Complete Guides On How To Play Steam Games On Oculus Quest 2

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If you are an Oculus Quest 2 owner, you are lucky to own a unique virtual reality headset. You will realize the greatness of the VR kit when playing games. 

Quest 2’s feature is similar to Rift’s, allowing you to play SteamVR without using an additional solution. So, how to play steam games on Oculus Quest 2?

This article will give you specific instructions to help you play SteamVR games on your headset. Let’s read on to discover right now!

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Things To Prepare

Before playing or doing any work, you also need to know a few things to prepare for the fulfillment to go smoothly. Below is some helpful information for you.

A VR To Ready PC

A VR Ready PC

A VR Ready PC

Most virtual games or applications need to be launched and operated on a computer with good graphics and working capabilities. The specific numbers and details will depend mainly on the game you want to play.

However, in this respect, the manufacturer also makes specific requirements for the application when playing on PC on Quest 2 with VR Ready. The details will be updated on the original Quest 2 Facebook and compared with your game to find compatibility, if any.

Specifically, in Processor, it requires your computer to use Intel i5-4590 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or greater, and the Graphics Card is NVIDIA Titan X, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Desktop, 6GB.

In addition, to operate the game, the computer needs 8 GB+ RAM; the Operating System uses Windows 10 and 1 USB port.

Oculus App

The Facebook developers have provided a VR software suite that allows it to connect to Quest 2. 

Precisely, it does the setup and running of your Quest 2 with your PC.

Therefore, if you are looking to use Quest 2 to play SteamVR, the application will be a perfect solution that you should consider. The manufacturer allows you to download the free version, install it and use it with the account.

At the same time, if you are a gamer, you are also highly recommended to use and download it to make the process and playing experience more favorable.

Link Cable

Link Cable

Link Cable 

While you download the app and use it for free, you need a high-quality cable that costs about $80 to get it. It allows you to transfer data quickly and is easily compatible with your device when connected to a PC.

However, in case budget is an issue for you, you can buy any pair of Quest 2 but make sure it is compatible with supporting video and data transmission. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the length of the string, preferably 15ft or more, to help you play more comfortably and efficiently.

You can find these products in stores, websites, and e-commerce platforms.




SteamVR is the essential part for you to be able to operate and play on Oculus Quest 2. Its advantage is that it does not consume your budget when searching and downloading in a Steam Store with a small size.

You will then need to install and be able to use any VR game you have purchased and make sure it works.

How To Play Steam Games On Oculus Quest 2?

How To Play Steam Games On ItHow To Play Steam Games On It?

Through our research and data compilation, we’ve come up with many ways you can play steam games. Stay tuned below!

Wired Setup

If you use a wired app linked to the PC, make sure they connect with a cable. You also need to open the Oculus app on your PC. The specific next steps are as follows:

  • When you link your Oculus Quest 2 to your PC, you’ll notice a message about many permissions. All you can do is grant all or accept the request to enable and access Oculus Link.
  • When the Menu of the PC software Oculus opens, select “Cable” and like “Continue”. After connecting the headset, click “Continue.”
  • You perform your connection test. If you have connected via the Link cable and another cable, you might skip and select “Continue.” Otherwise, you need to access “Test Connection” and try to take it.
  • The task is complete; you press ‘Close’ to continue with other things. You can now use your headset when Oculus Link is available for SteamVR on Oculus 2.

This stage is very important to get you ready to move on to the next step. So do each step carefully.

Running SteamVR

To run SteamVR, you need to do the following:

  • Open a Steam app upon a PC
  • Select the “VR” that appears or search for it in the library.

With just two easy steps, you can continue to put your headset back on and enjoy the feeling of being in the SteamVR world.

Set up with air link

In addition to using a wired connection with a high-quality cable, you can connect wirelessly. But, it won’t be as durable and reasonable as wired.

Facebook offers an Air service where you need to spend nothing to get SteamVR wirelessly. But you need to meet the following requirements.

An AC and AX Router for 5GHz Network

For any wireless transmission, especially PC-to-Oculus wireless streaming, you need to ensure that the connection is as fast as possible. It needs to be quick with the 5GHz band.

Another solution for you is to link the router to the Desktop with an Ethernet one, which will be more stable and better.

A Totally Charged One

If you opt for the wired connection, you’ll notice the smooth experience when using the headset to charge itself while playing continuously.

On the contrary, if you use a wireless connection, it can disconnect the battery automatically. And it can cause difficulties for you.

The only thing you need to do and be sure of is charge the Oculus Quest 2 fully. It will help you to play SteamVR games smoothly and smoothly.

Enable The Link Onto PC And Quest 2

You need to enable Air Link on your PC or Quest 2 as it is still an experimental feature. Specifically, the steps are below:

For PC

Let’s start with opening the Facebook Air Link feature on PC via these steps:

  • Open the “Settings” task on your desktop Oculus app on left side of the home screen.
  • Select the Beta tab after the following menu appears.
  • Select the item “Air Link” and click on it to enable the feature in the list.

For Quest 2

  • Open the “Quick Settings” section in the main menu.
  • Select Settings in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • You continue to select “Experimental Features,” enable “Wireless Linking,” and agree to all notifications.

For Oculus Quest 2

  • From the menu, Check out the “Quick Settings”.
  • Continue clicking “Oculus Link.”
  • You choose the name of your computer and select the “Pair”.
  • Finally, you click “Launch” to perform the Air link.

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Virtual Desktop

Every gamer knows that an alternative is to use a third-party app. Specifically, what we are referring to here is Virtual Desktop, and you can use it to replace the Facebook AirLink wireless connection.

Virtual Desktop has the same task and job when you use Air Link, and this app allows you to stream PC online content to your app to control from there. It will enable you to operate SteamVR and other games directly on the app.

However, the limitation of Virtual is that you need to pay a certain fee if you want to take both the client and Quest 2. Similar to Air Link, performance will depend on network configuration and PC hardware.

Now, watch this video for more:


The article has provided useful information. And we hope that it benefits you.

Facebook or Meta now has a new VR user, allowing you to play SteamVR games on your Quest 2.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and leave a question. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives who share this hobby with you. Thank you for reading!


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