How do I pair Here One to my smartphone?

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In order to pair your Here Buds, first ensure Bluetooth is turned on.

If you are pairing for the first time you’ll need to remove the plastic film on the backs of the Here Buds and place them into the case to activate for first use. After doing so, open the Here One app and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: please ensure your Here Buds turn on when removed from the case. If you recently unboxed the product and have never paired, they should be flashing continuously. If you’ve previously paired, they will only flash once to indicate they are on and then flash again to indicate they have reconnected.

If it’s not the first time you’re pairing your Here Buds, open the Here One app and tap Settings in the main menu of the app then My Buds -> Pair New Buds.

During the pairing process, you’ll be prompted to establish three different Bluetooth connections between your smartphone and your Here Buds: two Bluetooth Low Energy connections for Real-World Sound Control (you will be prompted to establish these connections within the Here One app) and a third connection for music playback and phone calls (you will need to establish this connection from within your device’s Bluetooth settings). Note: when connecting for music playback and phone calls, please make sure to wait until your phone shows ‘Here One’ is ‘Connected’ before exiting the Bluetooth settings menu.