Is Electrocution by Headphones possible? Cause and Fix

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Headphones are one of the everyday technology items. Not only is it an item with a music function, but many people also use it as a daily accessory.

However, there are still reports of people having problems when wearing headphones, such as electricity flowing through. It could be an electric shock caused by the headset. 

So, ​​what is electrocution by headphones? The article will discuss in detail the causes and ways to overcome this problem. 

Besides, we also provide some related questions. Let’s give it a read! 

Is Electrocution by Headphones Possible? 

Is Electrocution by Headphones possible

Is Electrocution by Headphones possible? 

Headphones that connect directly to your mobile device or use Bluetooth can cause electric shock. However, cases of electric shock caused by head headsets do not often happen because the amount of electricity in this is relatively weak. Under normal conditions, the headset can’t hurt you. 

In some instances, such as broken, loose power cord, circuit fault, or it’s raining, soaked in water, the headset will then be damaged and may cause an electric shock to you.

Before learning about the causes, let’s understand and differentiate the cases of electric shock. There are different degrees of electric shock, mild, low voltage, and you will only feel numbness and not affect your life. In the case of high voltage, electric shock can cause severe injury and possibly death.

There are very few reports of people dying from electric shock while using the headset. However, there have been people who suffered from electric shock due to wearing a headset. 

The chances are high that this person uses the headset in the rain while the charger is connected. It is just a rare case of electric shocks involving a headset. But issues of mild or electric shock can be seen frequently.

Causes Of Electric Shock Of Headphones

To avoid electric shocks while using a headset, you need to know the cause to prevent them. So let’s learn some of the following reasons to clarify this dangerous problem.

Static electricity

Static electricity

Static electricity

Static electricity is the leading cause of electric shocks. This discharge occurs when the charges are not balanced on the inside and outside of the earphones. You see this electrostatic situation when two surfaces rub against each other.

This phenomenon occurs not only with a headset but also with all objects around them. When the ball rubs against your hair or your hand touches a fluffy fabric, and you feel a slight jerk, it is also a sign of static electricity.

Even ordinary objects are quickly static electricity, so the rubbing of electronics will cause a much stronger reaction.

Several other factors can make electrostatic discharge more likely, such as weather, synthetic materials, wool, or constant rubbing motion. So you may find yourself jerking more frequently in winter or when the weather is dry. 

However, this is a good sign because the problem is not with your headset. You can also rest assured because this static electricity in the wave life occurs a lot and is mild, so it will not pose a danger to you.

AC power discharge

AC power discharge

AC power discharge

If you use a Bluetooth headset and still experience an electric shock, the charger is most likely caused. Household electrical outlets are in the 110V-240V range. 

The phone chargers all need only a 5V power level. The chargers that come with the device will have a built-in adapter to ensure a suitable power level.

If you find your device heats up while charging, the chances are that your charger is not of good quality. When you use the headset while charging, you will most likely encounter problems and suffer 240V voltage on your body. These cases are frequent, and the victim can die soon after.

Some situations can cause AC discharge and be dangerous to people:

  • Connected to the power supply error
  • Standing close to and exposed to electricity when the body is wet.
  • Power safety rules are not guaranteed
  • Using the wrong jack

Damaged headphone cord

Damaged headphone cord

Damaged headphone cord

If you use traditional wired versions, you must have faced the situation of broken and damaged headphones many times. A broken headphone cord can pass electricity through and give you an electric shock. 

Or even if your headset cord is standard, there is a good chance that the stethoscope part has a problem. You will wear this part of the tube directly to the ear, which will be hazardous when an electric shock occurs.

For work reasons, many people have the habit of connecting headphones even when the device is charging.

The voltage will now be more significant, and the danger is also more severe. There have been many cases of device explosion due to plugging in headphones and charging the battery simultaneously. 

Another situation that is also easier to shock when you use damaged versions is near good conductors like water or metal.

Therefore, to ensure the device’s safety and ourselves, you should repair the headset when detecting a failure. A headset is not too expensive, so you can invest in a new one to better serve your needs.

Are There Any Types More Susceptible To Electrification Than Usual?

Most of the headsets that you can find on the market today are safe. These headphones are all made from insulating materials such as plastic, rubber, or silicone. So they are pretty safe for you to use for a long time without changing the product.

Wired headset

With wired headphones, the strain is mainly safe unless the headphone cord is damaged or broken. Instances prone to electrification must include a wireless headset. This type of headset operates on a battery that will be charged, so safety is also reduced.

There have been cases of wireless exploding, and the cause of the battery quality is not guaranteed. However, do not worry too much because the number of batteries that can explode is minimal and will be removed during the production process when detected.

Wireless ones explode due to friction and overheating that melts the plastic inside the headset.

So, you need to pay attention to the appropriate time to use the headset so that it has time to recondition the temperature. 

In addition, you should also choose to buy a headset from large, reputable technology companies and have many users.

How To Avoid Electric Shock When Using Headphones

Accidents usually do not cause significant loss of life and property, but you still need to be careful. Here are some ways that you can apply to avoid electric shock situations when using headphones.

Reduce electrostatic build-up

To not get an electric shock due to a build-up of electricity, you need to reduce it. Use clothes with natural fibers such as cotton because it reduces the rate of charge. Materials such as sweaters or clothing made of synthetic fibers or nylon also accumulate more electricity. So you can avoid using them.

In winter, the climate is often dry, leading to more electric shocks. So during this season, you can use a humidifier in the air to maintain the necessary humidity and avoid the accumulation of electricity. 

In addition, you can also use an antistatic spray product on clothes or furniture to minimize static electricity.

Electrostatic discharge

You may experience static electricity while using headphones, especially during dry seasons. This phenomenon is not the headset’s fault, but you can reduce the shock by discharging static electricity. 

Metal is a good material for releasing static electricity. But you need to be careful when using it because if metal comes into contact with an electrical source, it is a good conductor of electricity.

At present, people also invented antistatic straps and rings. With this tool, you can wear it naturally and easily use it even when doing sports.

Cover and secure exposed headphone cords

If you use earphones on the road, especially in windy weather, keep your headphones tucked inside your shirt and avoid exposure to the wind.

If your headphone cord wears out over time, it’s also essential to keep a distance from the headphone cords. When in contact with each other, the headphone wires are easy to short circuit, affecting the operation.

You can fix these minor errors with kits available outside of specialty stores. This kit is responsible for making the outer rubber part more robust and waterproof. 

So you can ensure safer use, and the headset is also more durable. In addition, another tool that also helps you, in this case, is a heat shrink tube. This tool will be cheaper, but the aesthetic will not be high.

Follow safety rules

Follow safety rules

Follow safety rules

One of the top rules to ensure your safety when using headphones is to use them according to the safety rules. Those rules include:

  • Do not use headphones while charging your phone or laptop.
  • Use the correct charger from the supplier or the manufacturer that meets the quality standards.
  • Do not use headphones and come into close contact with electrical sources when you are wet or barefoot.
  • Do not use damaged or broken versions with signs of error.
  • If your device becomes too hot while charging, it should be unplugged from the power source so it can dissipate heat to avoid fire or explosion.

Use a wireless headset

One way to avoid direct exposure to electrical sources is to use wireless ones.

This type of headset can help you reduce friction and cause electrostatic phenomena. You also won’t need to worry because the messy headphone cord can break or break at any time.

Yet, wireless headphones also have certain disadvantages. You need to research carefully and choose the right and reputable supplier to ensure your safety.

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Many people are pretty subjective and will probably be surprised to know that they can get an electric shock when using headphones. 

Surely there will be many people still wondering about this topic. So let’s answer some questions in the article below.

Is it safe to use broken headphones?

Continuing to use the headset knowing it’s broken is a wrong decision. You may experience more electric shock when using them. Gaps in the cords of the headphones could very well slip through your glass of water and cause a jolt.

So, you should buy a new headset and immediately discard the damaged one. In case of force majeure, you should find temporary remedies and repairs. Some solutions you can refer to and wrap the electrostatic tape or fix the headset.

Is the headphone lead dangerous?

The wire in the headset is designed to be in close contact with the user, so it will not cause direct harm to you. However, if the external protection fails, leaving the wire exposed, static electricity and sparks can be generated. 

Although it is only a tiny electrical wire, it can also cause a fire and directly threaten your life. For more details, check out this video below:

Is it safe to connect headphones to a charging phone or laptop?

You can use the headset even while charging your phone or laptop. However, this is only safe when you use a genuine and quality charger. These chargers will help reasonably switch the power source so as not to endanger the user.

However, using the headset while charging is not recommended because it can damage the battery’s life. It is still not recommended to use the headset while charging for maximum safety, as it may damage the device or even injure you.

Do wet headphones cause electric shock?

You might be using headphones and suddenly get a rainstorm or get water from a children’s toy gun. Most of these cases do not cause harm or electric shock. Unless you are connecting your headphones to a power source or your headphones, have a problem.

Most tests don’t have a strong reaction, but you should also not use the headset when it is, or you are not dry. Some headphones that are not waterproof will fail immediately and lose connectivity.

Can I get burned from headphones?

You can get burned from headphones. Most of today’s headphones go through a rigorous censorship process before hitting the market. So you can rest assured about this burning problem.

However, there have been cases of people burning their ears because the headphones were too hot in the past. The cause of the high temperature comes from the product’s micro and USB. The authorities also recalled the product and tightened the quality inspection of the headset.


The electric shock when using headphones is a phenomenon that happens quite often, but it will harm you if it happens often. Most cases of electric shock when using headphones are not too severe, but you should not be subjective.

The article also shows the notes when using the headset to ensure safety and use the headset for a long time.

Hopefully, with the last article, you can know in detail about the topic “electrocution by headphones.” Thank you for reading!


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