How To Take Apart Skullcandy Earbuds? 6 Useful Steps

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If you have problems with your Skullcandy earbuds but don’t want to send them to a service center, try opening it to find out the problem. So, how to take apart Skullcandy earbuds without breaking them? 

With a few electronics and tools, you can open and repair most consumer headphones using a simple process.

You can even finish the job without using solder. However, you may wish to take certain preventive measures to avoid destroying your earbuds.

The article will delve into this topic to help you find a solution to take apart Skullcandy earbuds. Let’s get right into the details!


How To Take Apart Skullcandy Earbuds?

Skullcandy earbuds

Skullcandy earbuds 

Before getting to our 6-step guide, prepare your tools according to the list:

  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • screws
  • Paper Cutter

Step 1: Cut The Earbuds From The Jack

It would be much easier to cut the earphones and connectors apart first. Then, using a cutter, begin cutting the earbud’s seal.

You don’t need to go around it; cut in a single location long enough to break the seal. The entire front casing would immediately spring out.

Step 2: Remove The Earbud Tips

  1. Grip the first earbud’s delicate tip.
  2. Keep your hand on the back of it. Twist and pull the earbud off while holding the headset.
  3. With your index and thumb, pinch the top of the earpiece.
  4. If the earbud does not come out straight, twist and pull it out.
  5. If the earbud doesn’t come out easily when you pull it away from the connector, try twisting it counterclockwise while pushing it away.
  6. Wrap the earbud with a soft, dry towel if it slides and you can’t remove it.
  7. Some headphones have threading where the tip connects to the connection, but occasionally the connector is merely gunked up, and spinning the tip loosens it up.

Step 3: Split The Seam Of The Earbud

Split The Seam Of The Earbud

Split The Seam Of The Earbud 

The technique is mostly determined by how your headset was constructed. Screws are used in certain earphones to keep the headset together. Others use glue or plastic clamps.

If you notice screws, you’re in luck. You’ll need a screwdriver, but the screws should be easy to remove. In the alternative circumstance, which is regrettably more prevalent, you’ll need a craft knife and a steady hand.

You must open the earbud before performing any work, and you only have one choice for doing so. Grab your knife and carefully press it into the cover’s crack, forcing the blade through. 

You may level the two sections apart once the blade is securely inside the bud by carefully sliding around it until they come apart.

You may damage the plastic, but it’s a minor price to pay to keep your headphones going longer. Plus, you can always glue back everything that breaks together.

Step 4: Take The Diaphragm, Coil, And The Magnet Apart

Take apart the earbud

Take apart the earbud 

The only thing that stays put within the earbuds is the permanent magnet. During the movement of the electromagnet (coil + iron core). The electric signals received from a system are transferred to an electromagnet.

As a result, the electromagnet travels back and forth, causing the diaphragm linked to it to move as well. You can see a pole piece if you remove the magnet from the earbud. These components produce the electromagnet’s field.

Step 5: Repair And Reconnect Detached Wires

It would help if you repaired the damaged wires. Broken wires are still linked to speaker tags containing kinks or damaged parts.

You can identify these portions thanks to their discoloration. The procedure for reattaching these wires is identical to that of the disconnected cables.

Desolder and remove the broken wires from the tags completely.

To guarantee to remove all of it, cut a bit more than just the damaged portions.

  1. Remove 5mm of the tip of the wire. It’s also a good idea to remove enough insulation to expose the wire below.
  2. Connect the wire to the speaker via soldering: Use molten solder to connect the exposed wire to the speaker’s tag. Maintain the position of the wire and speaker until the solder has cooled.

Step 6: Put the Cover Back Together

You may reassemble the cover once the solder has cooled. If your earphones have screwed-in earbuds, replace them with the screw. Reclip and glue the two cover parts together if necessary.

This video will show you the whole process:

See more:

Final Thoughts

The simple guide above showed you how to take apart Skullcandy earbuds. Try to follow each step described to avoid damaging your earbuds.

We hope you found this post helpful. Thank you for reading!


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