The 5 Best Mic Stands for Blue Yeti – Ultimate Reviews and Rankings

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With the diverse development of content creation, you will become more professional with the support of the best mic stands for Blue Yeti. These are products made for Yeti high-quality micro USB of the famous Blue brand.

Blue Yeti condenser microphones are highly-appreciated in the community of podcast makers and users who make video conferences, vlog, game streaming, or recorders of their own. The Blue Yeti microphone stands are manufactured by many famous companies with excellent sound quality, materials, and portability.

How do you choose a suitable product? Check out the top list here.


Heil Sound PL-2T – Best Overall

Topping the list is the Heil Sound PL-2T. With a high price, this product gives you excellent ruggedness, flexibility, and durability.
Firstly, it uses a perfectly balanced internal spring system instead of mechanically unstable external springs. It can handle studio microphones up to 2.5lbs and reach up to 36”.

Furthermore, Heli built this product with durable materials to keep the Blue Yeti mic stable and safe. You do not worry about breaking and bending this adjustable stand when using it.

The most outstanding feature is the cable management. You can remove the top and rear panels to insert the mic cable inside. Besides, you can use the PL-2 with 5/8″ standard threaded microphones or shock absorbers.

Lastly, you have a C clamp mount to attach this model smoothly to the computer desk without causing any damage.

The plastic piece clips to hide the Yeti USB microphone wire is not very secure, so you need a double-sided velcro to wrap around the arm.
If you want to buy a long arm to use with the deep desk, this model is a great deal. You can lower its long arm at an angle that cannot touch your hand when using the computer.

Heil PL 2T Fully Articulating, Professional-Quality Microphone Boom Arm for Video Podcasting, Broadcasting, Voiceover, At-Home, In-Studio Applications
  • Eliminate Noise - The PL 2T mic boom arm offers preset internal spring tension that provides silent movement during recordings.
  • Podcast - The PL 2T boom arm mic stand keeps your microphone in the same spot at all times to enhance your podcast sound.


  • Well-made and sturdy
  • Long arm
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and flexible
  • Nice resistance


  • High price

Eastshining Professional Mic Stand – Best Flexible Stand

Eastshining Professional Mic Stand

Although the price is much lower than the Heil Sound PL-2T, you have a sturdy zinc alloy construction product with adjustable ultra-strong external springs and a large load capacity of 4.4lbs. Not only that, the dual suspension springs on each crane arm also protect the microphone from vibration.

What’s more?

You can change the Eastshining professional microphone clamp by adjusting the O-ring on the mounting bracket for mics with diameters higher than 4.5cm. This boom arm stand also comes with a table clamp, protective sponge, and adjustable positioning screws to quickly clip into desktops.

Not to mention, adjustable legs and mic mount, and swivel mount can help to set the mic at a perfect angle or height. Also, the arm bends back and forth at the base for a very fast and smooth movement.

As such, this model provides optimal flexibility for users. Along with that, you have instructions and an adapter for easy set-up with Blue Yeti USB microphones.

Because the adjustable stand is kept with rubber bands, you can be hurt if you open it quickly.

Beyond that, this model is suitable for a simple hand mic, or lightweight shock-mounted mic. For anything more than it, you should choose another type.

Eastshining Upgraded Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand with Shock Mount Mic Clip Holder 3/8'' to 5/8'' Screw Adapter -for Blue Yeti, Snowball & Other Microphones
  • NOTE - ♥When you first open the complete set microphone, the arm will pop out like waving, so please hold both arms and open it slowly . ♥Strong springs are adjustable and have a greater load bearing capacity (More than 4.4 pounds).♥The diameter of the mic clip can be changed by adjusting O-rings on shock mount, perfect suit for mics with a diameter of more than 4.5cm.♥Microphone in the pictures NOT INCLUDED. ♥Equipped with instruction and adaptor, easy set up and suit for Blue Yeti, Snowball.
  • STABILITY & SAFETY - Dual suspension springs on each boom arm, protects microphone from shaking, suddenly dropping and making noise. Comes with one table mounting clamp, an adjustable positioning screw, can easily clip to any desktop up to 2.15"/5.5cm thick. With this you can easily mount it on your table without any other accessary. The table mounting has a layer of sponges to maximize protect your desktop. Added with soft mat or rubber washer it can avoid damaging your furniture.


  • Affordable and stable
  • Simple to set up
  • Good work
  • Compact design


  • The springs make noise when moving.

InnoGear MU056 – Best All-in-One Stand

InnoGear MU056

When it comes to mic stands for Blue Yeti, you can count on the InnoGear brand. Check out two best models of InnoGear here.

The first one is a high-quality suspension boom scissor arm stand, the InnoGear MU056. Along with musical instruments, this product gives you everything you may want for recording live or in a studio such as a stable mic stand, a pack windscreen for Blue Snowball iCE mics and Blue Snowball mics, and a clear microphone pop filter.

Moreover, it also has high-quality material of foam with good density, great elasticity to filter unwanted background noise for microphones of Blue Snowball. With a substantial built-in mic base and super strong springs, it can protect the microphone from vibration, fall, and noise making.

You also have a clamp for table mounting, protective sponge, and positioning screws for a secure grip on desktops. Last and not least, the two-layer screen pop filter helps create excellent quality records.

However, the gooseneck on the pop filter is weak and doesn’t hold the filter in place.

Despite this shortcoming, it is a quality arm stand with a good pop filter for your recording and streaming work. Do you want to give it a try?

InnoGear Adjustable Mic Stand for Blue Snowball and Blue Snowball iCE Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand with Microphone Windscreen and Dual Layered Mic Pop Filter, Max Load 1.5 KG, Medium
  • All-in-one combo: package includes all the items you need for studio recording and live sound, a microphone stand, pop filter and 1 Pack windscreen for Blue Snowball and Blue Snowball iCE.
  • High quality acoustic foam material for Blue Snowball: high density, good elasticity, durable for years of use, filter out all unwanted background noises.


  • Easy to assemble and adjust
  • Good length and weight
  • Nice pop filter
  • Sturdy and effective


  • The screw may become loose.

On-Stage DS7200B – Best Budget

On-Stage DS7200B

On-Stage DS7200B has the lowest price with a striking black desk adjustable microphone stand design compared to other related products on this list.

However, you can adjust the height from 9″ to 13″ quickly for your needs. This desk stand also has a die-cast steel clutch and five rubber feet to avoid vibration after you put it in place.

Despite its meager cost, this stand can hold microphones up to 2lbs according to industry standards. You can use this mic stand with many mics that have the same standard industrial screw holes.

To minimize costs, this stand model has a simple design, a round base and a durable metal case to lock the microphone safely without being overturned.

Be warned: This product does not have a small plastic or metal device to hold the mic cable, so you need a black velcro strap.

If you need a desktop mic stand that takes up less space and doesn’t cause trouble when working, consider this one for podcasts or YouTube videos.

OnStage DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand, Black
  • Versatile. Ideally sized stand for short-height miking whether used on a desktop for streaming, podcasting, and studio talkback or on the floor for amps and drums.
  • Compact. Low-profile base fits easily on a desk, table, workstation, or podium for lectures, presentations, speeches, conferences, studio talkback, dispatch, and public address.


  • Durable materials
  • Solid build
  • Straightforward assembly and use
  • Excellent compact design


  • It has no clip for a standard microphone.

InnoGear MU038 – Best Heavy-Duty Arm Stand

InnoGear MU038

Another InnoGear is waiting for you. Compared to the MU056 model, the MU038 is more expensive but doesn’t come with a shock mount and windscreen pop filter. However, this boom arm can reach up to 38″ horizontally and 37″ vertically to freely position the microphone for you. Another difference is the solid steel material with an improved arm tube thickness of 0.53″ for maximum weight of 4.4lbs. You can hold up to 4 Blue Yeti USB microphones with it.

Due to the high-strength steel material, this stand arm adjusts up and down 180° to give you a perfect angle without producing any harsh sound. Like the MU056 model, InnoGear also features a compatible 5/8″ connector with various microphones like Blue Yeti Snowball and Blue Yeti Nano and a table clamp with a side screw and sponge to fasten the stand without scratching your table.

When you set it aside or at an angle, the mic’s weight causes the pin to rotate and flip the mic.

Overall, this product is for anyone who is looking for a quality adjustable boom with integrated springs and pop filter.

InnoGear Microphone Arm Stand, Heavy Duty Mic Arm Microphone Stand Suspension Scissor Boom Stands with Mic Clip and Cable Ties for Blue Yeti Snowball Hyper X QuadCast SoloCast Fifine Gaming(Large)
  • Upgraded Length & Flexible Angle: The boom arm is fully adjustable at 135° back and forth and 180° up and down, having a max reach of 38 inches horizontally and 37 inches vertically for your convenience. It allows you to position microphones freely within an adjustable range and will not bounce up.
  • Built-in Springs & Premium Appearance: This heavy-duty mic arm features strong internal springs for strengthening its lifespan and bringing an upscale and professional look, compared with other arms whose springs are exposed to the outside.


  • Sturdy and powerful
  • Nice and well-built
  • Adjustable and versatile


  • It is quite small.

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Buying Guide of the Best Mic Stands for Blue Yeti

If you want to buy the best mic stands for Blue Yeti, these are things you should keep in mind before paying.

Compatibility with Blue Yeti USB Mic

You need to pay attention to the mounting screws compatible with the Yeti screw holes to attach the condenser mic to the stand. If not, you cannot use it with your microphone.
The trick here is to check product information and find an arm with a male 5/8″ mic screw hole. You can also use a screw adapter to increase the threaded diameter of the Yeti microphone. Additionally, you may need to add a pop filter to stop emitting sound that can be attached to this mount.

Microphone Weight Load

A Yeti microphone weighs in at 0.54 kg, so you need a tripod with the maximum load of the microphone to handle your Yeti weight. Thanks to that, you can use this sturdy stand with your USB mic for recording and streaming in a long time.

Ability to Eliminate Shock Waves

When you use your condenser mics, you can create unwanted sounds on your computer, such as typing letters or kicking the chair or table. All of this sends shockwaves into your mic when Blue Yeti’s original stand contacts the computer.

So you need the best mic stand for Blue Yeti with a shock mount for your recording work to absorb unwanted vibrations from the floor, computer, or when moving it.

Flexible Movement

You check the extra extension and adjustment of the microphone arm for rotation without the restriction of cable. You also pay attention to the movement of the arms, which can glide smoothly in different directions. As such, it helps you prevent back pain, protect your voice and provide best sound quality when it is easy to find the Yeti’s best location.

Get Your Job Well Done with the Best Mic Stands for Blue Yeti!

Depending on your needs, the five best mic stands for Blue Yeti have the right product. Remember to check the compatibility with Blue Yeti mic, microphone weight load, ability to eliminate shock waves, and flexible movement before buying.

You can spend more money on the Heil model with sturdy internal spring arms, or choose the On-Stage one with a tight budget. Besides, you also have a heavy-duty model of Eastshining and two great products from famous InnoGear.

It’s all for your professional work or hobby of recording. Buy one now to use music and audio to communicate with many people online.


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