How To Connect Bose Headphones To PC? 8 Basic Steps And Tips To Follow

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How to connect Bose headphones to PC? Here are 8 basic steps for you to do this operation quickly and accurately. Check it out for more information!

Most of us are no strangers to wireless headphones. One of them is Bose headphones; this name has become familiar to many people. 

With the convenience in design and construction, the Bluetooth device has been the choice of many people. However, not everyone knows how to take steps to be successful.

So, in the article below, we will show you how to connect Bose headphones to PC. To learn more, we invite you to the article below.

What Are Bose headphones?

What Are Bose headphones

What Are Bose headphones?

Overall, Bose headphones are one of the most famous brands today. With a variety of headset models and beautiful designs, this headset has conquered many customers to experience.

In terms of use, just like other headphones, you can use Bose to listen to what sounds are in your device. In particular, for gamers or music makers, a Bose headset is essential.

However, before choosing, you should also note that Bose headphones have a slightly slow transmission speed when connecting wirelessly.

In addition, you can connect bose to a wide range of Bluetooth devices, so it also gives you flexibility.

In short, Bose is a reputable and quality brand that you can trust to deliver the ultimate audio experience for work and play.

Can Bose headphones Connect To A PC?

Can Bose headphones Connect To A PC

Can Bose headphones Connect To A PC?

Normally, Bose headphones can perfectly connect to your PC and bring you many beautiful experiences.

Although the connection success rate is relatively high, there are still a few bugs that specifically interrupt and torment you while linking the bose to the PC. To fix it, you can apply a lot of measures for each cause.

In addition, this process requires only one requirement for rapid success, which is the “Bluetooth” mode on your computer.

So, can I connect my Bose to my PC without Bluetooth? In general, if your PC does not have Bluetooth, you can still connect the two Bluetooth devices.

However, the implementation and tools will be more sophisticated. Typically, you must prepare an additional wired aux USB cable for your steps.

But in this article, we only guide for the case of PCs with Bluetooth. 

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First Steps Before Connecting Bose Headset To PC

If you compare Bose to a wired headphone icon when connecting to a PC, you’ll see that Bose has a more complex process. Therefore, a few steps to prevent the risk of connection failure before implementation is essential.

This section will guide you through the basic Bluetooth settings before connecting to a Windows PC for best results.

Note, this step only applies to cases where the PC has previously connected to Bose headsets. If your PC is entirely new, you can skip it.

Here are the specific steps for you:

Select settings

Select settings

Select settings

Sure, you have to make sure to have your bose and PC ready by your side. Once everything is ready, open your computer.

In the Windows operating system, click “window” on the machine to get started.

Next, you will see a gear icon on the screen. Your job is to click on it to proceed with the installation.

Continue with Bluetooth

If you have successfully clicked on the installation section, your next task is to search for the item “Bluetooth and other devices” and turn on the Bluetooth mode of the device. Usually, that section will be under “devices” on the screen.

Find device name

device name

Find device name

After the Bluetooth mode has activated, go to the Bluetooth device list of devices your PC has previously connected to. Look and see if there is an audio output device that contains the word “bose” inside?

Erase device in Bluetooth

If you see the name of Bose devices, delete them from your computer immediately by clicking the “remove device” button on the screen.

Accordingly, remove all Bose-related devices from the Bluetooth connection list until you no longer see one.

Now everything is ready for you to connect Bose to your PC! 

How To Connect Bose headphones To PC

With this part of the article, we will step into the main topic: connecting the Bose headset to your PC.

Here are the concrete steps you must take to be successful:

Mode setting

First, set your bose headset to “ready to pair” by:

  • Find a Bluetooth icon on the computer screen
  • You find this power switch and switch it to the ready-to-pair item.
  • Once done, you will see a “ready to pair” command line appears.
  • Now, confirm it again to be ready to install pairing mode for your PC.
  • You’ll hear a beeping sound and see a blinking green light on the Bose headphones if successful.
  • If you haven’t noticed anything yet, repeat the steps from the beginning.

Release the button before connecting

Next, release the headset button and place your Bose headset close to the computer for easy connection.

We recommend placing at a distance of 3 to 6 feet for best results. Because placing too close is also not good, but when placing the commune, the connection will be slower.

For now, we’re done with the headset. You only have to do a few steps with Bluetooth on your device to complete.

Select Bluetooth

Select Bluetooth to connect

Select Bluetooth to connect

Here, we will perform Bluetooth startup on the computer.

The first is to start the computer and come to the main screen interface of the PC.

Of course, you have to get to Bluetooth mode by going into Bluetooth settings and selecting the Bluetooth icon. Or, for some other devices, you can also find Bluetooth in the bottom right corner of the taskbar screen.

Go ahead and click on it and select “Add a Bluetooth” to link to Bose.

Add to Bluetooth

After adding the device, you will see a window pop up on your PC screen. Your task now is to click on “Add a Bluetooth or devices” and select the first option “Bluetooth” again.


After all, wait for them to connect for a few seconds so the device list can fill up and link to bose.

Usually, you don’t need to spend too much time on this step. The newer your device, the shorter the wait will be.

Find the icon

At this point, you will probably see a long list that includes the names of devices such as phones, TV, or other PCs, .. and even the name of your Bose headset.

Make sure you are selecting your headset icon for the connected machine.

Adjust the output device

Adjust the output device

Adjust the output device

Once that’s done, look for the taskbar’s speaker icon. It will be on the right side of the computer screen.

You click that, then you keep clicking a device name that appears above the volume slider. From there, you will have a complete list of output devices. Here, you select the Bose headphones and can begin to adjust the volume to suit your ears.




Now that it’s all done, you can start enjoying the sound your PC sends to the Bose headphones.

During the experience, you can completely adjust the volume level you want.

Overall, this is the fastest way to connect your PC to a pair of your Bose headphones wirelessly. 

How To Fix Problems With Bose headphones with PC (Window 10)

Although the Bose headphones have many advantages, this device is not perfect; you can still experience errors when connecting. Here are some solutions to fix unexpected connection conditions.

Upgraded version

This way, you will upgrade your audio driver version to be compatible with Bose. You can refer to the following steps:

  • Uninstall existing old audio drivers on your PC.
  • Next, please confirm again to complete the device uninstall request.
  • Then you go to the Bose website and download the latest version of the driver.
  • Or you can install automatic driver update software on your PC.
  • In addition, you can also choose Driver Fix to detect faulty drivers.
  • Finally, you restart your PC and wait for the results.
  • Delete the headset name in the management section

If your PC has connected various headset devices, they may affect the connection with your Bose headset. To fix it, we will proceed to delete the device name in the Bluetooth section through the steps:

  • Press Windows Key + X and select Device Manager from the list.
  • Go to Device Manager.
  • Find the name of your headset and select Uninstall from the device.
  • Then you proceed to re-scan the title and click on the connect item.
  • Or another quicker way is to clear your Bose headset memory simply.

Go to Bluetooth

The last is the Bluetooth upgrade method on your PC.

If you’ve updated to a new driver, but the problem persists, you can purchase a built-in Bluetooth adapter.

In general, this method is quite adequate, and many people have successfully applied it.

However, before purchasing a Bluetooth adapter, make sure to choose the one that comes with the driver CD to avoid any Bluetooth problems from occurring.

Pin code

In addition, during the connection process, some devices may ask you to enter a PIN code. In this case, you just need to enter “0000” to fix it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the above information, we also noticed that many people asked about this topic. So, below are clear answers to the most common questions we receive from you.

Can I connect my Bose to the PC?

Of course, if your Bose headset and PC are still working properly, you can effectively connect the Bose to your PC.

In general, the implementation is not too difficult and does not seem to require any experience from you.

Specifically, you can refer to our above steps to be able to do it easily and quickly.

In short, you can connect bose to your PC without any experience or expertise in electronics.

Is there an up-to-date Bose connect app for PC?

To this problem, the answer is yes. Currently, the manufacturer also released an application to help you update the Bose headphones. To learn more, you can look on the Bose website to perform the upgrade.

Not only Bose Bluetooth headphones, but you can also stay up to date with Bose speakers and other devices through your windows pc.

However, not every windows pc can update successfully; it depends on how lucky you are.

Or another option is your connect app available on a variety of operating systems. You just need to download it and proceed with the update. Because the Bose Connect Windows app doesn’t require any extra elements, it’s easy to use.

Why can’t I connect my Bose to my PC?

In general, connection errors between bose and PC are quite normal and familiar to many people. So you don’t have to worry too much about that.

To fix the problem of not connecting, you can check your Bose headset and PC for previous damage.

Besides, many other issues can prevent the Bose headphones from connecting to the PC, such as Bluetooth errors, low battery, and Windows 10 pairing errors.

To solve this problem, you can see and do more on PC troubleshooting that we mentioned above. From there, you can come up with best practices that will make your connection more efficient.


With this article, we hope you know the ways to connect my Bose headphones with PC. As a result, you will have a better audio experience when working.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to learn some information about Bose headphones and solutions to fix the error. Not stopping there, you also have the most unbiased answers on connecting bose to PC problems.

If you have a contribution, please leave a message below; we will quickly respond and answer your questions.

Don’t forget to share with friends and family if you find the above helpful information!

Thanks for reading! 


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