Here One Is Finally Here Pre-Orders Have Started Shipping

After three years of engineering, design, sweat, and tears, we’re excited to confirm that Here One™ pre-orders have started shipping, and all pre-orders will ship by the end of March! Pre-orders will ship in the order they were received, and any new orders (placed on or after February 21st) will ship as soon as all pre-orders have been fulfilled. Additionally, we’re excited to announce that beginning this spring, Here One will be available on Amazon, and at Best Buy, AT&T, b8TA, and Brookstone airport stores.

Here One™ is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Composed of Here Buds™ wireless earbuds and a connected app, Here One is much more than just a headphone – it’s a hearing system. Whether it’s the premium audio quality for listening to music, our Real-World Volume Control that lets you turn the volume of the sounds around you up or down, or our proprietary Smart Noise Filters that let you selectively hear what you want (a conversation at a restaurant) and tune out what you don’t (the jet engine on a flight), Here One gives you the power to control how you hear the world.


Here One isn’t for everyone. If you just want a pair of headphones to stream music, there are great solutions like the AirPods. Instead, we built Here One for the millions of people who need something more than what a normal isolating headphone provides. We built it for those who already use headphones for their commute or in their open office at work, but need to interact with their boss, a colleague or the world around them; we built Here One for the audiophile who wants premium audio quality in a beautiful, true wireless form factor; we built Here One for the millions of new parents, who we know from user feedback want a way to listen to music and still hear their child; and we built Here One for the millions of people looking for solutions to hear well — particularly for the 35 million individuals who want to be able to hear more clearly in noisy situations and the more than 50 million people with varying abilities to process different kinds of sounds.

When you use Here One, it’s clear that you’re hearing the future — and it’s only going to get better as we continue to add new features through software updates to the Here Buds and Here One app. We’re already planning some exciting additions in our first few updates, including new Smart Noise Filters specifically for commuting — like Bus and Subway — more control over directional hearing, enhanced amplification, and the launch of Smart Suggest (where our machine learning engine learns your personal listening preferences and recommends specific Noise Filters at the right time and place). We’ll also be updating the Here One Android app (which at first will only have Real-World Volume Control and music streaming) to include the rest of Here One’s features, like our Smart Noise Filters, in addition to expanding support for a wider range of Android devices.

At Doppler Labs, we believe computing should be more immersive, and a seamless part of the human experience. We shouldn’t have to spend our days buried in our phones or distracted by incessant buzzing in our pockets. We should not only be free of cords, but also free to interact with each other and with our technology more seamlessly through voice and audio. Here One is a major step on our journey toward making computing more personal and human, and we’ll continue to build on this foundation — through software updates and future iterations — to make our products even more magical and indispensable for you, your loved ones, and your ears.

6 thoughts on “Here One Is Finally Here Pre-Orders Have Started Shipping

  1. Matt says:

    Hi Noah,

    Interesting to see activity on Here One again. I have a few pairs of them but cannot use them on my IOS device as the app is not available currently. Will this change in the near future?

    Also, are Here one buds being relaunched? You are currently taking pre-orders?


  2. Dhara Sarkar says:

    Hi Noah,
    I have a pair of Here buds but cannot use them on my iPhone as they disconnect after 7 minutes of use. I definitely do not have any app but I could at least connect it to my bluetooth and use them for my meditation. I’ve tried hard reset and it does not help. Is there any way I could start using them again ?

  3. Don says:

    I have an older pair of Here earbuds and really like what they do for me however they were part of the original line with short life battery. Literally a half hour run time.
    I have been hoping Here would come out with earbuds with longer run time. So i am excited. Unfortunately Best Buy and Amazon do not list them. And i cannot find an order link on your page.
    Where can i order a pair? Maybe two.

  4. Ben says:

    I came across a discussion about these earbuds being used to help certain hearing related issues and I am interested in getting at least one pair but I do not see a way to purchase or order them. I am a disabled veteran with mild autism and tinnitus. My hearing has been a major issue for years and if these perform even half as well as described in the few reviews I have seen then I believe they will make my life much easier to navigate.

    So, how can I get them? Even if I have to apply for a grant or crowd funding I need to try these.

  5. David Garon says:

    I’d bookmarked this site a couple of years ago after I’d purchased a pair of their first Kickstarter funded Here One earbuds. In just a few months after I received my set, they went out of business and left me and other unwitting supporters high and dry with a pricy set of useless, unsupported Here Ones. Caveat emptor (buyer beware). There’s no way I’d ever again trust this company! Consider yourself warned.

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