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    "Exactly the kind of wireless earbuds I’ve been waiting for"

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    "Feels like being kicked in the chest by the future"

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    "The coolest gadget I’ve tried in a while"

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    "An intuitive app and a brilliantly designed wearable"

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    "A miniature computer for your ears that… will become as ubiquitous as the iPhone"

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    "Doppler is building a complex hardware product…with the speed of an internet company"

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    "Doppler’s futuristic earbuds sound great"

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    "Technology like you've never seen (or heard) before"

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    "The iPhone of the ear"

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    "Alternative to standard prescription hearing aids that cost thousands"

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    "Its smart-earbuds amplify sound in a manner similar to what a hearing aid does"

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    "Legislation could help the company open up a new market"

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    "The power to pick up a quiet voice in a crowded room"

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    "You can lower background voices and direct the mic to amplify just the person you want to hear"

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    "Here One is versatile and effective"

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    "New forms of audio wearables"

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    "New category of wearable technology that optimizes sound through high-tech earbuds"

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    "Augmented hearing beyond hearing aids"


Your Personal Listening Profile, <br>Now on Android!


Your Personal Listening Profile,
Now on Android!

Everyone hears the world differently. That’s why we believe that in-ear technology should account for these differences instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach. In order to provide the best hearing...

Layers, July 2017 - World Edition


Layers, July 2017 - World Edition

Introducing Layers, a monthly series of soundtracks and singles that fill our office with sound, and find their way into our Here Buds™ over and over again. We'll outline the tracks...

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