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Held annually at the 78-acre Empire Polo Club in the beautiful Southern California desert, The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is one of the most critically acclaimed music festivals in the world. Coachella mixes some of the most groundbreaking artists from all genres of music along with a substantial selection of art installations from all over the world.

We have partnered with Coachella over the past several years to transform the festival into the most sonically and technologically advanced music festival in the world by granting fans exclusive access to DUBS Acoustic Filters and Here Active Listening. This first-of-its-kind relationship for Coachella includes unparalleled festival integrations with Doppler Labs technology to bring brand new live music experiences to Coachella attendees.

For example, during the 2016 festival, attendees could use Here Active Listening to act as their own personal sound mixer, listening to a performance the way they wanted to and ultimately allowing them to experience music in a way that's never happened before at a live event. By boosting the bass, altering the EQ, adding reverb, and eliminating background noises, among other applications, this collaboration pushed the paradigm of what it means to experience live music.

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