Jaybird X3 Review: A Pair of Wireless Earphones for Sports

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If you’re looking for an excellent pair of wireless earbuds, you can’t get much better than the Jaybird X3

Many people thought that when Jaybird X2 was released, it would be really hard to top it. And indeed it was. The X2 earphones quickly became one of the absolute favorite bluetooth headphones among athletes and casual listeners. When Jaybird X3 came out, it surprised everyone.

Jaybird X3, although not entirely a step up from the X2, was an improvement in many different ways from Jaybird already-quality audio equipment such as Jaybird headphones and earphones. 

While it’s not a true wireless, it is gym-friendly while still being satisfactory for everyday use. You can use it for a wide variety of purposes, be it for your next marathon or during your commute to work. Or even as a straight replacement for your sports headphone.

But it’s important to see why the earphone’s so revered, almost on par with the legendary X2 or any sports headphone. This Jaybird X3 review will give you a thorough inspection over the wireless earphones’ main features to help you see more plainly to reach a decision:

Jaybird X3 Review


Jaybird X3 Review

Jaybird X3

Compared to X2, the X3 got a makeover that looks great on your ears. Although it’s still a relatively average looking pair of earphones, which might make it unfit for those looking for something jazzier, it excels in its simplicity and build quality.

The design of this particular product is simple but refined, with more focus on usability. A prime example is its slim body to easily fit the included optional silicone ear fins for a secure fit. Even with the fins and ear tips installed, the earphone retains its compact, smaller size.

The possibility of customizations with Jaybird X3 is almost endless. The aforementioned ear fins come in three different sizes, with the earphone itself available in five different colors to suit all your preferences. 

It’s worth mentioning again that X3s are not true wireless, and each comes with a cable that connects the two buds. Thus it can be used as an ordinary earphone or go around your head (similar to how one wears a bandana), which is great for sporting or general physical activities. 

JayBird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset for iPhone and Android – Blackout
  • MINI WIRELESS BUDS – The X3 Headphones by Jaybird are designed to be as small as possible without sacrificing performance and looks
  • UNIVERSAL SECURE FIT –The patented silicone ear fins securely attach to the top and back/lower surface areas of the ear for a snug fit, locking the earbuds in during workouts and intense physical activities; Includes multiple sizes of silicon and Comply tips for maximum noise isolation, fit, and comfort

Adding to the stability and security, the earbuds are in-ear fit and are angled slightly so that it sticks on your ears while also allowing audio to pour into your ears directly. You can easily take them off, but they won’t fall out accidentally when in usage as they comfortably fit your ears.

For durability, the Jaybird X3 wireless bluetooth earphone has a hydrophobic nano-coating that is highly sweat-resistant with great water resistance, and will guarantee to keep moisture away from damaging the parts. In this regard, the benefit of having a smaller profile again rises to the surface, as it helps keep the buds from unnecessary contact with liquid.

All and all, X3 can’t be said to look beautiful, but these wireless earphones are polished, sleek, and functional. It has a nice build quality with a smart design that revolves around durability and efficient practicality, which all earphones need. 

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Performance and Features

What most people look for when buying earphones is the sound quality, and the Jaybird X3 is quite successful in this category. Although it won’t wow audiophiles, considering how inexpensive it is and it being wireless, it punches above its weight and is up there with any good noise cancelling headphones, wireless headphones or bluetooth headphones.

Jaybird X3 is skewed towards treble, so this might put off those who seek to have the bass of their music as the focus. However, if you favor clarity, clean and clear sounds, it will work for you as good treble details are what the Jaybird X3 is all about. 

And even more, it being treble-led is not the be-all and end-all for bass lovers, as X3 comes with an app that has a five-band EQ to tune your sounds to your liking. You can even create rich bass sounds with it. We will talk about the app in more detail below.

This pair of wireless inears give you the ability to enjoy its sound quality consistently for quite a good length of time with its long battery life of eight hours. You can also check the battery level on the fly via X3’s voice system, but one caveat is that you must pause your music for it. But it’s not a deal-breaker.

Speaking of battery, the earphone features proprietary charging and  only takes approximately 15 minutes of charging for a full hour of playtime, which is great for on-the-go listening. 

A charging dock with a unique charging port is also included in the package to help link your earphones with the USB cable on the remote, which is found on the right ear. This charging dock is also a unique feature to help you charge your own device faster.

This wireless bluetooth earphone’s remote is inline and as compact as itself, but still thick enough for easier control. This remote is wider than that of the X2’s for extra durability as remote control breaking is an issue that many earphones face.

It’s worth mentioning that Jaybird X3 has Bluetooth 4.1, meaning that if you own two pairs of X3s, you can connect both of them to the same device, great for couples or group usage. With Bluetooth 4.1, the X3’s connection is also more stable with a better reach than X2 wireless earbuds. 

MySound App

As you can see, Jaybird X3 has many unique features that make it a standout among music enthusiasts. But possibly the most unique one, one we’ve mentioned and will proceed to review henceforth, is its MySound App with its ability to help you create your own sound profile.

This terrific app will help satisfy even the hardest-to-please users. It is a useful companion to the Jaybird earphones that does more than even expected.

First thing first, the app’s main strength is its EQ or rather its potential for customizations. It allows you to play the role of the DJ for your music and set up your very own presets of EQ in a flash. So no matter if it’s more ambient noise or more noise isolation that you like, MySound App helps make it a reality.

The EQ’s default sound setting is decent and fine-tuned to fit the earphones, but any new setting you create will be saved to the X3 wireless themselves, which is fascinating to say the least. This way, regardless of the source device you’re using, you’re still able to bring your sounds with you anywhere.

While there’s still quite a bit to be desired from the app, such as an additional feature like room effects, MySound App is a useful tool to show your personality and style by creating your sound profiles to go with your tastes and character while using the X3 wireless earbuds.


The best way to know a product is of course to try it out directly. This is more so with earphones since your ears can detect what sounds they like. But it’s not the case that you can always test something out first before buying them. That’s why this Jaybird X3 review surely has given you a hand

This product, although not perfect, still delivers in pretty much everything you want in a pair of noise-cancellation earphones. It’s affordable, it sounds good, it is versatile and comes with a proprietary charging system with a unique charging port. A clever, ergonomic, and well-built construction as well. And the app is just great. Fantastic sports earphone.

We hope that we’ve given you more things to think about and to help you reach a decision on Jaybird X3, a pair of bluetooth headsets that stand tall among earbuds and headphones.


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