An Ultimate Guide How To Wear Neckband Headphones

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How to wear neckband headphones? We have tried to describe each step in detail so that everything is easiest for you to understand. Let’s find out right now!

Neckband headphones are trendy and loved by many people. You can take it everywhere, even while riding the bus or exercising. You can use it all day long without worrying about running out of battery. 

A small but very quality device! These benefits will be even more powerful when you know how to wear standard headphones. Let’s refer to the right way to wear neckband headphones via this article!

Some Methods To Wear Neckband Headphones

Over-the-shoulder headphones come in two forms: on-ear and in ear. Although there are many different details, the overall effect that they bring is similar. So, depending on your preferences, you can get the right one.

Once you have the desired headset, you can apply to wear on ear headphones below for a different experience. Because the design has many differences, each type you use has a unique wearing style.

How To Wear On-Ear Headphones

How to wear on-ear headphones

How to wear on-ear headphones 

With on-ear, wearing is somewhat simple. Its appearance is similar to conventional headphones. However, its frame is to fit behind the head.

In ear headphones do not cause earwax. Because of that, they are convenient to use for a long time.

Step 1: Connect the headset

Bluetooth headsets will be more convenient. However, you still have the classic wired option. Either way, you should connect them first before attaching them.

The connection helps you avoid the front assemblies being put back in and removed for re-alignment.

Step 2: Put it on your ear

This type of headset has no left-right regulation. Therefore, whatever style you wear is correct.

To put the tip of the headset in your ear, you need to hold the headset with your hands behind your head and align the right ear cup higher. Then, lower them until you feel the frames are snug against the top of your ears.

Once the frame is firmly in the ear, adjust the structure and position to make it more comfortable for the ear.

Step 3: Adjust

You continue to adjust until satisfied. Next, you can enjoy the true-to-life sound. During use, the headset may compress the ear. When it feels entangled and unnatural, pulling them slightly up or down can improve the situation. 

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How To Wear In Ear Headphones

How to wear in Ear Headphones

How to wear in Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones have a flexible strap with two headphones. This cord will tie over the neck to help hold the headset during use. These types of threads will usually connect Bluetooth to the phone.

Wearing them is also quite simple. However, a few minor details that are rarely mentioned lead many people to ignore them accidentally. 

It makes the experience of using your device uncomfortable and convenient. To overcome this situation, do not skip these steps to wear this headset.

Step 1: Connect the headset

Similar to wearing on-ear headphones, you need to connect the device before using it. This type of headset will have buttons on the cord to connect Bluetooth.

The pre-connection will save you from having to strain your neck to look at the buttons on the strap after you have comfortably put it in your ear.

Step 2: Check the L, R characters on the headset

Most people will ignore the label of the earcup. However, this notation is instrumental so that you can enjoy the clarity of the sound coming out of your neck headphones. So, do not rush to bring the cord and skip this helpful check.

On the two ear cups, there will be two small letters L and R. These two letters correspond to Left for the right and Right for the right part.

At a glance, you can rest the two ends of the wire with the same design. However, the right head, when worn in the left ear, will feel uncomfortable. 

In addition, the in-ear cups that stick to the left ear are also not suitable and often fall off. You need to put on the right headset at the correct charge, and the sound will change significantly.

It is more transparent and louder. Your enjoyment of the song will become more wonderful and lively.

Therefore, you remember to observe the two ends of the wire and attach them in the correct position to enjoy the full capabilities of the headset.

Step 3: Remove the jewelry around the ear

The jewelry around the ears can affect your wearing of neck headphones. For example, they can get caught in the wire, causing pain in your ears.

In addition, while wearing them, you may accidentally drop them, which affects your property.

Therefore, for the safety of yourself and your property, you should remove any jewelry before wearing the stethoscope. When you’re done, you can put the earrings back on.

Step 4: Put the headset in the ear

Many people think that putting neck headphones in their ears is simple and nothing to worry about. However, inserting the stethoscope into the ear does not make it tighter.

For the headset to fit snugly in the ear and not fall out during use, gently pull the earlobe down. Next, use your other hand to push the headset in with a moderate force. You push until you feel an obstacle inside, then stop.

Then, you let go of the earlobe, the in ear canal will fit neatly and have a grip with the ear. Thanks to that, it stays firmly in place during use.

When removing, you also do the same steps above to avoid causing micro scratches in the ear canal. The first few times may not be painful, but repeated times can put your ear at risk of ear infection.

However, this implementation only applies to headphones with silicone pads. You don’t need to pull the earlobe with normal neck headphones, but you can just push the headset in.

Step 5: Put the rope behind the neck

Once you have successfully inserted the headset, you can adjust the cord located at the back of your neck.

You change the rope for balance to feel comfortable throughout the operation. At the same time, the cord will prevent your earphone from falling out.

Step 6: Clean the headset

Each person’s ear always has a waxy substance that protects the eardrum.

When you accidentally put the headset in your ear, the headset will contact this substance. So, when you take out the stethoscope, it will accumulate a small amount of earwax itself.

Theoretically, this is perfectly normal and should not cause serious harm to the body. However, if you do not clean it, the next time you use the headset, it will introduce this waxy substance inside.

As a result, your ears will be affected by dirt that may not be good for the environment inside the ear.

Therefore, after each use, you should clean it. Or if it is too much, it also needs to be cleaned at least 2 to 3 times a week. 

Benefits Of Wearing Headphones Around The Neck

Benefits Of Wearing Headphones Around The Neck

Benefits Of Wearing Headphones Around The Neck

Similar to other items, neck headphones are also one of the very diverse devices in types and designs. So you have a lot of options for enjoying the sound.

However, it would help if you chose a neckband headset. They have a lot of benefits that other regular wireless headphones do not.

Comfortable to use

Comfortable to use

Comfortable to use

This type of headset fixes the headset to your ear very firmly but does not cause any discomfort. Especially your head will be much more comfortable than using over-ear headphones.

Because there is a neck strap when not in use, you can take it down and easily attach it to the ear.

In addition, this type of headset does not need to be covered, so you will always stay cool during use. It is beneficial on hot summer days.

Allow remote control

Most of these headphones usually allow Bluetooth connectivity. You don’t always have to hold your phone close to your body or stay close to your PC.

In addition, the neckband has a built-in remote control. So you can adjust and access quickly and easily. This feature is very convenient for people who are forgetful or too busy.

Battery lasts longer

Appearing next to users is not simply a beautiful, youthful, and dynamic item. It is also a product with an impressive battery capacity. Compared to other headphones of the same segment, this design has a much longer use time.

You can carry it all day long for work. Each manufacturer will create a headset with a different battery capacity.

The more expensive the machines, the longer they will last. Yet, the common ground is that neckband headphones can last for a long time after each charge.

People who like to listen to music or work with headphones a lot like this. They won’t have to deal with unfinished business, but the stethoscope runs out of battery.

Better noise cancellation

Neckband headphones are very good at blocking noise. Wall-mounted ear cup design fits the ear. So, when you put it on, you will be completely immersed in your own sound space. At this time, the noisy world outside cannot affect you.

Conventional headphones do not have enough space to create a personal sound environment. Even though you have turned on the volume to the max, it is not possible to eliminate the laughter of everyone around.

Therefore, this option is perfect for those who do not like noise or need to focus but work in a noisy environment.

Not bulky

The headsets are not too bulky in size. However, the size of the neckband is excellent. It is not simply an ordinary headset; it has Bluetooth control and connectivity.

However, all the details are neatly assembled in a small headset about a little more than a hand. It’s also light, so you can wear it all day without any effort. 


The information related to neck headphones is fascinating. It not only helps you to use your headphones safely but also helps you choose a quality product.

Are neckband headphones good?

No need to argue anymore; wired headphones are a good product for you in any situation. They deliver quality sound and block out any outside noise influences.

They have a long battery life, so you can use them comfortably. Best of all, it’s comfortable. You will not have any inconvenience during use.

Is a neckband better than headphones?

Is a neckband better than headphones

Is a neckband better than headphones?

One of the things that make neck-wearing headphones stand out from the crowd is portability. Because it’s all in this little device, and you can wear it around your neck.

So, anywhere, as long as you like it, you can bring it with you and use it.

How long should you wear headphones?

Hearing loss caused by the use of headphones is a cause for concern. However, you can prevent this from happening by not using them too large for an extended period.

Doctors recommend that you only listen to music, watch movies, or do anything at 60% volume. Use the headset for no more than 60 minutes at a time.

Why do people wear neckband earphones?

As mentioned, this headset has many benefits to make human life more convenient. Besides, many people say that headphones on their neck wherever they are are incredible.

Because they won’t have to rummage through their bags to find headphones every time, especially in an emergency, the search is naughty.

How do I choose earphone specs?

The best way to gauge the sound quality is to try it out with an acoustic guitar. Through just one track, you will notice the quality of the two devices.

If you skip this test and rely on the specifications to evaluate, you may make mistakes. Many machines have similar specifications, but the actual sound output is significantly different.

Therefore, the technical factor you should care a lot about is price. The more expensive the designs, the more stable the quality.


How to wear neckband headphones? Wearing the headset is also quite simple, but users often overlook a few small notes, leading to a limited experience.

If you are also making a mistake, please fix it quickly to have a chance to live in your world. 


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