Top 5 Best Headphones For Digital Piano

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Want to enjoy beautiful melodies while practicing in peace? This article might do a little help in choosing one of the best headphones for digital piano.


It is important for every pianist to play in a peaceful space. Music practice requires a high level of concentration, and also, there should be no disturbance to everyone around. A list of best headphones for digital piano in this article will wrap up your purchasing reluctance.

When it comes to technology, quality is of top priority as a poorly equipped piece of tech is only a waste of money. A high-quality pair of headphones will give much sense of comfort, a pleasure to the ears, and the most accurate pitch of every music melody.

This article will do you a favor in finding the most suitable pair of headphones for you. There are also some useful tips for you to know which aspect of headphones you should prioritize. 

Which type of headphones to look for?

As mentioned, the two types that go along well with digital pianos are open-back and closed-back over-ear headphones. The upside and downside of both creations will be carefully analyzed to clarify your needs.

Closed-back headphones

Perhaps you may find it the most familiar and popular type of headphones as it appears at any electronics store. 

The most special feature of this type is good noise isolation. It is designed with a solid outer shell, which prevents air from flowing to the cups. Thanks to the sealed ear cups, the sound quality is more powerful with a deep bass background. 

Such a feature also makes the headphones so suitable in noisy environments as the cups will filter out external noises. Isn’t it perfect for you to practice piano without worrying about TV noise, kids, or even traffic?

However, the lack of airflow tends to trap heat and moisture; thus, it doesn’t give a maximum sense of comfort for extended periods of time. After a while of wearing, you’d better leave your head and ears at ease.  

Open-back headphones

Unlike closed-back headphones, the open-back counterparts are much less popular due to the main drawback – lack of isolation. In such a noisy environment like a home full of kids, this type of headphones might be useless in sound blockage. 

It is the openings in the ear caps causing poor sound isolation. Air and sound are free to pass in and out of the headphone cups. Hence, all the outside noises will come to your ears vividly with just a slight decrease in volume.

The sound may leak into the surroundings as well, meaning that people around you can “enjoy” it, too. Once you turn up the volume, it might feel like you’re wearing the headphones for nothing, especially if you purchase a poor-quality pair. 

A positive point given by this feature is that you can hear what happens around you, or if somebody’s calling you. Especially, when you have someone you need to look after, it’s good to be aware of any occurrence. 

Despite those disadvantages, the sound quality is still good enough to be many musicians’ and audiophiles’ favorite. This type of headphones offers a more natural, realistic piano sound, and wider soundstage as if a live performance is in front of you.

The free airflow, though annoying most of the time, benefits us with comfort when wearing for extended periods of time. The air will wipe up all the excess heat and moisture on the ear cups, making it less fatiguing to your head and ears.

What qualities should the best headphones for digital piano have?

No set of headphones can really reach the definition of perfect, but the right piece will surely make a difference. To enjoy and evaluate your music performance precisely, the digital piano headphones should be able to reproduce every note to its exact details. 

The choice of an appropriate headphone should be based on two aspects: sound quality and comfort.

Sound quality

The very first thing to bear in mind is compatibility. You’d better check your digital piano’s output and make sure the desired pair of headphones share the same portal size. It would be a waste of money if you end up purchasing an adapter.

The headphone should deliver well-balanced sounds that suit digital piano note ranges without transmitting buzzing or unusual frequency response.

A majority of people care about the choice of design and price over genuine quality. High-quality headphones are usually equivalent to durability. The better the sound is, the more satisfied and worthy you will feel.


A good pair of digital piano headphones should also give you a sense of comfort by design. Putting on high-end headphones but aching your ears will cause you a big budget loss. No matter how unique the design is, it should fit your ears like a glove.

The headphones’ design should also block sounds going both ways in and out. When the two headphones’ pads fully cover your ears, there should be no external sound influencing your practice sessions and no leaking sound from your device disturbing people around.

An appropriate pair would allow you to enjoy the melody in extended sessions without having too much pressure on your head. As wearing headphones for a long period can cause hearing difficulties and headaches, consider a pair that causes no pain or fatigue.

Mentioning design, there are two common types of headphones that seem to be most compatible with digital pianos: open-back over-ear headphones and closed-back over-ear headphones. How different are these two types, and which might suit you best?

What Are The Best Headphones For Digital Piano?

Coming straight to the point, which will be the best pair of headphones for your digital piano? This brief of the top 5 will help you find out your favorite.

#1. Sennheiser HD 599 Open-back Headphones – Best design for comfort

Despite the fact that open-back design causes sound leakage to the surroundings and vice versa, Sennheiser HD 599 still gives you value for money. The sound quality is stable and exceptionally good with a clear, spacious soundstage.

#2. Audio-Technica ATH-M40X Closed-back Headphones – Best for sound quality

What makes this Audio-Technica creation a popular choice among professionals is the wonderful quality of sound and incredible noise isolation. Its well-built design with selective materials contributes to the recreation of pro-grade sounds.

#3. Sony MDR7506 Closed-back Headphones – Best for budget

Affordability but high quality gives great credit to this pair of Sony musical accessories. It produces natural sounds with accuracy, excellent mids, and highs, and also maximum comfort.

#4. Yamaha HPH-50B Closed-back Headphones – Best for Yamaha digital pianos

A perfect ton-sur-ton pair of headphones to suit your Yamaha digital piano is right here. This product offers a transparent and detailed range of sounds which enables you to hear the smallest note clearly. 

#5. Beyerdynamic DT 880 Semi Open-back Headphones – Best overall  

This pro-grade semi-open-back pair of headphones will send you to a land of beautiful, deep melodies. The high-fashion, comfortable design combining with such high-quality sound recreation will surely satisfy your listening experience.

Sennheiser Consumer Audio HD 599 SE Around Ear Open Back Headphone - Black
Premium, audiophile-grade over ear, open back headphones; Lightweight with luxurious velour covered ear pads for extreme comfort
Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphone, Black, with Cutting Edge Engineering, 90 Degree Swiveling Earcups, Pro-grade Earpads/Headband, Detachable Cables Included
Cutting edge engineering and robust construction; 40 millimeter drivers with rare earth magnets and copper clad aluminum wire voice coils
Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone
Closed ear design provides comfort and outstanding reduction of external noises; 9.8 foot cord ends in gold plated plug and it is not detachable; 1/4 inch adapter included
Yamaha HPH-50B Compact Closed-Back Headphones, Black
Swivel mechanism allows 90 degree turns to properly fit your ear angle; Compact, fashionable design available in black or white to match your instrument
$49.00 −$13.01 $35.99

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In-depth Reviews Of Top 5 Best Headphones For Digital Piano

Instead of wandering around different stores, why don’t you save your time and find your best headphones for digital piano right here? 

1. Sennheiser HD 599 Open-back Headphones – Best Design For Comfort

Sennheiser HD 599

Sennheiser HD 599

This one sentence can describe the Sennheiser HD 599 model: it is worth your money. In general, it does not only produce an excellent, high-quality range of natural sounds but also gives you enough comfort for all-day piano practice. 


The first special feature of this design is lightweight. Normally, headphones seem to be quite heavy that causes fatigue when used for a couple of hours. Such a lightweight design plus soft paddings on the ear cups can maximize your enjoyment of music. 

Despite being light, Sennheiser still looks luxurious in the thickness of the headband combined with soft, plush velour paddings. A set of maximum comfort and high fashion can easily draw great attention from musicians and audiophiles. 

The idea that plastic build might make headphones flimsy is not entirely true. Without your daily care, the headphones still feel sturdy. They will not clamp down once sitting on the head.  

There are two detachable cables included (3 meters with a 6.3-millimeter jack for home entertainment and 1.2 meters with a 3.5-millimeter jack for use with phones, tablets, computers), varying the compatibility with all sorts of electronic devices.

Sound quality

The biggest disadvantage is definitely the sound leakage due to the open-back design. However, if you don’t mind sound bleeding issues and care about soundstage more, this model is still an excellent option to elevate your listening experience.

You can expect an impressive 3-dimensional, spacious soundstage with a wonderful, dynamic range of frequencies. The sound can reach every high and low note accurately and clearly. The aluminum voice coils allow the headphones to deliver high efficiency, dynamics, and low distortion.

Considering the open-back design, the sound is neutral and well-balanced. While the low notes are solid and the bass sounds clean, the mid-range is amazingly decent and the high-range comes in detailed and rich quality. 

Isn’t it important to reproduce all sounds as accurately and realistically as possible? Because of this aim, Sennheiser does not overemphasize the bass background for you to assess and enjoy your piano performance more comfortably. 

Sennheiser Consumer Audio HD 599 SE Around Ear Open Back Headphone - Black
  • Premium, audiophile-grade over ear, open back headphones
  • Lightweight with luxurious velour covered ear pads for extreme comfort


  • Extremely comfortable design
  • Good sound reproduction
  • Wide soundstage
  • Decent bass
  • Versatile connectivity


  • Little isolation from ambient noise
  • Sound leakage to surroundings

2. Audio-Technica ATH-M40X Closed-back Headphones – Best For Sound Quality

Audio-Technica ATH-M40X

Audio-Technica ATH-M40X

Overall, the Audio-Technica ATH-M40X possesses a high sound quality and excellent noise isolation that every music fan would love to experience. 


A common theme of Audio-Technica headphones is the well-structured and sturdy look. Owning cutting-edge engineering and robust construction, this model seems to be more appealing than any other rivals in the eyes of music lovers.

You will not be disappointed by the plastic design as it’s not easily broken. There is also a metal frame supporting the headband and with professional-grade earpads, optimizing the durability and comfort. 

Closed-back design has always been ideal for digital pianos, especially in a loud environment. What is great about the design of ATH-M40x is the circumaural contours around the ears to provide wonderful sound isolation. 

Thanks to the sealed ear cups, outside noises will find no way to interrupt your practice time. Sound leakage is no longer a big deal so only at high volume levels do people know what song you’re playing. 

Another specialty in design is the collapsible 90-degree swiveling earcups. This feature allows you to save space and monitor one ear while leaving the other open to be aware of the surroundings. It will work perfectly for those who have someone at home to look after.

Sound quality

As mentioned, the greatest advantage of this model is minimizing sound leakage. Such a feature does not only offer you a great, isolated practice period of time but also preserves excellent sound reproduction.

That’s exactly what professional pianists are looking for. ATH-M40x is able to recreate the accurate, natural sound for Studio, Live, and even DJ use. Audio-Technica aims at delivering details and precision in every high and low, promoting a sense of satisfaction while listening.

Compared to other Audio-Technica headphones, ATH-M40x tends to give a more balanced and neutral sound monitoring across the entire frequency range, making it perfect for classic and instrumental performances.

Unlike the open-back type, the closed-back tends to provide a much narrower soundstage so this pair of headphones is no exception. That said, you can still enjoy the beauty of music with its natural delivery of sound.

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphone, Black, with Cutting Edge Engineering, 90 Degree Swiveling Earcups, Pro-grade Earpads/Headband, Detachable Cables Included
  • Cutting edge engineering and robust construction
  • 40 millimeter drivers with rare earth magnets and copper clad aluminum wire voice coils


  • Sturdy construction, fashionable design
  • Neutral sound signature
  • Detailed, accurate sound
  • Low sound leakage
  • Suitable for noisy surroundings and professional studios


  • Slightly narrow soundstage

3. Sony MDR7506 Closed-back Headphones – Best For Budget

Sony MDR7506

Sony MDR7506

Namely one of the best budget headphones for digital piano, this MDR7506 is available at an affordable price, but the audio quality offered is no worse than a double-priced pair of headphones. 


Being a closed-back pair of headphones is a disadvantage in aspects of comfort. It’s not comfortable at all to wear in long stretches. The longer they sit on your head, the more heat-causing sweat is stored in the ear cups; hence, you’d better give your ears a break.

Apart from that drawback, the overall design of this Sony model still attracts a lot of users. It features lightweight, rugged construction with secure, effective closed ears. This quality helps you avoid headaches and prevent external noises from interfering.

Since the ear cups are movable, you can fold them up easily to avoid breakage and to carry them while traveling. It is rather convenient but also might be a little flimsy. The adjustable headband can ensure comfort and fit for all head sizes.

The ear cushions, despite not being considered the plushest and as comfortable as the ATH-M40x’s leather pads, still provide a moderate level of comfort.  As long as you take a short rest for the heat to evaporate from the ear cups, its convenience is undeniable.

Sound quality

The sound recreation of the Sony MDR7506 is way better than the competitive price it offers. It is also the reason why its popularity spread across all professional studios. Without any coloration, the sound produced is amazingly accurate. 

The 40mm Driver Unit is a perfect feature for piano sounds as you can hear the closest to the original source. In other words, every note you play will be transmitted naturally through the headphones to your ears. Thus, you can evaluate your performance and enjoy the melody.

Unlike the wide soundstage offered by open-back headphones, the soundstage of this model is just a little bit above average. On top of that, it enables crystal-clear highs, present mids, and extended low ends to elevate the accuracy level.

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone
  • Neodymium magnets and 40 millimeter drivers for powerful, detailed sound.Specific uses for product : Professional audio system,Home audio system
  • Closed ear design provides comfort and outstanding reduction of external noises


  • Reasonable price
  • Accurate, neutral sound
  • Foldable design
  • Very low sound bleed
  • Decent isolation from ambient noise


  • Lack of airflow
  • Not comfortable for long wear

4. Yamaha HPH-50B Closed-back Headphones – Best For Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha HPH-50B

Yamaha HPH-50B

Nothing is better than a ton-sur-ton Yamaha set of headphones and piano, isn’t it? This HPH-50B might be one of the best headphones for Yamaha digital piano you’re looking for.


If you own a Yamaha digital piano, a pair of headphones from the same brand will be compatible perfectly. They complement and harmonize with each other, giving the highest quality of sound performance.

As the popularity of Yamaha comes across the sound industry, its sturdy and dependable design of headphones will never disappoint you. It is simple in the look but still full of fashion sense, giving you the feeling of a professional’s instrument.

The headphones work on a swivel mechanism, allowing the ear cups to stay fit to all ear angles. Thus, your ears would not feel rigid and aching when being covered by this pair of headphones for too long. Instead, it offers pressure-free cups to optimize your comfort.

All connectors are gold-plated in the plug point to be resistant to wear and tear. This design does not only elevate the fashionable look of the instrument but also extends its durability over time.

One little downside of using this pair of headphones is the unchangeable headband. People with a large head might find it difficult and uncomfortable to wear. It’s not a pleasure to enjoy music at all when the ear cups cannot fully cover your ears. 

Sound quality

Simple as it looks, the headphones enable a professional-grade sound reproduction. In a live performance, it will recreate the most realistic and clear sound. Even if it’s just one playback of your recorded audio, it can still transmit sound with details and clarity.

The closed-back design also features noise cancellation, meaning that background noise will be blocked away from the ear cups. Thanks to this characteristic, your piano performance will cause no disturbance to anyone, too.

The clear sound transmission even allows you to hear the most subtle notes with balanced bass and treble, which improves the accuracy of every pitch. It is important that you can gain satisfaction and enjoyment from the crisp and soothing sound produced.   

Yamaha HPH-50B Compact Closed-Back Headphones, Black
  • Swivel mechanism allows 90 degree turns to properly fit your ear angle
  • Compact, fashionable design available in black or white to match your instrument


  • Perfectly pair with Yamaha digital pianos
  • Lightweight, good-looking design
  • Moderate audio quality
  • Good noise isolation


  • Not so suitable for large heads
  • Lack of airflow                                   

5. Beyerdynamic DT 880 Semi Open-back Headphones – Best Overall   

     Beyerdynamic DT 880

Beyerdynamic DT 880

It would be a pity not to list this Germany-made creation as one of the best headphones for digital piano. The brand seems unfamiliar to many entry-level pianists, but ever since its establishment, the audio accessories manufactured are of high-grade quality.


What might strike as the first impression is the semi-open design. This is a special construction that lets ambient noise penetrate. But unlike the fully open headphones, it attenuates the background sound to a certain extent.

The well-built design is a plus point. Constructed with carefully selected materials, this DT 880 Edition is not only lightweight but also pleasantly fit for all ears. 

The velour covering the earpads is extremely breathable and skin-friendly, which significantly alleviates discomfort caused by long wear. This feature functions in soothing the ears’ feel to enjoy the best chord for hours without sweating.

Additionally, the headband is well-supported with sturdy and flexible metal concealed in a soft leather cover. The combination of comfort from the earpads and the headband makes this pair of headphones a great pick for hour-after-hour usage.

Sound quality

The beauty of sound reproduction is right through this set of headphones. The bass tends to penetrate deeply but is not at all overstated. Overall, the sounds come in neutral and relaxed with great balance.

It also offers an innovative “Bass reflex” system for excellent audio performance. You will be able to catch a wide frequency range, thanks to the solidly and fully responsive feature. Not only that, the level of accuracy is top-notch as well, allowing you to focus on the smallest note.

In terms of soundstage, it still features a neutral sound signature with spacious highs and lows. For jazz and classical music lovers, this quality seems to be the most appealing point. You can enjoy the complete performance without missing any individual music components.

Unfortunately, as it still features an open-back design, sound leakage is inevitable. It is still audible for high-volume sounds to sneak out of your headphones. As long as you keep the volume below the medium range, there should be no big deal of sound bleeding. 


  •  Soft, soothing velour earpads 
  •  Comfortable for long sessions
  •  Clear, detailed, high-definition sound
  •  Spacious soundstage
  •  Replaceable earpads


  • Little sound leakage


This part includes some questions relevant to the topic that people usually raise. 

Can You Use Headphones With A Digital Piano? 

The answer is yes. Digital pianos these days have been equipped with a headphone jack to help you enjoy your fullest practice time. Regardless of day or night, you can live in your piano world with just a pair of headphones.

Which Digital Piano Is Better, Kawai Or Yamaha?

Well, this question is not entirely relevant to the most suitable headphones though. Kawai and Yamaha have been rivals for years in the terms of music accessories. Both brands certainly have upsides and downsides.

You’d better consider which aspect of quality you care about most, whether it is the range of sounds or the sturdy structure. However, we would recommend a digital piano with headphones’ output, regardless of the brand.

With such a feature, you can isolate your practice time not to be interrupted by any external noise with just a set of headphones. Also, hardly anyone can be influenced by your music all day long. 

Final Words

Hopefully, the above list of the top 5 best headphones for digital piano can help you clear your mind of choosing one pair for yourself.

Obviously, there is no perfect set that fulfills all your requirements, but at least, an excellent choice that gains 80% to 90% of your satisfaction will be on the list. 

We find the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Semi Open-back Headphones the best overall choice in our suggestions. The sounds through this creation are simply beautiful and comfortably soothing. Its high-quality content in a high-end package is worth your consideration.


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Andrea M. Flaherty
Andrea M. Flaherty
2 years ago

I bought these headphones for exercising with my old iPod. The first thing I did when I heard the first few tunes from the iPod was to set the EQ back to “Flat”. I was immediately inspired to get on the elliptical and get moving. Love the solid punchy sound without all the extra “mushy” bass that is so common these days.

I did notice someone else who reviewed these here that mentioned there is no mini-plug. There is a mini-plug hiding inside the mini to 1/4″ adapter. Just pull it out and put the adapter away for when you need it.

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