How to fix echo in headphones easier and faster

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Echo in headphones will make users feel highly uncomfortable. It can give listeners a headache. How do you need to fix echo in headphones? Let’s see!

Sound is something that can have a huge impact on each of us. Especially annoying noises in headphones. The echo is one of the reasons why you want to get rid of them right away. So, the method to fix echo in headphones easily and effectively? We will share the best tips with everyone!

The method to fix echo in headphones easier

To make the echo repair process in headphones more convenient, follow these steps:

  • Unplug and replug your headphones
  • Lower the volume on the speaker
  • Try moving the microphone around
  • Turn off the microphone when you do not use
  • Make sound settings on the device
  • Switch to another device

Headphones are useful tools to help you receive a sound at a closer distance. It also enables you to ensure privacy when you want to use sound in a crowded place.

Headphones are useful tools to help you

Headphones are useful tools to help you

However, the echo appearing close to our ears is really not good. So you need to remove them for better sound quality.

Follow the detailed instructions below for how to fix audio echo in headphones:

1. Unplug and replug your headphones

The first step is also the simplest. Would you please unplug the headphone jack when it emits an echo? Then slowly plug the headphone jack back in properly.

In the world of technology, many unexpected and random things can happen. So you can change to another audio connection port.

It is possible that the old audio port has a bit of a problem and you have successfully echoed.

2. Reduce the volume on the speaker

When some speakers get too loud, they can’t handle the fluctuations themselves. All you need to do is reduce the sound to a moderate level.

3. Move the Microphone around

When the reflections occur between the sounds, they will not be the same as the original, but become distorted. It may cause echoes in the headphones.

In the case of headphones with a microphone, you need to move the microphone around to avoid reflections.

4. Turn off the microphone when not in use

Sometimes the noise and echo in your headphones come from your microphone.

The microphone can capture noise from the outside into it and create echoes in the headset.

To avoid a similar situation, it is best to turn off the microphone when not in use.

5. Make sound settings on the device

Your connected device can also be the cause of the echo in the headset. If your connected device is a computer, you can adjust the sound by following these instructions:

Make sound settings on the device

Headphones are useful tools to help you 

  • Turn off the “Microphone Boost” option.
  • In the “Recording” tab, select “Audio Settings” to find the microphone echo settings for the headset.
  • Go to “Properties”
  • Select the “Level” setting
  • Turn off the “Microphone booster” option.

After performing these steps, check your headset for echo or not.

6. Switch to another device

If you perform the above steps and your headset still appears echo, there will be 3 cases:

  • The device you are connecting has a sound problem
  • Your headset has a problem
  • Your headset and device are not compatible

Use your headset to connect to other devices.

Turn on the sound and start listening. If there is no echo, there is a problem with your device or the two products are not compatible.

If, on the contrary, you still see echo, you still see echo, your headset has a problem

At this point, replacement is the safest and best solution.

If both your device and your headset have problems, you should take them to repair or replace them. The problems will be easier to solve at an early stage.

How to fix a slight echo in headphones on win 10?

Sometimes the echo problem is not coming from your headphones. Your transmitter may be having trouble in the settings.

Some people who use computers with Windows 10 complain that they have changed many different headsets but still have echoes. If you’re experiencing the same issue, follow the instructions to resolve the issue:

Listen to this device

This is the primary problem that some current Windows 10 computers often encounter. This choice can cause echo in headphones.

This feature can cause echo in headphones

This feature can cause echo in headphones 

You can remove it by:

  • Go to settings find the speaker icon “Sound”
  • In the taskbar, click the “Recording” tab
  • In that tab, continue to select “Stereo Mix” and click on “Properties”
  • In the “Stereo Mix” window, click the “Listen” tab on the toolbar
  • Make sure there is no checkmark on “Listen to this device”
  • Click “OK” to complete all changes

This process absolutely works and many people have done it successfully.

Disable all enhancement

The sound enhancement feature in Windows 10 is an interesting feature. But if your headphones are not compatible, it can create annoying echoes.

The sound enhancement feature can create annoying echoes

The sound enhancement feature can create annoying echoes

If you’ve made the change above, but it still doesn’t prevent echo from appearing. You can continue with the following instructions:

  • Launch Control Panel from the Start Menu. (You can also find it via the desktop search engine.)
  • Click on “Sound”
  • Double-click “Speakers” to open its properties
  • The dialog box opens and selects the “Enhancements” tab
  • Now, tick “Disable all enhancement”
  • Click “OK” to complete the process.

How to fix echo in headphones Android?

Connecting the headset to the phone may also appear as echo status. Whether it’s on a phone call or listening to music, it can happen.

Following these instructions will help you prevent echo:

  • When you make a phone call and an echo appears, you can hang up and call back. It is possible that at the beginning of the call, the connection was unstable. Starting another call can improve the connection.
  • If you use a smartphone, turn off any noise cancellation in call settings. These features, however, have many uses. But sometimes, they are the cause of echo.
  • Recheck the phone’s speaker. Sometimes the cause of echo will come from external physical factors. It is possible that the phone speaker is wet or has a lot of dirt.

Paying attention to and taking care of hardware components will also help reduce the likelihood of echoes.

Why is my headset echoing?

Actually, in the process of using it sometimes, you do not even notice this. Echoes can often occur without you noticing or noticing.

However, when the echo variable is larger than now, almost all measures do not affect it.

Ly liou do not even notice this

Ly liou do not even notice this 

Echo appears in the headset due to the reflection or delay of the sound. For example, when you finish speaking and your voice echoes later.

I’ll bet you most people on the other end of the line don’t hear the echo like you do.

Especially when you talk on the phone, it only takes 25 to 55 milliseconds for them to appear echo.

See more:

What should you do to avoid echo appearing in the headphones?

Echo is a phenomenon that occurs with most headphones with a mic. It is possible that your mic has a problem or external factors.

Here are some measures to help you avoid echo appearing:

Noise reduction

If the mic and headphones are too noisy, you should move somewhere else. Ambient noises may appear on the mic.

The continuous reception of noise and opposite reflections between the sound waves causes the sound to become more distorted.

Of course, you should correct this situation by reducing background noise.

Regularly clean headphones

Headphones are the best live audio transmission tool. During use, it is inevitable that there will be stains on you.

Removing dirt will remove the most fundamental barriers on the vocal membrane. A clean, ventilated surface will help the sound to transport much better.

Check the jackholes regularly

Whether your devices are high-end or not, you should regularly check the jack holes. Dirt can hide inside and cause problems when you plug in headphones.

Loose jacks not only cause echo to appear in the headset, but also cause it to have many other problems. For example, the connection is not a seamless, interrupted sound.


Echo can appear in your headphones at any time. Therefore, you need to be equipped with the fastest and most effective echo removal methods. In some cases it won’t cause you too much discomfort. But if the echo is prolonged, it will affect the sound quality and be difficult to repair.

Hopefully, through our sharing, you will have the best ways to fix when echo appears in the headset.


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