How to Get Workclock Headphones? Best Guide for You!

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Owning Roblox workclock headphones is no easy feat. How do you get workclock headphones? What should you do? Check it out below!

If you’ve ever been a gamer in Roblox, you’ve probably heard of workclock headphones. To be able to receive this headset is not easy. So, how to get workclock headphones? What should you do for the best? Following the shares in this article will help you have this special headset!

What are Workclock headphones?

Many people are wondering about this. This headset has something special that almost everyone wants to own.

If you are a game lover, you must have heard of the Clockwork Headphone. They are part of the Clockwork Headphone.

Roblox found that most people enjoyed using this type of headset. Because they have a sleek, clean, and eye-catching look.

Workclock headphones are part of the Clockwork Headphone

Workclock headphones are part of the Clockwork Headphone (Link)

The special design of the workclock headphones is also part of the attraction. If you want to own this headset you need a detailed plan.

How to get workclock headphones?

To make sure you can own this stylish headset, follow these instructions:

  1. Find out the sales history of headphones
  2. Prepare full Robux in the account
  3. Waiting for the time to sell
  4. Add to cart and checkout

Many people wish to be able to buy workclock headphones because these products are quite rare. They always find a way to limit the number of headphones released each year.

Moreover, Roblox is only open for sale once a year. Each time is only available for sale for a short time. This makes the already rare workclock even harder to buy.

Those who want to own this special headset must plan. The rest is down to luck.

How to get workclock headphones

To better capture the moment of sale, you need to understand how Roblox sells(Link)

Follow the detailed instructions below to increase product catch-up.

1. Find out the sales history

To better capture the moment of sale, you need to understand how Roblox sells. Based on these timelines, you can analyze and predict when to sell next.

While it’s not entirely accurate, it can increase your percentage of successful purchases.

  • Roblox was first discounted and sold in 2015 for 1337 Robux. Right on Black Friday.
  • In the following year 2016, they opened the sale of Workclock for a 4-day anniversary.
  • In 2017, they held another anniversary sale. But they are only open for sale for 24 hours.
  • In 2018, on Labor Day, they put headphones on sale for 12 hours.
  • By 2019 they have reduced the sale hours to 3 hours. And they are still making sales on the anniversary.

From the historical information, Roblox only sells headphones on specific days of the year.

Of course, they also only sell for a certain period. And that period is getting shorter and shorter. That is the chances of you being able to make a successful purchase are less and less.

After just one year, you can see that they have reduced the time limit from 12 hours to 3 hours. Chances are this year, and there will be only 1 or 2 hours left.

So it would help if you were especially careful at the time of anniversaries. Maybe millions of people are as interested in workclock headphones as you are.

To be able to buy it, you need to be ready to buy at any time. As long as it’s on the shelf, you can buy it right away.

2. Prepare full Robux in the account

To be able to buy goods, you need money to pay. This is true for other items, but not for workclock headphones.

What you take out to buy headphones is Robux. Usually, headphones will cost from 3000 Robux to 8000 Robux.

Prepare full Robux in the account


So filling your account with the ideal number will give you a better chance of winning. Do not be too subjective, and you can set Robux because the price of headphones can suddenly increase.

Preparing an excess of Robux can make you feel a lot more secure.

In some exceptional cases, the price of workclock headphones can go as low as 3000 Robux. However, not every sale is lucky.

3. Waiting for the time to sell

After considering the time for the product to open for sale and fully prepare Robux, you need to wait.

In the meantime, you should still focus on Roblox. What if they will make a surprise sale in a short time.

You should always put yourself in a ready position.

4. Add to cart and checkout

After you’ve set the right time for workclock headphones to go on sale, you need to buy quickly.

After payment, you will feel even better because now the workclock headphones you want are in your hands.

With 4 simple steps, these require facts and observability. You can get workclock headphones.

See more:

What is Robux?

One thing unique about Roblox is that they don’t sell workclock headphones in exchange for money. What you have to pay for is Robux.

Robux is a type of coin used to exchange and buy items through the game. They also want you to do the same to purchase products.

How to have Robux?

You can own Robux via a bank card to buy Robux. The process is as simple as adding money to the game as usual.


Workclock headphones are a convenient and eye-catching innovative tool. The important thing is that its rarity and difficulty in buying make more and more people crave it. So to own headphones, follow the steps I have already shown!


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