How To Wear Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds?

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Skullcandy earphones are fantastic for listening to music. However, sometimes they fall off your ears. So how to wear Skullcandy wireless earbuds properly?

The rule of thumb is to choose the right bud size for your ears. Then, make sure that you insert the bud on the right ear. If they still slide out, you can try other accessories to secure them tightly. 

This article will show you how to put on the buds without worrying about them falling off. Let’s read on to discover! 


What Are Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds? 

Skullcandy has developed a reputation for producing high-quality, low-cost items.

While they’re most famous for their compact, colorful earphones, they’ve expanded their product line to include unique audio solutions.

Skullcandy promotes its earphones as being exceptionally noise-isolating. The earphone that firmly closes off the ear canal is effectively noise-isolating.

The light plastic earbuds provide a surprise snug in-ear hold. The earpieces’ touch, as well as the charging case, is nearly prototyping-level inexpensive.

Rich, increased (but still natural) bass depth comes with bright, clear highs in these buds. Their excellent audio performance makes it easy to overlook some other flaws, such as the limited battery life.

The company is famous for its quality

The company is famous for its quality 

How To Wear Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds? 

Earbuds from this brand include a range of customizable foam ear cushions to fit different ear sizes. 

Using the right ear pad will guarantee that you are correctly wearing your earphones and improve the overall sound quality.

Here are some tips for wearing the buds correctly: 

  • Look for the Skullcandy earphones’ identification tags. You can see the label “Right” or “Left” on the earbud. 
  • Insert the medium-sized cushion tips on the earphones and carefully but firmly push them into your ears. Remember to insert each bug to the right side. 
  • If the earphones are too tight or too loose, twist the cushion tip and pull them away from the metal tip to detach them.
  • Insert the smaller or bigger pair of cushion attachments provided in the packaging securely onto the metal section of the earphone at the wire’s end.
  • Re-insert the matching earphones into your ears. All outside noise should get blocked out by properly matched buds.

What Makes Your Earbuds Fall Out? 

Even though Skullcandy makes their earphones sit tightly in your ears, there are times when they may slip out. Some of the most typical causes are as follows:

Unique ear shape

Most earphones (particularly earbuds) arrive in one size but aim to fit all sizes. This characteristic is beneficial for the manufacturers and matches the majority of the customers. 

The average ear canal diameter and length are 0.7 cm and 2.5 cm, respectively. Most earphones tend to adhere to this standard size.

However, our ears are more special than our fingerprints. As a result, this standard size rarely serves many people perfectly.

If your ears are wider than the regular size, the earphones may fall out since they don’t have anything to grip. However, if one’s ear is smaller than the average, the buds can’t go deep enough and will pop out.

Some people have unique ear shapes

Some people have unique ear shapes 

Earwax can get in the way.

Earwax obstruction is a major public health issue that affects about 6% of the global population.

Although our ears can clean themselves, external pressures might often hinder them from doing so. 

Wearing the buds and even clearing your ears using cotton buds are two of those external elements.

Earwax build-up causes your ears to become excessively slippery, making it difficult for the buds to hang on to the ears securely.

Furthermore, blocked ear wax occupies a lot of space within the ears. It makes inserting the buds further into your ear canal more difficult.

The earwax also prevents the buds from gripping enough surface to hold on to, making them slip off with only minor motions.

Earwax may make the buds slide out easily

Earwax may make the buds slide out easily 

Wrong wearing

Sometimes, earphones fall off just because you are wearing them improperly. 

Most earbuds must fit either the right or left ear. Hence, putting the bud on the wrong ear will almost certainly result in the bud falling out.

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How To Prevent Earbuds From Sliding Out? 

Unfitted earphones are annoying. To avoid the buds from falling off, you can try the following tips. 

Choose the right size.

Skullcandy offers different sizes to fit different ear sizes. You should test them before buying to ensure that your listening experience is satisfactory. 

Use ear warmers

Wearing the warmers over your earphones is another viable approach. They give your ears more protection and keep the buds in place.

They can also filter out and neutralize outside noise, giving you a better sound system.

Use isolation plus

By adjusting to the natural contour of the ear, the memory foam component helps reduce earbud fatigue.

Wear earbud covers

These foam sponge covers fit earbud ends with 13 to 18 mm diameter. The thick cushions are soft to the touch and provide extra support to the earphones, preventing them from sliding out.

Anti-lost strap

This strap comes from non-toxic, environmentally safe, and sweat-proof silicone. This accessory is excellent for people who are active and energetic.

You can also learn more tips to secure your buds firmly from this video. 

In A Nutshell

It might be challenging to find a nice set of earphones that exactly match your ear size and shape. Fortunately, some manufacturers provide their products in different sizes. They also offer accessories in case your buds can’t fit.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading! 


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