Here One

Here One

Wireless Smart Earbuds

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01Premium Audio

Stream music and make calls completely wirelessly



Finally, great wireless sound

Experience the best in truly wireless audio and connect to any device.


Best-in-Class Wireless Streaming

Here One delivers premium sound quality through high-fidelity balanced armature speakers.


Video with Perfectly Synced Audio

Here One uses NFMI technology to ensure audio and video sync perfectly.

Tap to Talk

Take Hands-Free Phone Calls

Single tap to answer incoming calls

Smart Assistant Ready

Double tap to activate Siri or Google Now

Bypass to Hear the World Clearly

Single tap to instantly pause streaming and Noise Filters to engage with those around you

Woman listening with earbuds

02Smart Noise

Stay aware of your surroundings while listening to music


Smart Noise

Introducing Layered Listening

Blend your streamed audio and the sounds around you to find the perfect balance.

App-Icons Real-World Volume

Turn the volume of the real-world up or down to tune into a conversation or tune out unwanted noise.

App-Icons Smart Noise Filters

Selectively tune into sounds you want to hear and reduce the sounds you don't. Cancel out an airplane engine but still hear the flight attendant, reduce office chatter, amplify speech, and more.

Live Mix

Transform real-world sound by adjusting the EQ and adding effects like bass and reverb, all in real-time.

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Experience listening customized to your ears



Find Your Sound Listening Profile

We all hear the world differently. Even our left and right ears can have slight variations. Here One learns your unique hearing preferences to create a personal Listening Profile that optimizes real-world sound to your needs.

Phone displaying app screen

Software Enabled Smarter by the minute

Here One uses a proprietary machine learning engine to deliver an experience personalized for your ears.

Perfect for Your
  • Conversation
  • Commute
  • Flight
  • Office

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