CNET Experiences the Power of Here One

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Doppler Labs CEO Noah Kraft spoke with CNET’s Senior Editor Brian Tong at CES 2017 to share the power of Here One.

In an interview on CNET’s stage, Kraft gave one of the first on-screen demos to Tong, who was visibly amazed when he experienced Here One’s groundbreaking audio features like Real-World Volume Control, Smart Noise Filters, and Layered Listening.

Brian Tong: This is one of the products I’m most hyped up for in 2017

The demo shows how Here One can stream music, take phone calls and do everything from optimize your live audio experience at a cafe, to transport you to a NY Mets game.

Watch the full interview above where Brian Tong walks us through the “mind-blowing” power of Here One and visit CNET for more.

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