Nintendo Switch Headphones Not Working – What Are The Causes And How To Fix?

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The Nintendo Switch features speaker systems that are generally stable. Some gamers, however, may encounter no sound problem when they’re using headphones, especially with the “Voice chat” mode. 

What are the reasons, and how to fix them?

The main causes for no sound issues are software, settings, and accidents. As a result, you need to check the update status, system setting, and headphone connection to activate the sound speakers.

This article entails detailed causes for inactive sound systems on your Nintendo Switch headphones. We also come up with possible solutions for your problem.

Let’s read on to discover!



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Why Aren’t Your Nintendo Switch Headphones Working? 

If you can’t hear sound on the Nintendo Switch, there are a few things to consider. The problem often comes from a misinterpretation or a minor fault on the “Voice chat” setting. 

However, in other scenarios, a more significant intervention, such as maintenance, may be necessary to repair the switch console permanently.

Software glitch

Gaming devices such as the Nintendo Switch may experience internal errors that cause problems. The Nintendo Switch console, on the other hand, is a highly reliable platform. Most audio issues are from a restart or a system upgrade. 

Why Aren't Your Nintendo Switch Headphones Working?

Old software versions may result in sound issues 

Nintendo Switch is pairing with Bluetooth or wireless headphones

There’s a possibility that your Switch console is still sending the audio into other headphones rather than utilizing the handheld mode on its speakers. 

In this case, you can disconnect the Bluetooth adapter or transmitter. Or, you can try turning off the wireless connection in the headset.

Audio is mute 

The audio may go mute when headphones are disconnected. This mode is available in the system settings. If you forget to turn the setting off, the console will have no sound as a result.

Voice chat mode

Sometimes gamers accidentally turn off the “Voice chat” mode or set the volume to zero. You surely can’t hear anything from your Nintendo Switch in this case.

Hardware disorder

Poor hardware is a significant issue that may occur if you aren’t careful with the Nintendo Switch. Simple accidents like dropping or exposing moisture and dust can harm the hardware, including the speakers.

How To Fix Nintendo Switch Headphones That Aren’t Working? 

If your Nintendo Switch isn’t making any sound or audio, there are some things you need to examine. Here is the checklist to address the problem:

  • Software update
  • System settings
  • “Voice chat” app
  • Headphones are disconnected

Now, let’s discuss each solution in detail.

Check if your software is the current version

The first thing to check is your Switch software update. If your issue is from a bug problem, a brief update can help you out.

Reset the Switch console

Typically, the Nintendo Switch will restart automatically after every update. However, if the console doesn’t reset itself, you can do it a favor by manually resetting it.

How To Fix Nintendo Switch Headphones That Aren't Working?

Resetting the console is also an effective method 

Check the system settings.

The speaker on your Nintendo Switch doesn’t work if you’re listening with your headphones. Audio then becomes mute when headphones aren’t connected. This function takes place via a mode in the system setting. You can try these steps to fix:

  • Access the Home Screen of your Nintendo Switch console.
  • Choose the “System Settings” section.
  • Opt for the system tab.
  • Now, on the right, you may see the option of “Mute when headphones are disconnected.” All you need to do is to turn it off.

Nintendo switch headphones not working

Check the settings is necessary 

Check the “Voice chat” app

Unplug your headphones when the console is in undocked status. You can adjust the sound using the + and – volume buttons. Volume adjustment is also available on the Quick Settings page. 

Press the + and – volume buttons to adjust the volume

Ask for a repair

If none of the mentioned methods can work, you may infer that the issue is probably hardware-related. To remedy the problem, go to the local Nintendo Store or call their support team to ask for a repair.

Conclusionrepair Nintendo switch headphones

We have shared with you some causes and tips regarding the Nintendo Switch headphones when they stop working. The methods are all simple. 

Yet, the ultimate advice is to detect the primary source of the problem. Once you’ve found out why there is no sound coming in your headphones, fixing it is at ease.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for asking!

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