How to make headphones louder: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Headphones not loud enough is a very common problem. In fact, I get a lot of emails from people asking me how to fix these problems. We wrote this article about how to make headphones louder.

After buying a headset and using it for a while, you will face a few problems like your headphones do not sound as great as they used to or your  is already set at the maximum level, but your headphones do not provide sufficient sound. Therefore, through this article, I will give you some ways to make your headphones sound better and louder.

  • Removing volume limits on your headphones
  • Do not  miss Volume Boosting Apps
  • Try a headphone amplifier
  • Cleaning Your Headphones
  • Adjust EQ settings
  • Buy a new headphone

If you are playing computer games, watching movies, videos or listening to music on your phone, then this article is really essential for you. Here are some of the best answers for you.

Removing volume limits on your headphones

Sometimes, all you need to do is remove the volume limit on your device. In fact, the law has set the volume limit on MP3 players and smartphones to 120 decibels for the US and 85 decibels for Asian countries. However, you can get up to 100 decibels on your Android device if you are residing in Europe. All you need to do is turn off the volume warning bar that pops up when you try to maximize the volume of your phone. 

On windows pc, you can do the same thing by downloading Quiet On The Set and running it.

How to make headphones louder

Do not  miss Volume Boosting Apps

If you have tried removing volume limits but the results are still not satisfactory, is it time to try volume booster apps? Whether you use Android, iPhone or Windows, there are great volume booster apps that you can use to make your headphones louder. Here are some of the best volume booster apps for each operating system that you can use.

  • Android: Volume Booster Pro, Volume Booster Sound Equalizer – By MixIT Studio, Dub Music Player – Audio Player & Music Equalizer, etc.
  • IOS: Equalizer Pro Volume Booster, SonicMax Pro Music Volume Booster, Equalizer + (Music Player Volume Quality Booster), etc
  • Windows: Equalizer Pro, DFX Sound Enhancer, Breakaway Audio Enhancer, etc.

Try a headphone amplifier? 

It is true to say that headphones are, in essence, just speakers. Practically all speakers require an amplifier. For home speakers, you can improve the sound when combining them with a great amplifier. Likewise, your headphones can also improve in sound when they are paired with a headphone amplifier. 

In fact, the power from the amplifier inside mobile devices may not be enough to bring out the full effect of the headset. By using an external headphone amp, you will make your headphones sound louder. Especially, you will be amazed by the in-depth music detail, better dynamic range as well as improved clarity you will be able to hear. 

How to make headphones louder

Through the dimensions and size of your headphone, you will know whether you can use a headphone amp. Typically, with most earbuds and in-ear headphones, you are less likely to benefit from a headphone amplifier. However, if you use larger on-ear and over-ear headphones, you will get better results when combining them with an amplifier.

There are many great headphone amplifiers that you can easily buy in the market. If you are looking for an entry priced amp, the FiiO E10K USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier is a great choice for you. The fact of the matter is that for 100 dollars, you can absolutely own great amplifiers.

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Cleaning Your Headphones

Sometimes you just need to clean the headphones and they’ll be back to perfect condition. In fact, you always increase the heat in your ear canal whenever you use headphones and that leads to more wax and oil. When  these oils or wax get to your headphones (or earphones), they can block the mesh screens that cause  the sound to fade off. They also expose your ears to bacteria.

Therefore, I recommend that you clean your headphones regularly to avoid dust, wax, or oil from accumulating on your headphones. Nowadays, you can easily clean most headphones using soapy water or hydrogen peroxide. 

In addition, you may need some other supplies such as cleaning cloths, paper towels, and a clean, dry toothbrush. Before you start cleaning your headphones, you should also check their manual for special cleaning instructions, if any. Here, I will provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to clean your headphones:

  •  Remove and clean the ear tips

You will start by taking the ear tips out and soaking them in warm soapy water for about five to ten minutes. You need to use a Q-tip / cotton swab to remove any earwax that may have accumulated on the inner part of the earring. Next, use hydrogen peroxide with a soft cloth to wipe them and let them dry.

  • Clean the earbuds

You need to hold your  headphones with the mesh facing downwards, meanwhile, use a dry toothbrush to gently brush the mesh of the headphones. Next, moisten a cloth with hydrogen peroxide and wipe the earbuds after brushing the ear bud’s mesh. Do not forget to use the paper towel to dry them immediately afterwards. In addition to hydrogen peroxide, you can also use other alternatives such as alcohol or hand sanitizer.

Note: You should not wet the cloth as it may damage your headphones. That is why I always recommend using a damp cloth to clean the headphones, especially the mesh area.

Adjust EQ settings

You may also want to consider checking the EQ settings on your own. In fact, these settings are sometimes “optimized” by the manufacturer for a standard listening experience. 

For iOS devices, you can find a list of different EQ settings, depending on the environment or genre.

Android devices also have EQ settings that you can tweak until you get what you need. You can find the EQ controls at the Advanced Sound settings under the Sounds and Vibration menu. Android devices are provided with treble, bass, vocals, and instrument settings to be more precise with your levels. However, you can also adjust the decibel level and genre presets for louder volume.

Buy a new headphone

If you’ve tried all of the above and you are still not satisfied, it is time to buy yourself a new pair of headphones. Believe me, buying a new headset can be like buying another electronic product. That means you can completely face a lot of misinformation and you can get ripped off if you are not careful.

How to make headphones louder

There are thousands of models of headphones from different brands on the market, finding one with the specs you desire can be a tougher search than you think. In addition to producing good sound, a good headset must have various features such as Bluetooth connectivity, inline microphone, noise isolation. Buying a high-end headphone can be an expensive method, right? However, if you choose the right item, it will be well worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I clean my Headphones

How often you should clean your headphones varies according to different factors. On average, you should clean your headphones once a month.

2. Are there any good headphone amplifiers for under $100?

Yes. You can easily find a good headphone amplifier for under $100.

3. Does Volume Boosting Apps really work?

You can easily find the best Volume Boosting Apps available today like Volume Booster Pro, Equalizer Pro, Equalizer Pro Volume Booster, and more.

4. When should you think about buying a new headset?

When you’ve tried all the ways and still don’t get the results you want, it’s time to replace your headphones.


Well, thanks for reading this article. Hope this article is useful for you. I also recommend always keeping the volume to a tolerable level so that hearing is not compromised. If you have any question about “How to make headphones louder“, don’t forget to leave it in the comments below.,


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