How To Rename AirPods? Get Your Job Done On iOS & Android Devices

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Many users want their gadgets to be identifiable by giving them specific titles. Many manufacturers allow you to do so with simple steps.

This article will focus on how to rename AirPods on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and even Android devices. The key here is to take advantage of the Bluetooth connection and change the name of your earbuds on your devices.

Now, for the basic guides to renaming the earbuds, let’s follow our post and take some notes! 

How To Rename AirPods? 

Bluetooth connection enables you to adjust your earbuds’ settings. Thanks to this feature, you can change their current name in no more than three minutes. 

On Mac

This method works well on 1st Generation, 2nd Generation, Pro, and Max versions. Here are the instructions:

  • Access “System Preferences.” You may do so by choosing “System Preferences” from the Apple logo in the toolbar that runs across the top of the screen.
  • Tap on “Bluetooth.” It’s near the Bluetooth symbol in the second group of menu selections.
  • Select your AirPods by right-clicking them. They should be available under the “Devices” section. When you click it, a menu will pop up. 
  • To rename something, click “Rename.” It’s generally in the menu’s middle part. 
  • Select “Rename” and type in a new name. Before adding a new name, you may need to erase the old one. 

On iPhone and iPad

You can use this method for any iOS device (such as an iPhone, iPod, or iPad). Please follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings menu. This icon resembles the gear on a gray background. 
  • Toggle on Bluetooth. You should be able to view all of the surrounding accessible and connected gadgets, including your AirPods.
  • Tap the “i” icon, which is the circle icon on the right of your AirPods’ name. 
  • Replace the current name with a new one. You may have to erase its old name first.
  • Finally, tap “Done” to save and display the new name. 

Changing the name of your earbuds is a simple process

Changing the name of your earbuds is a simple process

Tips For Renaming AirPods 

Aside from the instructions discussed above, you can try some tips for particular situations, such as using your Android devices, PC, or resetting the earpieces.  

How to work on Android devices?

Renaming your AirPods is much easier if you use an Android device. You don’t even have to connect them to your phone for renaming. 

Here is how to do it:

  • Access “Settings” and choose “Connected Devices.” If you have paired them before, you can easily see them in the list of “Previously Connected Devices.”
  • Tap on the gear icon next to your earbuds’ name and choose the pencil icon. 
  • Erase the current name and type a new one. 

An Android device can also work

An Android device can also work 

How to work on a PC?

Linking your AirPods with your PC is possible if your device supports Bluetooth. Your PC may also modify and rename your paired earbuds when necessary.

You can do so by taking the following steps:

  • Access “Control Panel” -> “Hardware and Sound.”
  • Click on “Devices and Printers.”
  • Right-click on your earbuds’ name and choose “Properties.”
  • Access “Bluetooth” and type the new name. 

Change the button’s function.

AirPods are extensively customizable, including the ability to alter their name. From your paired iPhone, you adjust how the buttons on your earpieces work. 


If your earbuds are still showing up on other gadgets with the original name, reset them and rename them again. 

The instructions on resetting your earpieces are as follows:

  • Put the AirPods in their charging case and wait for 30 seconds.
  • Open the case.
  • Choose “Forget This Device” on your phone to unpair the connection with your earbuds.
  • Press and hold the power button of your earbuds’ case for 15 seconds while the lid is open. The LED will flash amber and white.
  • Now, you have successfully reset the earpieces. Try the steps in the previous sections to rename them. 

For a visual explanation, please check this video:

Why Should You Rename Your AirPods? 

There are two reasons why you may want to change the name of your earbuds:

Easy identification

We use the name to identify and memorize things. As a result, naming your items can quickly help you point them out.

This idea is especially true for those who have more than one pair of headsets. Thanks to the different names, you can connect your earpieces to your devices. 

Many Bluetooth devices connect

It might be challenging to keep track of your devices’ connection with so many Bluetooth-enabled gadgets to attach, from your car’s stereo, your noise-canceling headsets to your living room loudspeaker.

Hence, renaming gadgets like your earpieces might assist you in avoiding getting them confused again.

There are several reasons for renaming the earbuds

There are several reasons for renaming the earbuds

See more:

Why Can’t You Rename Your AirPods? 

You can blame it for the connection errors, outdated software, or intervene if you can’t change the title of your earpieces. 

There are some solutions to this problem:

Solution 1: Reset your earbuds or devices

The first method to try is to reset your gadgets. In most cases, the earbuds’ malfunctioning connectivity leads to this problem.

However, if you try resetting the buds and the connection still fails, reset your devices (phones or Mac) too. 

Solution 2: Forget the earbuds on your devices

Allow your devices to connect to your earpieces one more time. You can access the Bluetooth option, choose the name of your earpieces, and tap on “Forget This Device.” 

Can You Rename Someone Else’s AirPods? 

Owners of this item can change the name to anything else at any moment, whether it has a default title.

Resetting the earbuds and deleting them from your Apple ID are both necessary steps in switching ownership. 

This process is simple and allows somebody to use them with complete authority, but both of you can’t connect to them simultaneously. 


Renaming Airpods is an easy task that you can do within a few minutes. If you have any problems, try the solutions we’ve discussed and follow the instructions. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for your interest in the article!


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