How To Pair Taotronics Bluetooth Headphones? Guides & Tips

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Currently, Bluetooth headsets are no longer a new device when there are various options of all prices and quality on the market. Taotronics headset is one of those unique options.

So, how to pair Taotronics Bluetooth headphones? The following article will provide you with helpful information on this topic.

Regardless of the method you follow, you still need to ensure the sequences:

  • Reset headphones
  • Make the connection
  • Check the sensitivity

For more details, keep reading below!


How To Pair Taotronics Bluetooth Headphones

Taotronics Headphones

Taotronics Headphones

If you have never connected your device to a Bluetooth headset, here are the steps you can take:

Reset headphones

You will run into trouble if you try to connect multiple Bluetooth headsets to the same device simultaneously. Because some headset models support connecting multiple headphones at the same time, others do not.

Therefore, for more convenience, you should delete the pairing history on the device. Specifically, the steps are as follows:

  • First, go to Bluetooth Settings. Here, you will see a list of previously connected devices. All you need to do is delete those connections asking your device.
  • Alternatively, you can also factory reset the headset instead of the device settings. Some Taotronic headsets support this adjustment when equipping the product with a multi-function touch control button.

When you press and hold this key for 10 seconds, you can return your headset to its original state.

Make the connection

Once the barriers are removed, you can now begin the connection process.

  • First, you need to turn on the pairing mode of the headset. Some models of Taotronics headphones, such as Sound Liberty 79, will automatically turn on when you open the cover of the charging case.

Some other headset models require you to press the button for a few seconds until you hear the message “Pair.”

At this time, the white and blue indicator lights will flash, indicating that the headset is ready to connect to the transmitters.

  • After performing the operations on the headset, you need to switch to the settings on your device. Usually, you need to select Settings, Connection, and select “Bluetooth.”
  • At this point, your device will start scanning for Bluetooth transmitters within range and will display their names on the screen.

If you have Bluetooth connectivity enabled on your headset, you will see the product’s name in the list.

Check the sensitivity

Once connected, you should recheck the sound quality to determine if the connection is successful. Typically, Taotronics headphones connect quite stably, providing consistent sound quality. You have the best audio experience with headphones from this brand.

How To Pair Taotronics Bluetooth Headphones To PC

Pair Taotronics To PC

Pair Taotronics To PC

To switch the Bluetooth headset connection from your phone to your computer, you need to do the following simple steps:

  • First, similar to the steps above, you need to activate the pairing mode of the Taotronics headset.
  • Next, at the Menu bar of your PC, select the “Bluetooth” icon. When you select “Open Bluetooth Preferences,” your PC will redirect you to a list of available devices at the time of connection, including your headset.
  • Finally, simply select “Connect” to pair Taotronics with your PC.

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Why Is My Bluetooth Headphone Not Connecting?

Why Is My Bluetooth Headphone Not Connecting

Why Is My Bluetooth Headphone Not Connecting?

Sometimes, the process of connecting devices is not as easy as above. Some problems may occur that prevent you from finding the device name in the list or similar difficulties. The cause of the problem can come from:

Taotronics is connecting to another transmitter.

As mentioned, some headphones do not support connecting multiple devices at once. Simply disconnect your device’s Bluetooth settings to return the headset to its original pairing mode to solve this problem.

The product’s battery is weak

When the battery is exhausted, the product cannot function properly. Even if you try to turn on the device in this case, the battery level can drop to 0% in a short time. All you need to do at this point is recharge the battery.

Taotronics is not compatible with your device

Some of the latest Taotronics product models use Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. If your phone or computer does not support this latest technology, you will not pair the two devices successfully.


The frequency of the wireless data transmission method may affect each other. Wifi, NFC is among the signal sources that can cause transmission interference.

Therefore, if you have the above troubles but still cannot successfully connect to the device, you should disable NFC and wifi.


Connecting wireless devices to phones and laptops is not complicated, but it is undoubtedly inevitable that problems may occur.

However, with the instructions above, how to pair Taotronics Bluetooth headphones has never been a problem.  All you need to do is follow the correct steps and enjoy the great sound Taotronics offers.


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