How To Fix Headphones No Sound? Most Common Cases & Solutions

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Headphones are must-have items for music lovers. When these tools don’t deliver sound properly, it affects your experience. So, how to fix headphones no sound

The most common solutions to fix are:

  • Check the settings
  • Restart your device
  • Clean the jacks

The right approach varies depending on the core issues and types of headphones. 

This article will go through the remedies for sound faults in your headset. We divide the faults into different cases so that you can follow them easier.

Let’s read on to discover them!

How To Fix Headphones No Sound? 

Headphone users may have the same problems with sound while playing their tracks. Here are the most common ways to tackle them.

Check your settings

Sometimes you may accidentally set the audio mode to one-ear or mute. Before trying any method, check the sound properties to ensure the mono and mute option is off.

Also, ensure that the voice volumes on both earphones are the same. You may verify this by heading to your laptop’s “Sounds” icon, choosing “Levels” and “Balance.” 

On both sides of your headphones, the voice volumes must be similar.

Restart your device

Relaunching your device is another easy repair you might try. This solution is beneficial if the problem arises shortly after a system update.

Check to see if you can listen appropriately after restarting your device or PC. If the headset is still only malfunctioning, check the sound settings on your device.

Clean the jacks

People carry their phones with them everywhere they go. Lint and debris can get stuck in the audio jack over time, affecting the sound quality. 

The connection between your headset jack and the port becomes loose as a result of this.

Your headphones may only play in one ear or don’t play at all when hooked into your device but operate well with other devices. In this case, you can clean the headset jack on your computer or phone. 

To clean the jack, you may loosen the debris with a sharp point. Then, sweep it out with the brush edge.

Three methods that can work with most headphones

Three methods that can work with most headphones 

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How To Fix Wired Headphones No Sound? 

The three methods above can work with most headphones. However, you can only use them with simple problems.

If you are using wired headphones, you may need other methods to solve the sound issues. The following techniques can help you handle this case.

Fix the broken wires

Some users rip away the headphone jack from their computers and phones when they’re in a hurry. Others unplug their headphones from their smartphones, simply tugging on the wire rather than the plastic base. 

When you unintentionally twist or bend the cord, your headphones may break down. Let’s follow the steps below to fix the problem:

  • Cut the plastic protective foundation around the headphone jack and the cord around it.
  • Identify and eliminate the part with the damaged wires.
  • Remove the plastic cable from one of the headphone cord’s ends.
  • Melt the cable’s insulation off using a lighter or a match for a few seconds.
  • Attach the wires to the headphone jack as shown in the diagram.
  • Use a heat-shrink pipe or electrical tape to seal the freshly attached part.

Fix the short wires

A shorted cable is another cause why headphones go wrong. This problem may arise from the wires being twisted or wrapped improperly. 

To detect and repair shorted headphone wires, follow the procedures following:

  • Play a video and audio file with your headphones plugged into your gadget.
  • Twist the headphone cord half an inch to find the shorts. 
  • Continue until you notice sound coming from your headphones.
  • Trim the cable’s damaged section.
  • Get the other headphone cord parts. To uncover the wires, you need to cut through both endpoints of the plastic cable.
  • Separate the colored, copper, and insulation wires.
  • Remove the insulation wires. 
  • Bend the copper wires to tie them.
  • Melt the enamel at the end of the colored wires.
  • Bend the colored lines together to connect them. Then, use the electrical tape to secure them.
  • Connect the ground wires that way and wrap them together. 
  • Make sure the ground wires do not come into contact with the colored ones.
  • Wrap a piece of electrical tape around the newly connected part.

You can blame the wires for the sound issues

You can blame the wires for the sound issues

How To Fix Wireless Headphones No Sound? 

You can avoid the headache of untangling knotted cables using Bluetooth headphones. 

These advantages, however, will not protect you from difficulties that may cause your headset to play incorrectly.


When your wireless headphones aren’t working, a simple factory reset may be all that’s necessary to get them operating again.

To reset your Bluetooth headphones, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the power button on the device.
  • Hold down until the led light on the headphone flashes red or blue. 
  • You may also use these instructions to reset your wireless earbuds, which are specific to each model.
  • Reconnect the headphones to your device.

Fix internal wire

You may start looking for broken or misplaced wires in the hardware. To repair wireless earbuds, try out these instructions:

  • Remove the case from the wireless device and open it.
  • Use a soldering iron to identify the damaged wires and reattach them. 
  • Replace the internal parts inside the chassis. 
  • Test by turning on your headphones and re-seal if everything is fine.

Resetting and fixing the internal wire

Resetting and fixing the internal wire can help solve the wireless headphones’ problems 

The Bottom Line 

You surely want to use your high-quality headphones for as long as possible. You can continue to use them to extend your tool’s lifespan even if you encounter some audio problems.  

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!


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