Some Ultimate Tips Of How To Fix Sound Delay On Bluetooth Headphones

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Here are some tips of how to fix sound delay on Bluetooth headphones. We describe different ways for you to check and repair this error. Check it out!

Headphones have now become an effective and indispensable tool in many people’s lives. Science and technology have developed in a modern way, so people have switched to using wireless headphones.

This type of headset is compact and requires you to connect to a computer or phone via Bluetooth to use it.

However, this invisible connection bothers many people because of an inability to hear or sound errors. So, what are the cause and the methods to fix the delay on headphones?

Let’s find out via this article!


The Reason For Bluetooth Headphones Having Delay

Why Do My Bluetooth Headphones Have a Delay

Why Do My Bluetooth Headphones Have a Delay? 

Usually, you won’t notice the audio delay if you’re listening to music or podcasts.

However, this Bluetooth audio delay will be noticeable when you watch movies or videos. If you use Bluetooth headphones while watching a movie and see the picture and sound do not match, it is a sound delay error.

How Bluetooth headphones work

To understand why your Bluetooth headphone has a delay, we need to understand the structure and how Bluetooth headphones work. 

In wireless headphones, including receiver – transmit signal, they can listen or receive commands from the server.

The higher the sound quality, the clearer and more accessible it is to hear the transmitted or received sound. 

However, wireless headphones can only bear a specific file size. If the Bluetooth audio file is too large, the headset will not be able to or take longer to process. It is one of the leading causes of sound delay.

Bluetooth Headphones Have a Delay phenomenon; what does this mean?

Sound delay is a phenomenon where sound and picture do not match. You can understand that the image is already displayed, but you are still not seeing the scene’s sound.

This phenomenon may relate to an error from the side of the video you are watching. You can disconnect the headset to see if it is still out of shape.

Pictures and sound are normal when not using headphones, and it’s time to recheck your Bluetooth headphones. There may have been an audio lag with the Bluetooth windows audio endpoint builder or connection line. 

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How To Fix The Delay On Headphones

Bluetooth headphones have many types, divided into two main types for MacBook and windows. These two operating systems have different software structures, so the connection and testing are also different.

With Windows

Fix Windows Sound Delay 

Fix Windows Sound Delay 

If your headphones have an audio lag, there are four ways for you to fix them. There are both advantages and disadvantages because you don’t know which way to fix the error.

You can also refer to the video below for a better understanding of the troubleshooting steps.

In many cases, users have to try until the end to fix the sound on their computer. So if you can’t fix it when you do it the first way, then patiently try to fix it with all four methods.

Try to connect the device with Bluetooth again

Sometimes the error comes from your Bluetooth signal line. In this case, the fastest way is to disconnect and try again.

You must leave a break between the two connections. This pause gives the Bluetooth device time to reprogram and improves the quality of the transmission. Sometimes you will have to clear the cache, too, so they can reconnect better.

Update to the latest version of the app

You need to check your settings to see if the application you are using is the latest version.

When a manufacturer releases a new version, the audio device will only accept that best version. Some other cases still allow you to use but will limit some features or have Bluetooth audio lag when using.

  • Step 1: Click the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Step 2: Find and choose the Manager.
  • Step 3: In the Bluetooth Device Management section, this will include small applications. Look for the Bluetooth icon or word to check the settings.
  • Step 4: Check-in this setting and connection to find out your headset name.
  • Step 5: Press on your headset and continue to select Update so that the application can automatically run the Bluetooth device updater.

After the Update is complete, you can usually use it. However, you should exit all out and restart the Bluetooth device to be more sure about the recent Update.

Check Windows settings

Check Windows settings 

Check Windows settings 

After updating the app and still can’t use it, you need to check more than the browser.

For versions of Win 10 and above, the manufacturer has installed a windows playback troubleshooter. So, checking your windows settings will help you control the errors most effectively.

  • Step 1: Find and tap the icon. Usually, this icon will show up in the bottom screen corner. However, if you can’t find it, it’s most likely hidden somewhere.
  • Step 2: Click on Troubleshoot Bluetooth audio lag. At that time, a small window appeared on the computer screen, find and press Bluetooth headphones.
  • Step 3: Continue to press the next button and wait for your computer to run the audio playback troubleshooter.

Restart Windows

Many people think it is simple, but if you are not careful, you can lose data. So follow these steps to make sure your computer is as secure as possible.

  • Step 1: Take windows icon on your computer keyboard. At the same time, press the R key to activate the “Run”.
  • Step 2: Press services.MSC into the empty dialog box that appears and press Enter to activate
  • Step 3: After activating the above command, the computer screen will display a series of lists. Drag and find Windows Bluetooth audio lag in that list.
  • Step 4: Then, choose Automatic mode so that the computer can restart naturally.
  • Step 5: After completing the initialization process, another dialog box will appear. Here, please click on the first two options and confirm with the ok button.
  • Step 6: After a short restart, you should turn off the computer and turn it back on to ensure Windows has saved the previous actions. 

With MacBook

Fix the delay on headphones with MacBook 

Fix the delay on headphones with MacBook 

It seems that Macbook users will find it simpler because there are only two ways to do it. However, operations, whether on Windows or Macbook, also require accuracy. So follow these steps to fix sound delay on Bluetooth headphones.

Check cache

The cache will sometimes affect the function and system of the server, including Bluetooth connectivity. So you need to clear all unnecessary cache to improve the connection quality of Bluetooth headphones.

  • Step 1: In the Menu, select Start and select Finder.
  • Step 2: Import Library into the dialog box just displayed.
  • Step 3: Then, another dialog box appears, and you find the Bluetooth.plist file and move it to the trash with windows audio service.
  • Step 4: You can try to connect the headset again to check if it is working. To be sure, before reconnecting, restart your Macbook.

Reset Bluetooth

Reset Bluetooth on MacBook 

Reset Bluetooth on MacBook 

Resetting Bluetooth is the most effective way, whether with Windows or MacBook.

  • Step 1: Press Shift + Option to open Bluetooth menu panel.
  • Step 2: Select, fix and erase all devices. It is a step to lighten the space and let the machine understand which Bluetooth device to connect.
  • Step 3: Restart the Macbook and reconnect with Bluetooth headphones and windows audio service. 

Factors Affecting The Quality Of Bluetooth Sound 

Factors Affecting The Quality Of Bluetooth Sound 

Factors Affecting The Quality Of Bluetooth Sound 

It is also challenging to avoid repetition if you know how to fix sound delay errors without knowing the phenomenon’s cause.

So, it would help if you learned the factors that affect the sound quality to prevent it from happening. Here are three main reasons affecting good quality.

Distance between two Bluetooth devices

Depending on the version of your headset and Bluetooth device, the safe connection distance will be different.

The higher version your machine is, the greater the connectivity it allows. However, connectivity is only available within a certain distance.

If you go beyond this distance, the connection will be affected. Specifically, the farther away, the weaker the transmission, the sound quality will gradually decrease until the connection is completely disconnected.

Distance will also include obstructions. If the distance is close, but there are many obstacles, the connection will also be limited. So you need to observe, ensure the appropriate length and space for the link.

Bluetooth audio settings

Everything will work smoothly when at its best version. You need to check and update Bluetooth audio to the latest version to prevent the connection. You also need to check the headset to make sure that the two devices are compatible.

Frequency noise

You probably have more than one wireless device in your home. It is possible to list a few typical examples such as wifi, wireless mouse, laptop, television. Each of these devices will operate on a different waveform.

Usually, these frequencies will work properly. Sometimes there will be some frequency conversion that occurs and overlaps with other devices. This phenomenon will cause noise, sound distortion, and even sound delay. 

Tips To Fix Bluetooth Audio Delay

Tips To Fix Bluetooth Audio Delay 

Tips To Fix Bluetooth Audio Delay 

Using wireless headphones has become a habit of many people because of convenience. However, using Bluetooth audio headphones requires you to use a virtual connection with windows audio service.

You won’t be able to see this connection, so it will be hard to fix it. So, in addition to the above ways, you can try some tips to fix Bluetooth Audio Delay.

Make sure the device has enough battery

Your phone will become weak and disable some functions when it nears low power. Then some parts in the machine will not connect to devices such as cameras and games.

You will not be able to connect the headset via Bluetooth, or the connection will be intermittent when the device is almost out of battery.

So always make sure you have enough battery life when you are about to connect the headset. It is best to charge it again before joining for further use.

Do not place the source and the headset too far apart

Wireless headphones have made many people mistakenly think that they are not tied. Basically, Bluetooth can only connect within a specific allowed range. So if you leave the device fixed and move around like cleaning, the sound will flicker or lose connection.

The solution to this is to take your phone with you. Bringing your phone not only helps you to stay connected and can transfer songs quickly if you want.

Set the phone to high-performance mode

Young people today often install a battery-saving mode for the device to use the device for a longer time. Inadvertently, this limits the connectivity of the device. In some cases, it happens to connect only when you are active on your phone or only connect for a short time.

To fix this problem, switch to regular or high-performance mode. The increased performance will help your sound quality, transmission be better and not be interrupted when used.

Do not place two devices of the same frequency near each other

The wireless signal is annoying because you can’t handle it; it can’t debug or find a plug like a power cord. Two wireless devices close to each other quickly lead to the situation of catching the same frequency.

This phenomenon will cause a noisy, annoying sound. So you should tune two devices operating at two different frequencies. And it’s best to keep the two devices away from each other.


Bluetooth headphones are a new step forward in modern technology. However, this product has not been released long enough for engineers to completely fix Bluetooth headphones’ errors. 

So if you still want to continue using Bluetooth audio headphones, you should learn to live with those errors.

In the article, we have fully explained the causes of fixing the delay on headphones. 

We also show you ways to fix those Bluetooth audio latency errors. Hopefully, after reading the article, you can select the errors caused by headphones yourself. 

Thank you for following this post! 


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