How To Pair Jaybird Headphones? 4 Methods To Get Your Job Done

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Jaybird products are famous for their ability to deliver crisp sound. But how to pair Jaybird headphones with your gadgets? 

The method differs from device to device. The general rule is to activate the Bluetooth mode of your phone or laptop and let it search for your headset.

We will explain the instructions on each gadget in detail. Let’s read through, and you can enjoy your music at ease!  

How To Pair Jaybird Headphones? 

You can quickly connect your headsets to your PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices. All the methods are simple. 


To enjoy music on your PC and Jaybirds, please follow these steps: 

  • Click the “Start” button in the lower-left corner of your desktop screen.
  • Choose the “Settings’ ‘option in the menu. This section has a gear shape. It will show a display with different setting options for connecting external devices when selected.
  • Choose “Devices” on the top of the display. 
  • Tap on “Add Bluetooth or other devices” to access a section where your PC can look for Bluetooth devices.
  • Press the button of your headphones and hold for four seconds. The indicator light will blink to inform that your headset is now in pairing mode so that Windows can detect it.
  • You can see a list of available Bluetooth devices to connect. 
  • Make sure that your PC also has an enabled Bluetooth connection. By choosing the “Bluetooth and other devices” option, you can do it. Then, toggle the Bluetooth switch to the left side. 
  • Choose the title of your headphones.
  • Once done, the wireless search menu will close, and your headphones can pair with your PC.


The instructions for connecting Jaybirds and your Mac are as follows:

  • Click on the “Bluetooth” icon on the lower-right corner of your desktop to access the Apple menu.
  • Select “System Preferences” -> “Bluetooth.”
  • Press the button of your headphones and hold for four seconds. The indicator light will blink to inform that your headset is now in pairing mode so that your Mac can detect it.
  • Click on your headset name in the list of available devices. 
  • Click on “Connect” -> “Accept” to complete pairing your headphones with your Mac.


There are two ways to connect your Jaybird headsets to your iPhone. 

You may begin by downloading the Jaybird App. Then, use this app to connect to the headphones and adjust volume settings and EQ.

Another method is to do this task manually. You can pair your iPhone with your headphones by switching them off then turning them on while holding the power button for four seconds.

The indicator light on the headset will begin blinking red and green, signaling that it is ready to connect.

To establish the connection, go to the Bluetooth settings of your iPhone you wish to connect to and follow the pairing steps.


The process of connecting headsets to your Android device is similar to that of working with your iPhones. You can download the app or pair them manually. 

For the first method, go to your phone’s Play Store to download the Jaybird app. Then, follow its instructions.

Otherwise, activate the Bluetooth mode of your phone and turn on your headset. Your phone now can look for a wireless connection. 

Finally, click on the name of your headset in the list of available options to pair with your phone. 

You can use the same method for iPhone and Android

You can use the same method for iPhone and Android

Why Are My Jaybirds Not Connecting? 

Sometimes you may experience this issue. There are 3 possibilities for the case.

The device is out of range.

The maximum range of wireless headsets is often 33 feet. If your device stays further than this range, it can’t connect to the headsets. 

To solve the problem, make sure that your targeted gadget and headphones should be close to each other. Also, remain in the consistent range during your listening.

You can learn more about the Bluetooth range from this video. 

Your device is not in pairing mode.

Setting your gadget in the pairing mode is the first thing to do if you want it to work with your headsets. Check this issue when your connection fails. 

Make sure your gadget is in its pairing mode

Make sure your gadget is in its pairing mode 

Why Do My Jaybirds Keep Saying “Connected?” 

If your headset keeps saying “Connected,” it may be working with another paired gadget. In this case, you can isolate your headset by turning off the Bluetooth mode of the paired item. 

How To Reset Jaybirds? 

Users often reset their headphones when there is any problem with the connection. Here is how you do it:

  • Turn off your headset.
  • Press the power button and hold it for 8 seconds until the LED light flashes red and green. 
  • Double press the button. Then, the LED will blink rapidly and hear a double note. Now, you’ve reset your headset successfully. 

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Connecting the Jaybird headset to your devices is an easy task. You can complete it within a few minutes. 

Even if you have some problems with the connections, such as the headsets can’t connect or keeps saying “connected”, our guide can help.

Hopefully, you will have a great time enjoying your music. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading! 


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