How To Pair Mpow Headphones? Guide For Newbies

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With the desire to direct users to new experiences and better sound quality, the manufacturer has launched Mpow headphones. The product meets the needs of young people and working people, so it is pretty popular on the market today.

When approaching Mpow, many people were worried about how to pair the headset correctly? For the above reason, our article will show how to pair Mpow headphones through the steps below.

The implementation process is straightforward. Therefore, it will not be difficult for all ages to use. Scroll down for more details!

How To Pair Mpow Headphones?

How to pair Mpow headset

How to pair Mpow headset

The headset can be available for both smartphones and laptops. So we will show you how to make each specific device.

With a smartphone

Step 1: put the headset into pairing mode.

You will set the power button to 3 seconds the first time you connect the headset to the device. 

It will show pairing when you power it on. For headphones connected to another device, press the power button for 7 seconds, and you will hear an audible tone.

Step 2: Turn on Bluetooth

Always leave discovery mode on your smartphone when using Bluetooth. If there is no transfer, the connection will fail.

Next, click the new device pairing option in Bluetooth settings. The step can take a few seconds, and you will then see the headset in the device list.

Step 3: Choose Mpow headphones 

The name of the item to be selected is precisely the headset’s name. Therefore, if you get a window showing the product name, press the pair.

Step 4: Receives a connected notification.

After doing the above steps entirely and accurately, the user receives a connected notification on the smartphone.

We have carefully tested the process, so it may be because of the wrong sequence of steps when you fail to connect successfully. There are some other reasons, and we will cover them in more detail in the section below the article.

With a laptop

With a laptop

With a laptop

  • Step 1: Before connecting, make sure to turn on the power button on the right side. Check the tool is fully charged or low on battery. 
  • Step 2: Then turn off the power button as you will need to hold the red button Mpow for it to show blue. Keep pressing the switch so that the light flashes blue. It means Mpow is in the pairing mode.
  • Step 3: Click on the gear icon (settings) on the laptop. On the setting window, the device folder appears.
  • Step 4: Continue to click on devices. It redirects you to Bluetooth & other devices. It would help if you opened the button for it to show the headset pairing mode.

If there is no Bluetooth part, there is an error in the steps. You can check the device manager to fix this error.

  • Step 5: Click on add Bluetooth or other devices; it will appear to add a device dialog box.
  • Step 6: Finally, select the Bluetooth part. After a few seconds of searching. You need to click on it one more time to confirm the connection. 

Then, the bottom corner will set up a device. That means you have connected the headset.

Maybe when looking at the process, the steps are pretty cumbersome. But don’t be too afraid because the operation on the laptop only takes about 4-5 minutes. Or maybe earlier if you already understand it in depth.

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We’ve rounded up and answered some of the most frequently asked questions for your reference. Don’t skip any because it might be more useful to you.

Why won’t the Mpow headset connect?

Although the headphone connection process is not too complicated, there are still some cases where the Mpow connection fails. So what is the cause? The answer is due to the structure of your laptop or smartphone.

If the device cannot use Bluetooth data, the connection will fail. Then you can fix it by deleting the phone connection records. Then restart the headset pairing mode to search and pair.

How do you reset the Mpow headset?

To reset the Mpow, you can refer to the following steps:

  • Put the headset in charging case after turning it off
  • Press and hold “power”
  • When you see a red light and the white light flashing at that time, you switch to pairing the device through Bluetooth settings
  • After that, you wait for a  second, the blue light of the Bluetooth blinks.
  • Check whether the Mpow has been on the device or not is complete.

Why are the Mpow Flashing blue?

A blinking blue light on the device means it is in the pairing mode and needs to be to your device. The condition comes from holding down the power button longer after turning it on. 

The way to prevent the problem from happening is to turn the headset immediately after seeing the enhanced tone.

Next, relax your hand because if you hold it long during the boost, it will register a single press and start pairing. 

If you are already in the pairing mode but, unfortunately, turn it on again, hold down the power button to turn off the headphones and turn them back on.


Using Mpow headphones is a great experience and worth a try if you’ve never used them. The sound that the product brings is exceptionally high quality.

Therefore, you may consider buying a set of Mpow headphones. The connection process will not be complicated if you are willing to learn and research it.

While in use, there are minor technical errors. I hope you calmly solve those problems. We are always here and ready to help you with any difficulty. 

I hope this article brings you helpful information and knowledge.

Thank you for reading!


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