How to avoid headphones hurt top of your head

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Headphones are very necessary for humans, but listening to a lot can cause damage to the top of the head. So how to avoid headphones hurt top of your head? 

In daily life, headphones serve the needs of listening to music, watching movies. But it helps you not to affect the lives of those around you. However, when using headphones too much will have many harmful effects. One of the harms to people is that wearing headphones hurts the top of the head. So let’s learn how to wear headphones to avoid this situation.


How to avoid headphones hurt top of your head

How to avoid headphones hurt top of your head

When wearing headphones regularly, you will definitely have a headache. To avoid this, you should not wear headphones that are too tight, wear the correct size. Besides, you should also add a headband mattress and put extra cushions for headphones. Here are specific instructions for you.

Do not wear headphones too tight

Tight headphones are caused by too much force when clamped to your head. Clip on the head will prevent the headset from falling off but accidentally hurt the top of the head. 

You can find a stack of books or any sturdy box. Its size should be bigger than your head. The purpose is to be able to remove the headset easily.

Next, you hold the headset, place it on the stack of books and stretch it out. Not in a hurry to remove, you need to wait about 24 hours for the headset to loosen. Thus you will solve the situation that the headset is too tight, aka smaller than the head. 

Do not wear headphones that are too tight

Do not wear headphones that are too tight

Choose the right size headphones

You can try on the headphones before you buy them. That way you will know if the size is right or not. Make sure you don’t choose headphones that are smaller than your head. On the headset there are also some features to adjust the size.


Rotating the Ear Cup will provide comfort when the ear cup part can be adjusted. Thanks to the flexible range of motion, it helps to limit the clamping force of the headset. 

Some replacement parts are also resizable. It’s the slider, the earpads, the measuring tape. You can absolutely use them.

Add a headband mattress for headphones

Some of the pads on the top of the earphones are made of sponge. It can also be made from hard plastic or metal covered with leather. Sometimes, wearing it for a long time, you will feel that your skull is being compressed and uncomfortable. The solution is to find more and replace these gaskets. Or you can wrap it with a new material.

If you’re smart, you can tinker with it yourself. If not, go to the electronic market and find the right mattress for you. 

The best way is still to search for addresses that sell accessories for headphones. You should also take to the store that sells headphones and ask them to add a headband mattress. 

Extra cushion for headphones 

To overcome the situation that your headset hurts the top of your head, you should add a cushion for the headset. The earpads have the ability to create comfort for the ears. 

It will avoid ear cartilage damage and headache. However, to replace it, you also need to learn how to replace it.

You must first choose the cushion provided by the manufacturer for the headset. If the manufacturer is not correct, sometimes it will not work. 

Next is to find the right size and shape for the headset. Make sure the pad is neither too big nor too small for the size of the headset. To find out, look up information about headphone measurements.

When choosing a gasket, you should also choose the right material. Because a material will have different quality as well as durability. Ear cushions made from leather will be the best choice that you should not ignore.

Extra cushion for headphones 

Why do you have a hurt top of head when wearing headphones?

When wearing headphones, there will be a feeling that something is pressing on the ear. It’s like atmospheric pressure changes when they’re flying. 

Atmospheric pressure is simply understood as the pressure exerted on the surface. Too much pressure on the head is the cause of the headache.

The feeling of being suppressed by an invisible force is actually due to a pressure difference. It’s the interaction between your inner ear and the outside environment. 

When you go up high, the air inside the ear will want to draw out. Conversely, when it is below the ear you will want to pull more air in. 

Thus, the change in pressure difference that occurs between the inner ear and the outer environment, will cause a headache.

It’s like you’ve been hit in the head by a heavy object. Wearing headphones too tight will also lead to this condition. Long-term accumulation can be very harmful to health. Direct impact on your head. 

Why do you have a hurt top of head when wearing headphones

How to choose the best headphones?

Because headphones are so important, you need to choose carefully. It is not simply choosing headphones to avoid headaches, but also to avoid many harms. As well as having the best usable quality.

Determine what you need in a headset

You are looking for a headset with a beautiful design, sophisticated finishing. Or have lifelike sound, great detail and cheap price. No product will ever be so perfect. So you need to determine the most necessary. It can be sound quality, safety and reasonable price.

If you go for the sound quality part, there are headphones that are capable of extremely vivid sound reproduction. But often they will be high-priced products. Besides, if you choose a cheap price, the product will not have good quality and safety.

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What do you want to use it for?

Headphones also have a division in terms of use. Therefore, to choose the best headset, you need to know the purpose of use.

  • Use in an office environment

You will probably use it for a long time. Therefore, the comfort of the headset must be very high. 

If the office has a lot of background noise, add the criteria for noise resistance. Because most of the time when you work in concentration, you will sit in one place. Therefore, there is no need to choose wireless headphones.

  • Headphones used when traveling on trains, planes

Criteria for choosing headphones when going to work or moving on long flights like office headphones. However, you should give preference to wireless headphones because they will be much more portable. 

Besides, the ability to reduce noise when talking due to the surrounding environment. It will have a lot of background noise that will make your communication difficult. Choose a headset model with active noise cancellation with noise reduction and noise filtering.

  • Headphones to play games or watch movies

These headphone models will often not focus on detail and accuracy in sound. The product will focus on reproducing the position of the sound very well. 

These headphone models often have quite thick bass bands. Choose to buy headphones with such characteristics.

  • Sports headphones

This is a type of headset that is often sought after quite a lot. Besides, it also has a wide variety of products. The first criterion for this type of headset is water and sweat resistance. 

And the mobility and finally the sound quality. Most models of sports headphones are modern and convenient when practicing.

  • Headphones enjoy

Are you an audio enthusiast or professional audio producer? Then choosing high-end headphones will not be a problem. 

However, if you like luxury, you can find big brands. Buying headphones to enjoy is very expensive. So you need to think more carefully. 

Headphones enjoy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the condition of wearing headphones that cause headaches last forever?

When you don’t wear headphones, you don’t have a headache. If you put it on, it will hurt. However, it can have long-term health effects. Not simply at the time of wearing headphones.

2. Are there any types of headphones that prevent headaches?

Manufacturers have not yet launched a line of headphones that do not hurt the top of the head. To avoid this situation, you need to find out. That’s the information shared on how to avoid wearing headphones that hurt the top of your head.

3. Are ear pads expensive?

Sometimes the main manufacturers sra headphones will not give out pads. But there are 3rd parties that provide this product. However, compared to the price of the headset, the pads are not too expensive. Anyone can buy it.


Headaches when wearing headphones are very common. It can leave many symptoms in the body. However, it is not without a solution. You just need to learn ways to limit headphones from causing headaches. Also do not be subjective with this information.

Above is information about how to avoid headaches caused by wearing headphones. Hopefully, you will know how to avoid this situation. Please read carefully the necessary information if you do not want to be affected by your health.


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