How To Change Airpod Pro Tips: Guides To Follow

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Apple’s Airpods Pro is a significant upgrade compared to the regular Airpods.

The new model allows you to listen to your favorite songs, exciting podcasts, talk to your friend Siri, activate features on the fly, and check the battery level.

However, if you want the product to fit, the sound quality is pushed up high, optimizing capacity and charging time. Plus, you can experience the exciting features revealed in iOS 14 and iOS 15. 

Let’s learn some great tips on how to change airpod pro tips:

  • Clip your finger to one side of the rubber pad.
  • Straighten the tip
  • Choose the right size: Small, medium, large.
  • Reverse installation according to the correct procedure

How To Change Airpod Pro Tips

Change The Airpod Pro Tips 

Change The Airpod Pro Tips 

It won’t take you too long to get through with these tips on your Airpods. Users often remove the headset if they intend to clean the tips.

  • Step 1: If you want to remove the suction cup of the Airpods Pro, clamp your finger firmly on either side of the rubber insert.
  • Step 2: Pull the tip straight out of the headset. Of course, this requires a bit of effort, but you should not be too worried because it is challenging to break your device. If you are concerned about possibly tearing the rubber at the end, reverse the tip before beginning.
  • Step 3: Choose from a selection of new buds from the box in small, medium, or large sizes to fit your ears.

One tip that comes with Airpods Pro – when you open the box for the first time, it’s the average size of the product. So, if you notice that your headphones often fall out due to being too wide, try reducing them.

However, if they hurt or irritate your ears, try lifting them to make them more comfortable to wear.

Besides, a simple side-by-side comparison to help you figure out which is the big end and the small end is to look at the printed inside of each lot, near the base of the headset.

If you want to attach a new tip, line up the oval on the edge of the direction with the oval on the headset’s speaker. Then, gently press the tips in until they coincide. 

Check The Fit Of The Ear Tips

Check The Fit Of The Ear Tips

Check The Fit Of The Ear Tips 

One of the minus points of Airpods Pro that makes customers unhappy is the use; access to their ear size does not fit.

If a headset does not fit properly, it will easily slip out of your ear easily and quickly. In particular, those who often commute will accidentally drop their headphones without even knowing it.

So, Apple has overcome that shortcoming by switching to an in-tube design with three sets of tips that can easily replace small, medium to large ear sizes.

According to the original design, Airpods Pro is packed with medium-sized tips. Yet, customers can change to one of the other two sizes to suit their use needs.

If you want to remove the existing suckers, tug them until they completely separate from the base. Position the tips with the white center circle meeting the black circle on the base. Next, you push until they fit snugly into place.

So to determine which type has the right size, delivers the best sound and entertainment experiences, let’s take the test below.

  • Step 1: You attach a pair of piercings to the base of both Airpods.
  • Step 2: On your phone, click Settings -> Bluetooth -> Airpods information icon -> Check the fit of the earbud.
  • Step 3: Then, on the phone screen, the word Continue -> Play will appear. Just tap Play, and a short piece of music will play.

Next, the application will help you decide whether the current tips are suitable or not. Otherwise, the app will ask you to adjust or try a different size.

Once you have completed the verification of three sizes, the app will help you know which is the right size for good certification.

Note that you can get good results from all suckers, regardless of which end gives that rating. However, the test is just a signal to help you know if the tip material is suitable for your ears or not.

But if the results are all good, you need to make your assessment based on comfort and quality during use.

Check this video right now for more details!

Apple Earring Size Types

Apple Earring Size Types

Apple Earring Size Types

A suitable headset will create a good cushion with your ear a lot. You can experience noise cancellation and listen to music more smoothly, enjoy, and relax when it fits properly.

Each headset always comes with thrê different sizes to suit each customer, including medium, small sizes, and big sizes in the box.

If you want to check the size of the ear cup, pull the edge of it and start looking for the letters S, M, L engraved by the manufacturer on the inside.

It would help if you tried fitting the AirPods of the right size to your ears to feel the certainty. Please choose a suitable size, most comfortable for long-term use.

Besides, before going out and still using Airpods to go out or for work purposes, you should check the headset’s fit to avoid situations such as falling due to the headset being too loose or too tight.

If the Airpods are dropped or lost for some reason, it will be inconvenient in your work and your daily entertainment life. Therefore, always be careful when going out.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like anyone size fits you, you can purchase a new one through an authorized Apple store. Apple Stores worldwide or retailers will be allowed to order and ship the product to you.

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Thus, today’s article has helped you better understand how to check the headset’s size to suit your ears for a great, relaxing experience with the headset.

Hopefully, you can quickly check and replace the earbud on your Airpods Pro yourself with the above sharing!


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