How to Connect Wireless Headphones on PC or Mac?

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Most wireless headsets nowadays use Bluetooth to access other devices. This article will focus on how to connect wireless headphones on PC or Mac.

The connection process to these devices is unique due to their features. You need to turn on the pairing mode and Bluetooth settings in all your gadgets first.

Then, they can pair with each other as long as they are in an appropriate range.

Now, let’s read on to discover more!

How to Connect Wireless Headphones on PC or Mac?

Each gadget requires different steps to pair with your headset successfully. No matter if you are using a PC or Mac, these instructions can help. 


The way you pair your headset with your computer may be different depending on the model you are using. The guideline below can work with most models:

  • First, turn on your headphones by pressing the Power button. Make sure that the battery is full.
  • On your PC, choose the “Start” button in the lower-left corner. You’ll see the Windows menu.
  • Choose the “Settings” section. It’s the icon looking like a gear in the left column of the Windows sidebar.
  • Click “Devices.”
  • Opt for “Bluetooth and other devices.”
  • Slide the toggle to turn the wireless connection on.
  • Choose to add Bluetooth and other devices.
  • Click “Bluetooth,” which is the first option after you press “Add a device.”
  • Your PC is connecting to nearby devices.
  • Set your headset in its pairing mode. The way to do it differs from brand to brand. You need to check the user’s manual for exact instructions. 
  • Choose your wireless headset as a new device to add to your PC.

Connecting a headset on PC

Connecting a headset on PC 

On Mac

There are two ways to pair a headset to your Mac:

System Preferences

The first way is to access “System Preferences” on your Mac:

  • Check to see if your wireless device is active and in pairing mode. You need to follow the manual to turn it on properly.
  • Select “Bluetooth” from the “System Preferences” menu on your Mac.
  • If it isn’t already switched on, click “Turn Bluetooth On” on the left side of the Bluetooth page of System Preferences.
  • All adjacent, readily accessible devices will display under “Devices” on the Bluetooth window. If the gadget you try to add isn’t showing up, make sure it’s running and in an active mode. 
  • Choose the headset you would like to use.
  • When you sync to new wireless earbuds for the first time, you may have to agree or enter a password. The connection must be automatic after you’ve connected once.

Menu bar

Alternatively, you can go to the menu bar for the connection:

  • Select the Bluetooth symbol in the menu bar of your Mac screen, then choose the headset you like to sync from the drop-down list.
  • A new menu will appear. Click “Connect.”
  • When the Bluetooth symbol turns grey with three black dots, your connection is working.
  • Scroll down the options if a poor battery symbol has replaced the dots. It will show you which of your paired items is running low on battery power.
  • You may also toggle Bluetooth on or off from the menu bar. Alternatively, click “Open Bluetooth Preferences,” which takes you to the wireless connection section in “System Preferences.”

Connecting earbuds on Mac

Connecting earbuds on Mac

Why Won’t My Devices Connect?

If you’re having difficulties connecting your wireless devices, try the following troubleshooting:

  • Make sure your gadgets are in their pairing mode

Your headphones must be in pairing mode so that your other gadgets can find them. 

Also, activate Bluetooth on the device you are connecting to.

  • Ensure that your gadgets are in the range

You must be within 20 feet of the gadgets you’re trying to pair.

  • Check if your devices haven’t paired yet.

Maybe wireless earbuds aren’t syncing to your computer because they’re already connected to another device, like your iPhone.

  • Reestablish the connection

If your wireless device still doesn’t connect, you may tell your phone to “forget the device” or delete it from your computer’s settings.

  • Reset the devices

You can turn the devices on and off to resolve the connection issue. 

Troubleshooting connection issues

Troubleshooting connection issues 

How To Disconnect Wireless Headphones? 

The disconnection is easier to do. On PC, you can follow these steps: 

  • Access “Settings” -> “Devices” -> “Bluetooth and other devices.”
  • Choose the peripheral.
  • Tap on “Remove device.”
  • Tap on “Yes” to confirm the disconnection.

On Mac, you need to:

  • Access “System Preferences” or menu bar.
  • Choose your headphones and click “Disconnect.”
  • If you can’t find the option to disable it, tap on the “X” on the device and choose “Remove” from the pop-up message. 

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Final Words

We have shared with you a complete guide to pairing your wireless headset with your computer. If you have any problem during the connection, check for troubleshooting in the following section. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. Thank you for reading!


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