How to reset galaxy buds manually

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You own a galaxy buds plus but during use you cannot connect. What do you think will be factory reset? So how to reset galaxy buds plus shared below will be very helpful for you.

Samsung Galaxy Buds was born with many features that bring a great user experience. However, when using it, only when it fails to connect, people think about restoring to factory settings. But for long-term use, you also need to know when to reinstall the product. The information shared in this article will help you know when to reinstall as well as the ways to reinstall galaxy buds plus. 

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How to reset galaxy buds plus

Galaxy bud plus

How to reset galaxy buds manually?

Here are some easy ways to reinstall buds manually that users can refer to. The process is also very simple and does not take too much time.

  • When choosing it manually you’ll have to make sure your Galaxy Buds is fully charged to get started. If not fully charged, the process will take longer and be difficult to perform.
  • Put your device in the charging slot and then wait until the Buds press up. When the product is fully charged, then proceed to the next steps.
  • You then continue to open the Galaxy Wearable app available on your mobile phone and scroll down until you go over the line that says “headphones”.
  • So you’ve gone through the necessary steps to reset, finally just tap on the option that says “reset headphones.”
  • Then the interface will send you a message asking to confirm that it will reset. Now tap on confirmation so your headphones will be reset and you’ve solved the problem. Some ways to reinstall Galaxy buds plus also happens very easily through simple steps.

If normally when using the app to reinstall, it will take a lot of space and time. Instead people will use the manual method to reset this product. Compared to using an app, the manual method is of course safer, more convenient and faster.

One caveat that you need to know is that the factory reinstall process will have to erase all data from your Buds’ storage. This means that everything you previously downloaded or stored will be completely lost, so think twice before taking this step. Then users will also have to manually re-pair with each other device because after resetting it like returning to its original position, it stops recognizing your galaxy buds.

How to reset galaxy buds manually

The ways to reinstall galaxy buds plus

Why do you need to know how to reset galaxy buds plus?

Although Samsung Buds is a new product line, much improved and always brings the best user experience. This is also one of the wireless Bluetooth headsets that most people love to use. However, any product will change over time. A reinstall can often solve problems caused by long usage as it restores the Galaxy Buds to factory default settings. If you are a user or a seller or you buy for anyone in your family, you should know the ways to reinstall galaxy buds plus. .

If the product is used for a long time without resetting, its service life will be significantly reduced. Besides, when galaxy buds plus is disconnected but you don’t know the ways to reinstall galaxy buds plus, it won’t work either. 

When to reset galaxy buds plus?

Resetting Galaxy buds plus is very necessary, but it is not always necessary to do this, but it also needs to be at the right time. Samsung Galaxy Buds is known as a wireless product that is the top choice in the world. However, it is not a perfect product and will have some disadvantages.

Galaxy buds are also likely to encounter problems when used and must be affected to be able to work again. There have been many incidents that have been reported by many people. Actually there are some cases where users need to reinstall the product. 

First, if it is working properly but it cannot connect to other devices than the previously connected device. Or it is possible that when connected to previous devices, but when disconnected, it cannot be reconnected. Suddenly not updating information for users also needs to be reset. Sound quality fades and doesn’t work. When encountering such problems, users need to know the ways to reinstall galaxy buds plus.

When to reset galaxy buds plus?

When to reinstall galaxy buds plus?

How to factory reset galaxy buds?

First, without starting a step at all, you need to press to hold the two sensors of the touch panel for about 6 seconds. The device will then automatically switch to pairing mode. If you still can’t connect to the device after doing so, you will need to do a factory reinstall. To be able to restore factory settings, you need to see if the pairs of galaxy buds match.

First do a simple reboot

This will only help you restore if you encounter problems related to connection problems. It’s like the Galaxy buds suddenly disconnecting while making calls or playing music.

To restart you need to plug your Galaxy puds into the slot corresponding to its charging case. Since it is the default option, leave it for 7 seconds.

Hard Reset or Force Reset

A common way to factory reset is to use the Galaxy Buds app for Apple iPhone. That’s the Galaxy Wearable app already installed on Android mobile devices that allows pairing. Then you need to delete all data from the app.

You will have to let the buds charge at least 15% before resetting. On the phone open the application and scroll down to select headphones and select tap reinstall. After selecting tap reset, tap reset. The user will then proceed to choose a completely new pairing. You have then completed the factory reset process. 


Galaxy buds plus promises to bring the best experience compared to the products you used before. However, no product is perfect. Therefore, there will still be some problems with this device from time to time. You don’t need to worry too much when encountering situations like inactivity or connection. The information shared about how to reset galaxy buds plus above will help you solve the problem quickly.

Hope that the information shared above will be useful for your understanding. If you have any questions that need to be answered, please comment below. 


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