Smart Suggest

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How to Access Smart Suggest
Smart Suggest is available to you now in the latest version of the Here One app, so please update your app if you haven’t already!

Here are a few tips to get started:

Finding Smart Suggest
You’ll find the Smart Suggest button in the bottom right of the Here One app home screen. (Look for the location icon). When the icon pulses, that means we have a recommended Noise Filter or Real-World Volume suggestion for you.

You can set up location tags for your Home and Office within Smart Suggest so that Here One recognizes those places and provides the right recommendations. If you open Smart Suggest and see that the location is incorrect, you can easily change it by tapping the current location and updating it, and this helps the system improve.

Smarter By the Minute
The more you use Smart Suggest, the better it gets as it learns your preferences!