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Volume control shown in mobile app

Hearing Control Real-World Sound Control

With Real-World Sound Control, you can focus on the things you want to hear in real time. You can turn up the volume of the world, or tune into specific frequencies that you want to amplify.

Turn down the background noise that distracts you from focusing on what you want to hear.

Speech enhance as shown in mobile app

Hearing Enhancement Directional Speech Enhance

Selectively tune into sounds you want to hear and reduce the sounds you don’t. Cancel out an airplane engine but still hear the flight attendant, reduce office chatter, amplify speech in a noisy restaurant, or find peace and quiet among a crowd.

With three high powered mics in each of your Here Buds™, our Directional Speech Enhancement feature allows you to hear where sounds are coming from. Tune into speech in front or behind you. Let Here One do the listening for you in your conversations.

Your listening profile as shown in mobile app

Hearing Your Way Listening Profile

We all hear the world differently. Even our left and right ears can have variations. Here One learns your unique hearing preferences to create a personal Listening Profile that optimizes real-world sound to your ears.

A woman in a crowded restaurant smiles while wearing Here One

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Doppler Labs and Global Citizen partnered to launch #HereTogether, a movement aimed at bringing hearing health to the forefront of a global conversation. As technology, accessibility, attitudes, and culture have evolved, innovation in hearing health and the perception around assistive hearing technologies have remained painfully stagnant. The world cannot ignore this any longer, and it’s time to recognize the far reach of hearing disabilities, beyond the aging population.

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