Still having trouble?

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If you’re having trouble with your Here Buds you can perform a “full reset” by giving the below steps a try:

  1. Ensure your Here Buds are fully charged by placing them in the case until the LED turns green
  • The case LED should be slowly “breathing” orange – this signifies proper charging
  • If there’s a ‘fast pulse’ the Here Buds have not been properly detected by the case
  • Forget your Here Buds from the app (Settings (gear icon) -> My Buds -> (i) -> three dots in the top right corner -> Forget These Buds) If you’re using an Android phone, you will forget your Here Buds in the app (Settings (gear icon) -> My Buds -> (i) -> Forget These Buds)
  • Ensure all Here One connections (‘Here One’, ‘H1RXXXXLE’, and ‘H1LXXXXLE’) are forgotten from your device’s settings (will depend on device)
  • Turn your device’s Bluetooth off and on. If you’re using an Android phone (particularly Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge users who have upgraded to Android 7.0), clear your Bluetooth cache
  • Reset your Here Buds by putting them in the case and, using a paperclip, press the button on the bottom of the case 4 times in quick succession
  • Re-pair your Here Buds to the app by going to the Here One App (Settings -> My Buds -> Pair New Buds)
  • Re-pair your Here Buds to your device for streaming by going to Bluetooth Settings and connecting to “Here One”