Complete Guide On How To Fix Headphone Hair

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For many people, audio headphones are probably an unfamiliar tool when working or listening to music. Wearing headphones on gives us a lot of great audio experiences.

However, when you wear headphones on your head, it will affect the aesthetics of your hair. Specifically, your headphone hair will appear flat lines brought by my headphones.

So, how to fix headphone hair?

Do not worry. In this article, we will give you some of the best solutions to fix headphone hair problems. All include methods like:

  • Use water spray
  • Use a hairdryer with water
  • Nourish your headphone hair with Gel
  • Use a hair straightener

Besides, we also provide a lot of tips to reduce headphone hair and some other information. To learn more about this issue, we invite you to this article!

What Is Headphone Hair?

What Is Headphone Hair?

What Is Headphone Hair? 

Most people with tall hair who use audio headphones regularly face a pretty severe headphone hair problem.

In general, the expression of headphone hair is the indentations on the top of your head, which are quite characteristic.

From there, your headphone hair will become unsightly and no longer have its original natural beauty. If the case is severe, it will take a while for you not to wear the headset again to fix it.

The cause of that damage is the headphone band of the headset when you wear your headphones on the top of your head, putting pressure on your hair. When the pressure is too long, the old hair will gradually fade, and your hair will not be shaped in a different direction.

In short, headphone hair brings quite a lot of trouble to your appearance. Therefore, it is essential to fix this phenomenon.

To learn the methods to fix it, you can go to the section below.


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How To Fix Headphone Hair

How To Fix Headphone Hair

How To Fix Headphone Hair 

In general, you can fix your headphone hair in many different ways. Below, we recommend some of the most straightforward solutions that anyone can adopt.


Use water to spread hair

Use water to spread hair 

Accordingly, what you need to prepare are only water and a hairbrush or water spray. Although water is only a temporary fix for outdoor situations, it will give your headphone hair a great deal of stability before you return home.


In this way, you will use water as a styling tool. Although many people think that water cannot shape headphone hair, that is not the case.

Accordingly, water can correct misaligned hair lines effectively. Even using water brings about a relatively quick and proud effect.

What’s more, water is an easy-to-find material so that you can deal with any situation for your hair, especially when you go out with headphones without any extra tools to fix your headphone hair.


To make your headphone hairdo with water, please adhere to the following conditions for the best effect:

  • Your headphone hair is in a dry state, and limit the amount of greasy hair or pre-wet hair.
  • If you use hair conditioners or sprays, the effect is not as high as the original hair.
  • Use clean, uncontaminated water because dirty water can make the condition worse.


Here, you can use a lot of ways to wet your hair. Typically, you can use your hands, comb your hair, etc., to be effective.

However, we do not recommend using your hands because it will be difficult for you to control the amount of water.

Instead, use a comb, brush, or better yet, a spray bottle of water. At that time, the tiny water droplets sprayed from the bottle will help smooth the hair of the headset without making your hair too wet and even out your hair.

After the process of spraying water drops on your hair, start brushing your headphones in the direction you love. You can correct puffy areas of hair caused by wearing headphones.

Finally, when your hair is dry again, headphones hair will automatically straighten and improve much more than at the beginning.

Use a dryer

Use a dryer for your earphone hair

Use a dryer for your earphone hair 

If you have all the tools similar to using water but don’t have a hairbrush, brush, or spray bottle at the office, you can completely replace them with a hairdryer.


Regarding this case, we find the implementation similar to case one. The two differ only in a few operations.

In principle, you also make the headphones hair with water. To quickly achieve the effect and not wet the scalp, we will use a hairdryer.


First, you need to wet that dented hair with water or wet tissue. With this step, you can use your hands to collect water directly on your hair. Because you also have a drying step, it’s okay to over-wet it.

Next, use a hairdryer to dry your hair. During the drying process, always make sure to move your hair. Accordingly, this step will make your hair come out in the dents affected by the headset.

Finally, if your hair is quite dry, then stop drying your hair and start correcting your hairline.

Alternatively, you can replace your hair dryer with a high-pressure dryer at your office. Sometimes high-pressure drying is even more effective than conventional dryers.


Using Gel for earphones hair is an effective way

Using Gel for earphones hair is an effective way 

Those who love to do hair and beauty are indeed no strangers to hair styling gels.

If you are a regular audio headphones user, then equipping a bottle of hair styling gel is extremely necessary.

This product is also known as the secret weapon for the fight against hair loss caused by audio headphones. In other words, the headphone hair phenomenon that you are experiencing.

Many people have used this method to support their hair and image when they wear headphones regularly, especially gamers and music makers because they always want to appear correctly in front of fans.


If you use water to overcome the consequences that headphones bring to your hair, with Gel, you will not do so.

Specifically, you use Gel to prevent headphone hair and the phenomenon of dented hair caused by headphones from happening.

Accordingly, you only need a small amount of hair gel, and you can completely control your headphone hair phenomenon.

What’s more, if your hair was greasy before, the Gel can still help fix this. In addition, the use of this product also brings vitality to your hair and prevents headphone hair loss.


In general, the way to swipe the Gel is also quite simple and easy to do. You can spray the solution on your hair and then use your hands to smooth your hair into place, or you can use a comb to comb your hair.

However, you must be careful not to use too much because your hair will become more unnatural at the top of your head.

Because each brand will have a different expression, we can’t give you specific instructions. For best results, see the instructions on the gel bottle and follow them.

Use a hair straightener

Use a hair straightener

Use a hair straightener 

Finally, a solution that is also quite common to fix the headphone hair situation is how to use a hair straightener.

Because a straightener is a familiar tool to help smooth hair, you can use it to style your hair.

However, this is not suitable for people who curl their hair or have curly hair. If your hairstyle is unique and not straight, then you should not use this device.

In addition, for those with long hair, using a straightener is not a good solution because you will feel very inconvenienced during the straightening process. If you are unskilled, then your hair can get worse.


In general, the principle of the press is quite simple. With this method, you will use heat to fix your smooth hairstyle.

In terms of efficiency, the straightener delivers a quick result. From there, this tool helps you save time and effort for straightening your hair.

In terms of speed, this method is the fastest of all the methods above.

In addition to a press, you do not need any additional tools, so you can thoroughly apply the above method at work or home.


About how to do it, you just need to follow the correct operation of the straightener for the folded hair caused by your headphones.

In addition, please be careful in adjusting the temperature for your hair to avoid headphone hair and burning hair.

To be on the safe side, you can ask someone else to help straighten your hair.

Minimizing Headphone Hair

Fixing the headphone hair error is a necessity. However, the critical issue is not the remedy but the depreciation of this situation.

Here are some tips to help you prevent headphone hair in the best way that you must know:

Use styling headphones

Use styling headphones might be a good idea

Use styling headphones might be a good idea 

Although headphones can mess up your hair, this tool can ultimately become a fantastic hairstylist if you know how to use them, especially for those with long hair at the back of your head.

Accordingly, you will use your headset to replace your headphone band for your bun. It is a pretty stylish hairstyle that every woman should experience. Or you can take advantage of the headband to highlight the girl’s ponytail.

In general, the hairstyle associated with audio headphones is quite diverse. You can search for them in some other articles to get a better understanding.

Choose a different hairstyle

Try to choose a short hairstyle to avoid headphone hair

Try to choose a short hairstyle to avoid headphone hair 

Instead of having to suffer from headphones ruining your hair, why not opt ​​for a headphone-friendly hairstyle?

Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Curved, curvy style
  • Honeycomb hair
  • Cut hair shorter than headphones

With the right hairstyle like this, you can wear your headphones all day without worrying about your hair. Because at this point, the hair is almost directly associated with your headphones.

Change the length of your hair

The above method is quite suitable for people with little hair or bald heads. Many people are willing to sacrifice their hair for work with their headphones.

The first solution is that they will keep their hair long and tie it in a neat ponytail. In addition, a bun or braid hairstyle is also suitable for working with headphones.

For cool guys, they often choose to prevent headphone hair by shaving their heads. In addition to supporting headphones, that hairstyle also keeps you cool and comfortable.

Change the headphone band of the audio headset

Under this option, you can move the headset’s ribbon forward or backward, which is fine. You can flex the position of the headphone band to avoid headphone hair flattening in one spot.

If you move the headset evenly around your hair, the appearance of dents will be much less than socks.

Regularly remove headphones

Alternatively, you can fix headphones by removing your headphones on a regular basis. Not only will this help prevent headphone hair fall, but it will also give your ears a break and adjust.

However, having to remove headphones hair often can be distracting and also somewhat inconvenient.

Invest in quality headphones

If your job requires contact with headphones for a long time, I recommend that you equip yourself with a quality audio headset.

Currently, the design of the new generation headphones is modern and improved. Typical layouts are like this: instead of wearing headphones on the head, you will wear them below the neck.

Then, undoubtedly your hair will no longer be affected by audio headphones.


In addition to the above information, there are many questions about the headset hair that no one has answered. So, we’ll give you answers to some of the most common questions:

Can headphones cause hair loss?

In some cases, your hair is weak; wearing audio headphones for a long time can cause your hair loss. Or poor-quality headphones that compress the hair. If you take it off, it may cause hair loss.

But in general, wearing headphones does not affect your hair loss much, so you can rest assured about that.

What remedies can I use to fix it?

As we said, you have many ways to fix the problem of headphone hair – for example, some of the suggestions above.

To get the most out of it, be sure to define your needs in advance. Only then will you choose the solutions that are reasonable to your conditions.

Which method is best for me?

Each of the above methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on each person’s situation, there will be different methods.

However, if you want perfection and fast, you can choose to use Hair Gel. Although that way is expensive, you will have a pretty incredible experience, and it will be worth it.


Through this article, we hope you will have solutions for your headphone hair problem.

Now choose your way and start following us for the best experience with your headphones.

If you have any questions about the topic “how to fix headphone hair”, please contribute below to answer and fix them as quickly as possible.

Do not forget to share the article with family and friends if you find the information we provide usefully.

Thanks for reading!

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