Troubleshooting: Pairing

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If you’re having trouble pairing your Here Buds, you can try the below steps to restart the process and give it another try:

  1. Verify you’re using the latest version of the Here One app (iOS, Android), not the Here Active Listening app. Head to on the device you’d like to use with Here One and you should automatically be redirected to download the app.
  2. Ensure that your Here Buds are fully charged by placing them in the case until the LED turns green 
  • If you recently unboxed Here One and have never paired, the LEDs on your Here Buds should be flashing continuously. If you’ve previously paired, they will only flash once to indicate they are on and then flash again to indicate they have reconnected.
  • The case LED should be slowly “breathing” orange – this signifies proper charging
  • If there’s a ‘fast pulse’ the Here Buds have not been properly detected by the case – for troubleshooting help on charging check out our article here
  • Ensure your Here Buds are forgotten from the app (Settings -> My Buds -> (i) -> Forget These Buds)
  • Ensure all Here One connections (‘Here One’, ‘H1RXXXXLE’, and ‘H1LXXXXLE’) are forgotten from your device’s settings
  • Pair your Here Buds to the app by going to the Here One App (Settings -> My Buds -> Pair New Buds)
    • Note: when the app prompts you to pair Here One for music, go to the Bluetooth settings menu and tap on the device called ‘Here One’. Make sure to wait until your phone shows ‘Here One’ is ‘Connected’ before exiting the Bluetooth settings menu

    If you’re having trouble reconnecting to a device that’s already been paired, you can check our our help article here.