How To Connect RCA Home Theater System To TV: Beginner Guides & Tips

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The RCA home theater system is much more economical than owning a separate DVD player and delivers accurate, distortion-free sound quality.

So how to connect RCA home theater system to TV? With just the following simple steps, you can have a stable signal transmission with subwoofer sound.


How To Connect RCA Home Theater System To TV?

RCA Theater System

RCA Theater System

To connect RCA to the TV, you need to do the following:

Step 1

Adjust the distance between the DVD player/receiver and the TV. Because the connection cable is limited, it is recommended that you place the devices close to each other.

Step 2

Find the “Video Out” port and connect it with the RCA video cable on the RCA receiver. If your receiver comes with a Blu-ray player, you can connect an HDMI cable to a dedicated port for this type of cable.

Step 3

Arrange the position of the speakers. In the living room, you can place the speaker behind the seat or against the wall.

With the front speakers, you should place them along with the TV. Meanwhile, the subwoofer should be placed right next to the TV.

Step 4

In this step, you need to connect the speaker wires to the connection ports on the back of the RCA receiver.

Although the number of connection ports is not tiny, you will have “Left Front” and “Rear Right” instructions to easily connect the speaker wire to the correct port.

Step 5

As a final step, open the TV and make the settings: First, select “Input” on the TV, then select “Video” or “HDMI” depending on your receiver type.

When you complete the selection, you can already enjoy your favorite shows and videos with surround sound quality.


With just a few simple steps, you can successfully connect the RCA system to your TV. If you have difficulty, you can refer to some frequently asked questions:

Why is my speaker not working?

Why is my speaker not working

Why is my speaker not working? 

The speaker not working problem can come from not turning on the speaker and device. Or, if you accidentally turn the volume too low, the speaker will not have the capacity you expect.

You can check the speaker status and the transmitter again and make sure both are on as a workaround. Besides, you should check the speaker volume and turn off Do Not Disturb mode.

Can I fix the speaker myself?

You can fix your speakers right at home.

To solve problems related to speakers not working, it is best to remove the driver to detect and quickly repair the error.

If your problem is audio noise, you need to turn your attention to the voice coil. With this part, you need to prepare a specialized repair tool kit and rubber-based glue to reattach small holes, if any.

If you’re bothered by intermittent audio, the problem may be from an unstable connection. You should check and repair the jack, speaker wire, and voice coil.

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What if newer TVs don’t support RCA or 3.5mm?

If your new TV doesn’t support connecting to a traditional audio port like RCA or 3.5mm, you need to make sure your device supports other more advanced audio inputs like analog.

Because this audio output is missing, you need to equip your device with a soundbar or connect HDMI-ARC.

Or you can also convert the digital output audio to analog to match the RCA port by referring to the following video:


The RCA system can transmit analog sound with high sonic clarity and accuracy. 

Therefore, if you are an audiophile who wants to enjoy the pure, authentic sound, you must have at least once considered this type of connection and wondered how to connect RCA home theater system to TV.

Hopefully, the instructions above have been detailed enough for you to connect and enjoy the best sound successfully.


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Poline Nalzx
Poline Nalzx
1 year ago

Thanks to this blog, I now know how to connect your TV and RCA home theater system.

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