Step-by-Step Guides On How To Change And Replace Earbud Tips

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Don’t worry if you’ve misplaced or broken the soft rubber component on the tips of your earphones. When it comes to electrical equipment, replacing these earbud tips is one of the simplest fixes you’ll ever perform.

Finding the proper replacement will most likely be the most difficult aspect. If you can’t find a replacement pair of tips for your headphones, contact the manufacturer’s customer service and request a new set.

How do you start narrowing down the selections and finding the proper earbud caps? We’re here to assist you. This article will show you how to change and replace earbud tips? 


How To Change And Replace Earbud Tips? 

If you need to repair a broken earphone or wish to change tip sizes because your earphones keep slipping out, you may use this method. Here’s how to switch out your earphone caps.

Choose The Proper Tips For Replacement

Rubber ear tips

Rubber ear tips

You’ll need to locate a pair of replacement tips that are compatible with your brand and model. While you probably already know your brand, go to their website to look out for the precise name of your headphones.

It’s always safer to purchase Apple tips directly from Apple, Sony earbud tips directly from Sony, and so on. If you can’t find them online, contact the company’s customer service department and inquire about replacements.

If you want something else, you can discover suitable earbud tips created by a manufacturer other than the one that made your earphones.

Whether you’re seeking advice from a different company, check their compatibility table to see if it mentions your brand and model number.

Manufacturers provide similar charts on their websites. Because the earbud caps aren’t interchangeable, they must be compatible with your specific model.

The main reason you’d want to do this is if you want the earbud caps made of a certain material that the original manufacturer doesn’t offer.

If you’re buying earbud caps from a firm other than the manufacturer, the material they’re made of is the most important factor to consider after compatibility.

  • Foam tips will easily fill your ear canal, blocking out outside noise and allowing you to concentrate on what you’re listening to. However, foam absorbs ear wax, making these earbud tips difficult to clean.
  • Rubber earbud caps are a good option if you want a more robust earphone tip and prefer a tougher substance. They’re also rather simple to keep clean!
  • Silicone is by far the most prevalent material. Silicone caps are easy to clean and last a long time, however not as long as rubber tips. 

Silicone is also an inert chemical. It will not irritate your skin in any way. The biggest disadvantage is that they don’t do a good job blocking out ambient noise. However, there are flange silicone caps with a built-in lip that can assist keep outside noise out.

If your tips are ripped or filthy, but you like how they fit, go to the manufacturer and order the same earbud tips. 

If you can’t locate the same recommendations on their website, call their customer service number and request to purchase them over the phone.

The majority of manufacturers provide a variety of tip sizes for their headphones. The earbuds should completely cover your ear canal without placing any pressure on your ears for a comfortable fit.

If your earphones are continually slipping out, get a new set with slightly bigger tips than your old ones.

If you want to get dimensions for replacement sizes, you can measure the size of your earphones, although it’s typically easier to go by feel.

For tip sizes, most manufacturers employ a small-medium-large scale. When you buy a new pair of earphones, the medium tip is nearly often the default size.

Buy smaller new earbud caps if your previous earphones irritated your ears while you wore them for a long time. Smaller earphone caps make it simpler for the tip to fit into your ear canal without placing too much strain on your ears.

Step 1: Grip The Old Earbud’s Tip

Grip the old earbud's tip

Grip the old earbud’s tip 

  1. To keep the earphone stationary, hold the back of it.
  2. With your index and thumb, pinch the top of the earpiece. If you can feel a little bit of hard plastic behind your earbud tip, that’s the connection that keeps it in place.

Rubber, foam, and silicone earphone caps go through the same procedure. It’s also consistent across all big brands.

The sole exception is Apple, which has some distinctive features that make this a little more difficult. When using Apple earbuds, grasp the tip at the base, attaching it to the driver. 

Step 2: Twist And Pull It Out

Twist and pull it out

Twist and pull it out 

Twist and pull the earphones off while holding the headset. Slowly pull the earbud out from the connector while holding the earbud’s tip. 

Wrap the earphones with a soft, dry towel if it slides and you can’t remove them. In the great majority of cases, the earphones will fall out.

Don’t keep pushing on it if it doesn’t come off easily. You’re unlikely to cause any harm, but it’s better to be cautious than regrets.

If your earphone caps have been in a drawer with other objects for a long time, it’s a good idea to clean them.

If your old earbuds aren’t damaged, and you’re only switching sizes, retain them as an emergency backup if something goes wrong with your new earphone caps or you don’t like how they feel.

You may hear a slight pop; this is quite normal, so don’t worry. Every major manufacturer, including Sony, Samsung, Beats, Bose, and other big brands, manufactures earphone caps that should easily fall off.

If the earphones don’t come out easily when you pull them away from the connector, try twisting it counterclockwise while pushing it away. 

Some headphones have threading where the tip connects to the connection. Occasionally, the connector is gunked up, and spinning the tip loosens it up.

Higher-end Sony and Bose headphones may occasionally have this issue. Although the tips are elastic and flexible, they occasionally slip off.

Step 3: Look For A “L” Or “R” On The New Tips

The left and the right tips

The left and the right tips

  1. Take your new earphone caps from the package.
  2. Examine every tip piece for an “L,” for left, or an “R,” for right, before reattaching them.

If you find one of these letters, your earbuds aren’t the same, and you should place it on the proper side. To use these earphone caps, place the “L” tip on an earphone with an “L” on it, and vice versa.

Regardless of the material, the method is the same. Using the same method, you can attach rubber, foam, and silicone tips.

It doesn’t matter which tip goes on which earbuds if there are no “L” or “R” labels on your earphone caps, and they all look the same. It is true of the majority of earphones on the market.

Step 4: Slide The new Tips Over The Earbuds’s Protruding Connector

Slide the new tips over the earbud

Slide the new tips over the earbud

Insert the earpiece that directs away from the driver into your ear. Line up the connector’s slot with the slot on the tip and gently push it down. 

According to several recommendations, it helps to press it a little while getting the connector slot. You have to twist the previous earbuds off; gently rotate the earbud tip as you press it down.

You may find within the earphone tip a corresponding slot for the connection. Hold the earbud in your non-dominant hand and the new tip in your dominant hand so that the part that sticks out is in your dominant hand.

Look inside the tip of Apple earphones for two ovals. Look for two matching ovals on the connection after you’ve found those. To attach the new earphones, you must align these ovals.

Step 5: Push The New Tip All The Way Down

Push the earphones onto the headset until the colorful portion of the earbuds aligns with it. Securely attach it to the headphone to prevent the earbuds from separating and remaining in your ear.

You can usually press the tip down. If it becomes caught in any way, wriggle it a bit while pushing it down.

You’re finished when the tip is flush with the driver. Replace the second earbud and repeat the process.

Once the Apple earphones are firmly seated, they will click. However, most earphones are silent.

Check out the entire process of replacing the earbud tips in the video below:


Here are some issues you need to pay attention to when you intend to replace the earbud’s tips.

Are Earbud Replacement Tips Universal?

Because not all earbud nozzles are the same size, finding a compatible quality ear tip might be difficult. If you’ve ever looked at your earbuds without the earphone caps on them, you’ll notice that there isn’t a universal earbud-nozzle diameter standard.

Do Earbud Tips Affect The Sound?

Earphone caps may make or break your earbuds experience since they impact the comfort and the sound quality. The most apparent example is earbuds that fall out or cause discomfort. Still, an incorrect fit may also fail to isolate sound and even lower audio quality in various ways.

How Do You Know What Size Earbud Tips To Get?

Unroll one ear tip’s edge and search for the letters S, M, or L carved on the inside of the ear tip at its base to determine its size.

Insert the AirPods into your ears with the medium-sized earphone caps to ensure that you position them comfortably and securely.

Can I Use Airpods Pro Without Tips?

Most people need earphone caps to retain the AirPods Pro in their ear canal. Besides, active noise cancellation will not operate or be ineffective without the ear tips.

How Long Do Silicone Ear Tips Last?

Replace them every three to four months, or if they get stiff and dusty. When the structure of your silicone earphone caps begins to break or becomes too soft to seal your ear, get the new pairs.  

How Often Should You Replace Foam Earbud Tips?

The typical lifespan of a pair of COMPLY ULTRA FOAM tips is roughly 3-4 months. Our body chemistry, including oils and earwax, and the environment affect the length of time your earphone caps last. 

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Final Thoughts

We hope this article has told you how to change and replace earbud tips. You need to follow each step to avoid damaging your device.

First, find a pair of earphone caps that match your ears regarding brand, size, and material. Your choice will affect your entire listening experience.

Please share your ideas in the comments to help others. Thanks for reading!


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