Sony MDR-7506 Review: Is It Still Worth Buying?

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If you used to work in a recording studio, you must have heard about Sony MDR-7506. Is it worth buying today? This Sony MDR-7506 review will answer!

Isn’t it strange that a headset from the 1990s is still in demand among pro audio engineers? Sony MDR-7506 is the model we are talking about.

This headphone’s history dates back to 1991. There are several reasons why it’s still so well-liked in the music scene. 

As a result, we have prepared a Sony MDR-7506 review for you today. Before beginning, we will give you a quick overview of this headset.

Sony MDR 7506 Headphones Overview

Sony MDR-7506

Sony MDR-7506

A set of headphones may be a “must-have” item in various situations. Travel, for example, necessitates the use of active noise-canceling headphones when quiet is required. 

Then there is exercise and other more informal applications where sound quality takes a second seat to longevity. 

Not to mention the sound engineer, for whom a headset is an instrument, and the Sony MDR-7506, in particular, has become an industry norm. Those in newsrooms, recording studios, and more all have this branded on their skulls.

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone
  • Neodymium magnets and 40 millimeter drivers for powerful, detailed sound.Specific uses for product : Professional audio system,Home audio system
  • Closed ear design provides comfort and outstanding reduction of external noises

What We Like About It:

  • Ideal for mixing
  • Impressive noise-cancellation
  • Sturdy cable
  • Reasonable price tag

What We Dislike About It:

  • Heavy coiled cable
  • Plastic build quality

How Does It Feel Like To Use The Sony MDR-7506 Headphones?

The Design Somewhat Remind Us Of The 90s

The Design Somewhat Remind Us Of The 90s

The Sony MDR-7506 design has a lot to like and a lot to dislike about it. With exposed steel and apparent screws, this headphone is nearly entirely plastic.

The lightweight material is comfortable to wear, but it also means it is not very durable. 

So, this device is intended to be maintained rather than replaced, and Sony even offers service instructions for it. The headphone comes with a soft leather case, but it is not enough to keep it safe if it gets jumbled up in a suitcase. 

On the plus side, even if it crashes, it will not cost much to replace. Each headset folds down into a much more compact size, making it easier when traveling.

Although there is no soft memory foam cushioning on these headphones, they are comfortable enough for mixing. Moreover, the headband pressure is excessive, and the top of the head becomes uncomfortable after a few hours, but you may find relief by using third-party ear cushions. 

The feel and appearance are poor with the cushioning creases, faux leather stitching, and the visible branding of the ear cups. When all of this is combined, the outcome is just unappealing to the sight. 

They were released decades ago, and they were only upgraded from the Sony MDR-V6 in 1985. The cable isn’t detachable, but it is robust and durable, adding weight to the headset. 

While this may appear to be a “problem,” it provides weight and confidence. When you are at your office, the long cord is convenient, but when you are out, it’s a pain. 

Sony MDR-7506 Detailed Review

These Headphones Offer Impressive Noise-Cancellation

These Headphones Offer Impressive Noise-Cancellation

The Sony MDR-7506 headphones continue to be widely appreciated by audio specialists, as well as a large number of ordinary consumers. And with good cause, given that they outperform many rival headphones costing nearly twice as much. 

Nevertheless, there are several circumstances in which these headphones are not always the ideal option, which we will discuss further when we go through the comfort, features, and sound quality of these headphones.

Features, Accessories, And Design

So let go through these features and take a closer look at the Sony 7506 headphones. These headphones are now just eight ounces in weight, making them lighter than many other full-size over-ear headsets. 

Also, they fold up and come with a synthetic bag, making them ideal for travel. The bag is a simple leather bag with no-frills, but it does the job. A coiled wire with a length of roughly 10 feet is also available. 

The Cable Is Coiled

The Cable Is Coiled

This cable is not changeable, so consider buying this if you don’t like coiled wires, which contain a 6.5mm screw-on adapter and finish in a 3.5-millimeter connection.

On the side of the headphones are sliding adjustments that snap into place. 

Because they become huge, they should fit anyone, regardless of skull size or shape. The way the wire is visible when it falls around the outside of its headband is something we don’t like, which is simply something to be cautious of. 

However, many people have been using these headphones for years with no issues, so it is not anything we’d be concerned about. Its headband is made of leather and includes a tiny amount of padding on the bottom. 

The earpads appear like a racetrack, which is big enough for average ear sizes. If your ears are more prominent, they may hug your ears outside a little more.

The cushioning is nice but not ultra-comfortable, and they do become warm after a little while. 

Compared to other equivalent headphones in the same segment, we felt the cushioning less comfortable. You may adjust them horizontally to assist in achieving that right fit, and there is plenty of vertical mobility. 

As a result, finding maximum comfort with these earphones is a breeze. These Sony headphones now feature 40 mm drivers and a 63-ohm impedance, making them a little more challenging to operate. 

So, if you prefer to crank them up and only use them with your smartphone, you will not get the loudness or clarity you want. 

Therefore, while they are not suitable for use with external devices like smartphones, they sound fantastic when adequately powered, whether through your laptop or a good headphone amplifier.


The Pad Is Soft, But It Builds Up Heat Surrounding Your Ears

The Pad Is Soft, But It Builds Up Heat Surrounding Your Ears.

In terms of fit and comfort, these Sony MDR 7506 headphones are sturdy and enjoyable, and they do a great job of fitting everyone regardless of head size or shape. 

However, if you have more prominent ears than usual, you may discover that these headphones press against them slightly because they are not as flexible as other more giant over-ear headphones. 

They still fit perfectly around average ears and are pretty comfy. They have a touch of warmth, so we would not call these cool-to-wear headphones by any stretch of the imagination. 

And the longer it is on your ears, the more warmth and heat will build up surrounding your ears. Moderate clamping force is necessary to the head. 

They are not too compressive in that they create discomfort, but they remain on your head not too tightly. Overall, we are pleased with the convenience and comfort of these headphones, even for extended listening periods.


Excellent Noise-Cancellation

Excellent Noise-Cancellation

With these Sony headphones, noise cancellation is solid. Even at a modest volume, the 7506 performs an excellent job of filtering out ambient noise. So, aside from whatever you are listening to, you will get a hard time recognizing what’s going on.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is incredible for the price range of these MDR 7506 headphones. As we previously stated, these headphones sound much better than other headphones that cost nearly twice as much. 

They are excellent guide headphones that enable you to hear all sorts of the subtleties in your music that other competing headphones perform poorly. The balanced tone is perfect without flaws. 

Yet, they may be too detailed and comprehensive for some settings or listening habits because of how precise they are, as we will discuss further below.

Moreover, beginning with the bass, its low-end is fascinating and smooth and tight and detailed.

Few headphones in this segment can deliver a precise and non-overpowering bass performance like these. Down to 55 Hertz, they lack a little weight. 

Human ears are less sensitive above 14 kilohertz and under 80 Hertz; that’s why we want to increase those frequencies.

However, with good headphones (like these) and a sound amplifier, you can hear that tight bass down to the lowest harmonics. 

These Headphones Have Boomy Bass

These Headphones Have Boomy Bass 

Remember that their bass might be a little boomy if you first acquire them. The longer you use them, the better they get, so do not give up if you’re having trouble. 

The mid-range is incredibly clear, and the vocals sound fantastic and are detailed. They are delightful to listen to since they’re neither cluttered nor obscured by muddy bass. 

You’d have to pay at least a hundred dollars to have better sounding voices than these Sony headphones since they are that excellent. That’s why these headphones are ideal for vocalists or those who need to listen to how they sound. 

Since the presentation provided by them is so precise. The treble is likewise smooth and free of harshness. There are not many models in this price range that perform a better job with cymbal crashes. 

These headphones are pretty responsive to the highs and mids in terms of sensitivity. It has the advantage of allowing you to hear every detail in your music or recordings; that’s why audio experts regard these Sony 7506 headphones so strongly. 

They are ideal for discovering any flaws in your audio and recordings that other headphones could obscure. However, this level of precision has the unintended consequence of making less-than-perfect recordings seem much worse.

If you listen to more pollution or a poorer recording, these headphones will not be as tolerant as others.

They are just reflecting what you are listening to more precisely and highlighting all of the problems in that specific musical piece. 

However, these Sony headphones sound amazing with any music, especially vocal music and music with powerful rhythms. They say they are great for jazz and classical music, but their soundstage might be more excellent, especially when contrasted with more open-back headphones.

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Is The Sony MDR-7506 Still Worth Buying?

Sony MDR-7506 Is Perfect For Music Mixing And Producing

Sony MDR-7506 Is Perfect For Music Mixing And Producing

The MDR-7506 is a low-cost headphone that most audio experts and audiophiles praise. Its affordability, comfort, quality, and other qualities make it ideal for home relaxing and studio monitoring. 

When you consider the price of this headset, it is a good investment. This headset will appeal to both non-professional and professional listeners. 

With its durability, unrivaled sound quality, and ease of usage, we hope you found this MDR7506 professional extensive diaphragm headset review to be helpful. 

What To Choose Instead Of The Sony MDR-7506 Headphones?

Even if these earphones are fantastic, there are a few reasons why you might want to consider others. The first reason is the cable, which is coiled and not removable, as we said previously. 

While this feature can be beneficial in studios or recording setup, it may not be the best option in other situations.

Another issue to consider is that these earphones are not as transportable (for use with your smartphone) as alternatives are now available. 

Audio Technica M30X Has The Heavier Bass Than MDR-7506

Audio Technica M30X Has The Heavier Bass Than MDR-7506

Since you could use them with your phone, they won’t sound as great as they would if they were driven by your laptop, a quality amplifier, and so on.

On the other hand, if you want a bass that is a bit more upfront or heavy, you could choose the Technica M30X or the Sony V600

Furthermore, if you play many low-quality mp3s (including music obtained from the internet) or songs that aren’t well-recorded, these are not as fun to listen to since they’ll constantly expose all the faults. So, these will not sound as pleasant. 

If you are in this position, choosing a headset that isn’t nearly as detailed could be preferable so that the defects aren’t as distracting. In this case, the M30X might be a wiser choice.

The Sennheiser H559 will offer you a comparable degree of overall and detailed sound quality similar to the MDR 7506 but with a more open sound stage.

If you mostly play jazz or classical music and sound leaking is not a concern, go for this one. 

However, while the Sennheiser sounds light, sparkling, and incredibly refreshing, they lack the MDR 7506’s low-end bass. Therefore, the Sonys are the way to go if you like a bump in the bass line. 

Lastly, if the Sony headsets are a little out of your price range but still desire something that can compete with other high-end headphones, consider the ATH Technica M30X.

They feature perfect ear cushions that offer your ears more room. They also sound greater than their younger sibling, the M20X, since they are more polished. 

In comparison to the Sonys, these headphones have a significant base bump. However, they have too much high-end treble. 

So, while they aren’t as smooth and polished as the MDR-7506, the M20X is still is a good value if pricing is a consideration.

The Sonys are well worth the additional money if you can afford them. And we believe the Sonys is a better overall value.

Comparison Of Sony MDR-7506 Vs. Other Counterparts

Let’s compare and contrast the MDR-7506 with other earphones to see what the differences are. 

#1. Sony V6

Sony V6 Vs Sony MDR-7506

Sony V6 Vs Sony MDR-7506

The MDR V6 and the MDR 7506 are similar in terms of performance. These two have a striking resemblance in appearance and sound. 

The MDR-V6, on the other hand, has a touch more bass than that of the 7506. Furthermore, the V6 is somewhat larger than its MDR-7506 counterpart.

#2. Sony MDR-7509

Both these Sony headphones are closed-back over-ear studio earphones. The MDR 7506 is a superior headphone to the 7509. 

The MDR 7506 is lighter than MDR 7509. Furthermore, it’s foldable, but 7509 is not. Both of these are ideal for use in the studio. However, the MDR-7509 is the finest DJ headset. 

#3. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

Both of these headphones are used for studio monitoring. The Sony-7506 outperforms the Sennheiser headphones a bit. The sound quality of the MDR-7506 is more precise than that of the HD280 Pro. Furthermore, the MDR-7506 seems to be more convenient and compactable than the HD-280 Pro.

#4. Audio ATH M50X

The ATH-M50x outperforms the Sony MDR-7506 in terms of sound quality. The M50x seems to be more pleasant to use and seems more solidly constructed than the 7506. 

The sound, notably the treble, is also quite precise. Apart from that, they’re both very comparable headphones that are well-known. 

#5. Audio ATH M30X

Both the ATH-M30x and the MDR-7506 are over-ear closed-back headphones. They have a lot in common when it comes to performance headphones. The MDR-7506 comes with a coiled cord, while the M-30x comes with a straight cable. 

The MDR-7506 has a sturdy construction and is more comfortable than the M30x. Therefore, MDR7506 is a superior headphone overall.

#6. Beats

Beats brand offers a variety of renowned headphones, and the  Beats Studio3 is one of their headsets. When comparing the Sony-7506 and the Beats Studio 3 for music listening, the Beats 3 sound is more accurate than the MDR 7506. 

MDR Sony 7506 is a wired headset, while Beats 3 is a Bluetooth wireless headset. As a result, there are a lot of variances amongst them.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this MDR-7506 review is beneficial to you. Although the MDR-7506 is getting on in years, it still has a position in contemporary studios. 

If you are looking for a low-cost pair of reference earphones, you will have a hard time finding anything as lovely as these headphones for the budget.

We are pleased to suggest the Sony MDR-7506, although you do not do any recording or music producing. They will select the finer nuances and subtlety of the music you listen to while also giving you great delight. 

If you have any questions regarding this topic, do not forget to contact us as soon as possible. Our top experts will be more than happy to assist you. 

Thank you for reading!


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