Your Personal Listening Profile, Now on Android!

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Everyone hears the world differently. That’s why we believe that in-ear technology should account for these differences instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach. In order to provide the best hearing experience, today we’re bringing the personal Listening Profile—a built-in feature with Here One that quickly assesses how you hear—to Android. With the Listening Profile, everyone can customize Here One to their ears, allowing them to hear the world exactly how they want.

Setting up your Listening Profile

The Listening Profile is a simple, but essential step during the Here One set-up process that calibrates your Here Buds for your ears based on your unique hearing preferences. After you’ve completed your Listening Profile, you’ll see your unique hearing levels displayed by two equalization lines in the Here One app.

When the Listening Profile is turned on, real-world sound will be adjusted according to your personal settings. For example, when you increase Real-World Volume on the home screen, live audio will increase in each ear at a rate that accounts for both your left and right hearing levels. If you have more difficulty hearing in one ear, the system also adjusts for that imbalance by making sound more even across your ears. Your Listening Profile will also be applied to Smart Noise Filters in the Here One app.


With greater personalization, the Here One community has been able to hear the world in a completely new way. The response has been inspiring:

  • “I love the setup process, they customize and adjust the volume to each ear. So cool!” – Art
  • “The audio profile is slick!” – James
  • “I wanted to find noise cancelling earbuds that I could wear for extended periods of time. I love these earbuds! I like the ‘tuning’ of the earbuds to my particular hearing in each ear.” – Matt
  • “As someone facing hearing loss (reluctantly, I may add), I am happy to own a product from a company who is taking into account that we all hear differently. The Personal Listening Profile has helped me greatly, and it’s interesting to see when I give my Here Buds to my husband, how differently we hear the world.” – Debbie

Ready to get started? Click here to update to the latest version of the Here One app for Android. From there, you’ll be able to create your unique Listening Profile in minutes! For help setting up your Listening Profile, check out our Support Page.

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