How To Set Up A Kenwood Surround Sound System?

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Installing a stereo system can improve any video you watch, whether you have a home cinema or simply a TV in the family room. So, how to set up a Kenwood surround sound system?

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Place the speakers
  • Connect the components
  • Setup the system

Let’s dive right into the details!

What Is Surround Sound?

Surround sound refers to audio systems that employ many speakers to create a more realistic auditory experience for the listener. You’ll be able to recognize sounds coming from all directions with this system. 

There are various types of stereo systems. The number in a system’s name indicates how many audio channels, speakers, and subwoofers. 

The first number indicates the number of loudspeakers in the setup, while the second shows the number of subwoofers. A 5.1 system, for instance, has five speakers and one subwoofer.

Sound System

 Sound System

With only a single subwoofer, the bass may be more extensive on one side than the other. However, adding a sub helps level out the bass. If you purchase a system consisting of two subwoofers, ensure they’re on different sides of the device. 

Each loudspeaker in this surround system has a specific job, and for the optimal audio experience, every speaker should be positioned in its precise area. 

How To Set Up A Kenwood Stereo System?


A Receiver

An AV receiver is necessary for setting up a stereo system. You may use this gadget to connect and operate several speakers. The audio is then processed, separated, and amplified to drive the speakers. 

An AV receiver also allows you to switch between multiple audio and visual sources with the touch of a button, so you can effortlessly switch among your CD player, TV audio, and Xbox. 

To install the system, you have to link wires from the speakers to an AV receiver, regardless of the type of AV receiver you have had. 

If you do not want a lot of speaker cables running around your home cinema, you can either hide them inside the walls or invest in a wireless system. Even Bluetooth speakers, though, require electricity, so you’ll have to cope with some cords.

To better understand how to do so, you can rely on the instructions in this video or the following steps:

Place The Speakers

  • Next to the television, place the right and left front speakers. Please make sure there are at least 10 feet among them. 
  • Just below or above the television, place the center speaker. 
  • At a 45-degree angle, set the rear channel units behind and above your primary sitting area. 
  • You may put the Kenwood receiver and subwoofer anywhere in the room as long as it is convenient. But, it would be best to place them near the television.

Link The Components

  • Beside the Kenwood receiver, place your Blu-ray or DVD player. Plug the audio line from the player to the receiver’s input jacks on the rear. 
  • Connect a wire from the receiver’s video output jack to the television’s video input jack on the rear. 
  • Connect the Kenwood receiver and speakers in a logical order. Link the front-channel loudspeaker wire to the receiver. 
  • After that, connect the receiver to the front-channel speaker cable. 
  • Continue until all of the subwoofers and speakers are to the receiver.

Home Theater

Home Theater

See more:

Install The System

  • Place a disc inside the tray of the player. With remote control, try to adjust the volume to the appropriate level. 
  • Switch to the audio-settings menu to adjust the surround-sound speaker volumes to your liking. 
  • Adjust the effects of audio delay. The audio delay gives the impression that the sound is moving around the room.

Final Thoughts

Your living room may transform into a home theater with a Kenwood stereo system. Knowing how to set up a Kenwood surround sound system can save you a great deal of money. Hopefully, this article is useful to you.

Thank you for reading!


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