realtek HD Audio program. Here are three steps to uninstall the Realtek HD Audio version on your computer:

  • Step 1: You need to uninstall and delete the device’s driver software with the following sequence: Device Manager -> Sound Video and Game Controllers -> Realtek High Definition Audio.
  • Step 2: You choose to go to Device Manager, followed by View. You will then see a screen showing all the widget sections.
  • Step 3: Proceed to receive the appropriate driver program for your speaker to save you time and effort in speaker calibration.

Connect Soundbar

Connect Soundbar

Connect Soundbar

It is recommended to use Bluetooth to connect to the Soundbar. With this responsive speaker system, your computer will connect to Bluetooth in no time.

You can use the jack with two-way 3.5mm, then switch the Soundbar’s settings to Audio Out to listen to music.

Because the Soundbar will act like an external speaker of the computer, not like a projector or PC, so it would help if you planned to broadcast signals from your computer.

Using HDMI for audio

Using HDMI for audio

Using HDMI for audio

If you want to use HDMI for audio, do the following: Press control -> sound -> Playback -> HDMI settings.

You should note, if you do not have access to the HDMI port, you can use Aux to connect to save maximum time.

The need for the cable signal reset process will be done in the above manner.

Check the connection between the computer and the speaker

If you want to experience connecting the computer to the speaker with the online game, check the jack on the computer with the speaker carefully to make sure the features are no problem when playing the game or want to have it. comfortable moments of entertainment

Benefits Of Connecting Home Theater Speakers To PC

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • You plug it in, plug the modem into your PC, and it’s up and running. Sometimes you need to set up additional software to use it more smoothly and efficiently.
  • The product has only one power cable, so you don’t need to worry about missing cables from your PC to other speakers on your desk or other devices.
  • Some of your family’s audio devices have no wires, can be moved to any place in the house, and can be used for entertainment and to listen to music comfortably.

Can I Connect My PC To My Home Theater Through The Network?

Media player, smart TV, Blu-ray player with home theater are to create a diverse entertainment network.

Depending on the features of the connected device, you may be able to access and stream the video, audio, and images in the PC storage directly to your TV via the media player.

These operations can only work if your Blu-ray Disc player, TV, or player comes with downloadable or pre-installed applications to interact with your computer as a media server.

Once recognized, you can use your TV or another device to search for media files playing on your computer.

Set Up And Control Your Home Theater System With Computer

Some ways to turn a PC into a theater system are system setup and control tools.

In general, the equipment and parts of the theater are equipped with a flower setting system. These systems have many different names, such as MCACC (Pioneer), Accu EQ (Onkyo), Anthem Room Correction (Anthem AV), Audyssey (Denon / Marantz), YPAO (Yamaha).

MCACC for home theater speakers

MCACC for home theater speakers

Although some of the software details are different, they all work by using additional microphones located in the primary listening position. The receiver generates the test tones it perceives.

You can use your computer for some high-end home theater systems to start up and monitor the entire speaker setup process.

The results you get can be expressed in frequencies or tables and can be exported and printed by your PC.

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As such, you can see several different ways to set up a home theater system. With some options, it’s a little more complicated to configure settings, but that shouldn’t be too difficult for you.

Although the 5.1 speaker system will make it a bit difficult for you to perform calibration with a PC, you will find it quite enjoyable once you get used to it.

Hopefully, what we share will help you better understand setting up a theater!


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