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Don’t know how to choose the best Bluetooth hearing protection? You can see our buying tips in this article! They will help you buy the most suitable product! 


Bluetooth hearing protection is becoming a big trend in . Nowadays, there are many dangerous factors of noise that can badly affect your hearing ability. The worst situation – hearing loss – may appear before you even notice it.

We don’t exaggerate, but noise-induced hearing loss is a big problem nowadays. More than 20 million workers in the U.S.A. have to work in noisy environments with highly hazardous noise levels. 

That’s why protecting ears should be taken seriously. Of course, we all can put our trust in hearing protectors with Bluetooth technology.

In this article, we review the 8 hottest Bluetooth hearing protectors. Also, we share some useful buying tips that help you choose the most suitable device. Please spend a few minutes reading it!

Comparison of Every Product’s Specifications

Product Name NRR Battery Type Form Factor Volume Control Price
3M WorkTunes 90543-4DC 24 dB Built-in rechargeable battery Over-ear No
3M WorkTunes 90541-80025T 24 dB AA batteries Over-ear Yes $$
3M WorkTunes 90544-SIOC 23 dB Built-in rechargeable battery Over-ear No $$
Peltor Sport TAC500-OTH 26 dB AA batteries Over-ear Yes $$$
Baby Banz BTEM000 31 dB Built-in rechargeable battery Over-ear No $
XCEL 100 Muff W 28 dB AAA batteries Over-ear Yes $$$
Caldwell E-Max Low Profile 24 dB AAA batteries Over-ear Yes $$
Caldwell E-Max Shadows 23 dB Built-in battery In-ear Yes $$$

How To Choose The Best Bluetooth Hearing Protection

Before reviewing the 8 best products in , we want to share with you some tips that help you choose the right Bluetooth hearing protection

It is not difficult to find a good ear protection device; there are only a couple of things to bear in mind:

N.R.R. Is The First Factor To Notice!

You may wonder what N.R.R. is? N.R.R. stands for Noise Reduction Rating. The N.R.R. illustrates the ability of an ear protector to decrease the volume of the noise that affects your ears. 

Every hearing enhancement or protection product must come along with a label describing its N.R.R.

How do the manufacturers determine the N.R.R.? Really simple! They test the protection device in several optimal conditions and situations. After multiple tests, they conclude the correct rating of the noise reduction.

To estimate the right value of the protection device, the manufacturers need a process known as derating. With this process, they can find out exactly how many decibels can be decreased.

You may find some Bluetooth-enabled devices with the label that shows SNR – Single Number Rating instead of N.R.R. Don’t worry because these 2 are both the standards for noise reduction of proper hearing protection. 

Depending on the manufacturing region, there will be different ratings. While N.R.R. is common in the U.S.A., the SNR appears more in the E.U.

How High Is The Comfort Of Usage?

The next factor to consider while buying is the comfort during usage. A good ear protector should give maximum protection and make you feel like you are not wearing it.

Remember that you have to wear this personal protective equipment during the entire work session that lasts hours. It is very uncomfortable if the device causes heaviness on the head and neck or makes the ears itchy.

Hearing protection devices come in various styles and sizes. Your job is to choose the one that fits your ears most. Besides, the part of the device that contacts directly to your ears should be designed with some high-cushioned materials.

Is The Bluetooth Connectivity Stable?

Sudden music dropouts in the middle of the work are the worst problem you will never want to get. Therefore, you want to look for products that feature stable Bluetooth connections.

Not all audio devices are designed with the latest version of Bluetooth wireless technology. The newer the version is, the quicker, further, more stable the connection will be. 

The most up-to-date Bluetooth connection for hearing protection products is Version 5 (). You want to ask the sellers about the item models that feature this latest technology.

Besides, you must look for the ability of the Bluetooth to withstand the impact of other invisible factors surrounding it. 

The environment does contain not only your Bluetooth signal but also many others, such as phone, radio, machine signal, etc. These signals may disrupt the Bluetooth connectivity, leading to the loss of the connection.

Check The Hours Of Battery Life!

Wireless devices permit no connection to the power source. They only run with batteries as their power supplies.

Here is the problem. Just imagine that you have a long day of work. However, the protector device only supports for a few hours. This situation is far from ideal, right? So, it is time to consider the battery life!

Typically, there are 2 types of batteries used for wireless noise protection. One is the built-in rechargeable type, and the other is the replaceable (A.A. and A.A.A.).

The built-in batteries have a longer life than the other type. However, when the power runs out, you have to wait a few hours to recharge them.

On the other hand, the replaceable batteries last shorter than the built-in. But they can be replaced at any time. When the device has no power, you just need to change its batteries and continue to use it. There will be no waiting time required.

Does The Device Have A Built-in AM/FM Radio?

Some Bluetooth hearing protectors can catch radio station frequencies. If you are a fan of hearing talk comedies or talk shows, you want to check whether the products support AM/FM radio or not. 

Besides, don’t forget to check the radio clarity and radio connectivity.

Don’t Forget To Look For The Music Quality!

Bad music quality is no less disturbing than the noise in your working environment. It makes you feel uncomfortable and distracts you during work. A good device should deliver the sound content smoothly with a flat response of frequency.

How to determine the music quality of a hearing protector? You want to ask the provider about the stereophonic sound, the noise isolation capabilities, and how much the product makes you feel fatigued due to hearing music for a long period continuously.

3M WorkTunes Connect + AM/FM Hearing Protector, Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 24 dB, Wireless Bluetooth & Radio Ear Muffs With Integrated Microphone & High Fidelity Speakers (90541H1-DC-PS)
Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24 dB*; Great AM/FM radio performance and bass boost option for enhanced listening experience
$78.99 −$22.73 $56.26
3M WorkTunes Connect + Gel Cushions Wireless Hearing Protector, Ear Muffs With Bluetooth Technology, Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 23 dB, High-Fidelity Speakers & Integrated Microphone (90544-SIOC)
PREMIUM GEL CUSHIONS are super-soft and conformable for enhanced comfort; HIGH-FIDELITY SPEAKERS provide premium sound quality
Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Smart Electronic Hearing Protector, Bluetooth Wireless Ear Muffs, NRR 26 dB, Bluetooth Headphones With Recessed Microphone, Ideal For Range, Shooting & Hunting (TAC500-OTH)
NRR: 26 dB noise reduction rating; IDEAL FOR both indoor and outdoor shooters and hunters; BLUETOOTH WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY to stream music and make calls
$199.99 −$50.11 $149.88
Caldwell E-Max - ADULT Black Bluetooth - Low Profile Electronic 21 NRR Hearing Protection with Sound Amplification - Adjustable Earmuffs
FEATURES: The ultra-lightweight design is impact resistant.; CONVENIENT: With a compact design, Caldwell folding muffs easily fit in your range bag.
Caldwell E-MAX Shadows 23 NRR - Electronic Hearing Protection with Bluetooth Connectivity for Shooting, Hunting, and Range
CONVENIENT: The included case duals as a charger and storage compartment
$56.24 −$4.26 $51.98

8 Bluetooth Hearing Protection Reviews

Here comes our best Bluetooth hearing protection reviews.

3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector With Bluetooth Technology 90543-4DC – Best For Long Battery Life

3M WorkTunes 90543-4DC

3M WorkTunes 90543-4DC

Key Features:

  • N.R.R.: 24 dB
  • Playtime: 30 hours
  • Microphone type: Integrated microphone
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices (Flexible connections)
  • Comfort: Headband and cushioned ear parts
  • Single-button interface
  • Audio and voice assist
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable battery

The 3M WorkTunes 90543-4DC appears with a modern style. What makes this Bluetooth product special is the comfort in use, strong ear protection, and long battery life.

Easy To Use

This device supports a 1-button interface and assists both voice and audio. There will be no difficulty with navigating the basic setup. You just need one click to adjust all the features of the protector.

In detail, you can touch once to pause or play the music. If you double tap, the music track will then be advanced. 

The previously played song will return upon three continuous presses. For switching the device on/off, you will hold the button.

Easy Charging And Long Battery Life

The 3M WorkTunes 90543-4DC features a built-in battery. It will support playing music for long periods of up to 30 hours. The 3M company has also given you a physical cable for charging, which you can use to recharge the battery conveniently.

We highly appreciate the battery-saving function of this product. When the device runs too long without interruption from the user, it will automatically shut off to save power. Of course, if you want to continue hearing, you can switch the device on again with one touch.


We feel quite disappointed with the sound adjustment of this product. There is no knob or button that allows you to increase or decrease the volume. If you want to make changes, you need to connect this headphone to your mobile phone.

3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector, Wireless Ear Muffs With Bluetooth Technology, Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 24 dB, High-Fidelity Speakers & Integrated Microphone, Lightweight (90543H1-DC-PS)
  • NRR of 24 dB (Noise Reduction Rating)*
  • BLUETOOTH WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY lets you seamlessly stream entertainment from your mobile phone and any other Bluetooth enabled device


  • 30 hours of playtime
  • High levels of noise reduction rating of 24 dB
  • Single-button interface
  • Easy charging with physical cables
  • Support both wireless and wired connections


  • No volume adjustment
  • Low volume

3M WorkTunes AM/FM Hearing Protector 90541-80025T – Best For AM/FM Radio Performance

3M WorkTunes 90541-80025T

3M WorkTunes 90541-80025T

Key Features:

  • N.R.R.: 24 dB
  • Limited time for music playing: 20 hours
  • Comfort: Headband and cushioned ear parts
  • Audio assist technology 
  • AM/FM radio availability
  • Battery: A.A. type replaceable battery

The second product we want to introduce to you is the 3M WorkTunes 90541-80025T. If you are a fan of talk shows and music on the radio, this product will please you at best with its great AM/FM performance.

AM/FM Radio Performance

As mentioned, this wireless device can catch signals of AM/FM radio. You can hear talk shows, talk comedies, or music on the radio with this protector during work. The equipped bass boost function helps you improve the listening experience.

Audio Assist Technology

There is no need to take the headset out of your ears. You can make adjustments directly while wearing the device, all thanks to the audio assist technology.

This function allows you to set up 50 different stations of AM/FM radio. It also reminds you of when the device has a low battery rating.

Auto Scanning Function

How can you choose your favourite radio station when there are so many options? Just place your trust in the auto-scanning function of the device! 

The protector scans all stations automatically and helps you save the one you like quickly. You can easily find the favorite station in your saved list with convenience the next time of use.


Like the previous product, this 3M WorkTunes 90541-80025T usually plays the music at a low volume, even when it’s set at the maximum volume. Also, this product does not feature an integrated microphone as the 90543-4DC does.



  • Supports AM/FM radio
  • Bass boost function for listening experience improvement
  • Audio assist technology with 50 radio stations
  • Auto scanning function for saving the favorite radio station


  • No micro included
  • Low volume

3M WorkTunes Connect + Gel Ear Cushions Hearing Protector 90544-SIOC – Best For High-fidelity Speakers

3M WorkTunes 90544-SIOC

3M WorkTunes 90544-SIOC

Key Features:

  • N.R.R.: 23 dB
  • Playback time: 8 hours
  • Microphone type: Integrated microphone
  • Comfort: Flexible headband and premium soft ear cushions
  • High-fidelity speakers
  • Single-button interface
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable battery

It’s a bummer that the first two candidates don’t meet consumers with needs of hearing protection producing high volume. But don’t worry because we have another great deal for you. 

This 3M WorkTunes 90544-SIOC will enhance your music listening experience to the maximum!

Ease Of Use

Thumb up for the ease of use of this cordless device! The protector features a one-button interface, which helps you make changes to the basic settings with convenience.

Can you guess the cool thing about this product? This 1-button interface is very responsive that allows you to control it while wearing gloves.

Comfort Of Usage

The 3M manufacturers have assembled gel ear cushions around the ear covers of the product. These pieces of gel equipment are so soft that will make you comfortable during the entire working time.

Besides, this product features a flexible headband. This tool helps the device stay close to your head, no matter if you wear a hat or not.

High-fidelity Speakers

We are pleased with the sound quality of this 90544-SIOC model. It features high-fidelity speakers that support playing music at loud volumes. You can now rest assured that every song will be smooth and loud!


Unfortunately, there is still no volume adjustment function. You can only increase or decrease the sound levels via the mobile device you connect to this headset.

3M WorkTunes Connect + Gel Cushions Wireless Hearing Protector, Ear Muffs With Bluetooth Technology, Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 23 dB, High-Fidelity Speakers & Integrated Microphone (90544-SIOC)
  • PREMIUM GEL CUSHIONS are super-soft and conformable for enhanced comfort
  • BLUETOOTH WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY lets you seamlessly stream entertainment from your mobile phone and any other Bluetooth enabled device


  • One button interface to maximize ease in use
  • Padded ear cushions and flexible headband for comfort in use
  • High-fidelity speakers for great music quality
  • High NRR for protection for communication
  • Integrated microphone for convenient phone call making


  • No volume adjustment
  • Low playback time

Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Smart Electronic Hearing Protector TAC500-OTH – Best For Background Noise Reduction

Peltor Sport Tactical 500 TAC500-OTH

Peltor Sport Tactical 500 TAC500-OTH

Key Features:

  • N.R.R.: 26 dB
  • Microphone type: Recessed microphones
  • Comfort: Adjustable and vented headband
  • Auto shut-off function.
  • Intuitive buttons and voice guidance 
  • Battery: A.A. replaceable battery

In case you require a hearing protector that supports clear communication, we recommend you this Peltor Sport TAC500-OTH.

Proper Noise Reduction Rating

You can notice that this Peltor Sport TAC500-OTH has a higher N.R.R. than all the 3 products above. 

As the advertisement says, this rating of 26 decibels is high enough for gun shooting filters. So if you go hunting often, you can find this equipment as your reliable hearing protection.

The high N.R.R. also reduces all the environmental noise around you. When you make a phone call, you will never be disrupted by environmental sounds.

Comfort In Use

The wireless protector is designed with an adjustable and vented headband. You can change this part to make the equipment fit your head.

Recessed Microphones

This device is truly a beast of smooth conversation in noise. It comes with recessed microphones, which can reduce the noise of the wind and fan. These items will record and deliver your clear words to the person talking to you on the other line.


It would have been better if the manufacturers gave A.A. batteries along with the product. Unfortunately, you will have to prepare these power supplies by yourself. 


  • High volume range
  • High rating of noise reduction
  • Automatic shut-off for battery saving
  • Ear protection for shooting
  • Flexible headband with ventilation for best fitting
  • All background sounds isolation for smooth and clear communication in noise


  • No battery included
  • Difficult to adjust due to the stiff construction

Baby Banz Bluetooth Earmuffs Hearing Protection BTEM000 – Best For Children Support

Baby Banz BTEM000

Baby Banz BTEM000

Key Features:

  • N.R.R.: 31 dB
  • Comfort: Cushioned pads and rigid headbands
  • Small size and lightweight for babies
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Indicator: LED lights

We recommend this Baby Banz BTEM000 to people looking for a device to protect the hearing ability of their children.

High Noise Reduction Rating

Among 8 products on the list, this BTEM000 has the highest N.R.R. of 31 dB. With this device, your infants will nearly hear no noise around them. 

The Baby Banz company has applied the Industry-leading Safe Sound technology to build this wireless device. It will limit the music volume to just 75 dB, making the babies comfortable in busy environments. 

Comfort In Use

When it comes to a product for babies, you surely care about the comfort in use, right? This protector features cushioned pads and headbands to hug the baby’s face with softness. Your infants can wear this item for prolonged periods without being hurt.

LED Indicator

We were impressed by the indicator of this lightweight product. When the battery goes to a low level, the LED lights will shine, reminding you to charge it. On the other hand, these LED lights also indicate the stability of the wireless connection.


This product is only good for small babies. The strap used for adjustments is quite short; you can not extend the size of the headset for big children.


  • High N.R.R. for maximum hearing protection
  • Echo cancellation technology
  • Cushioned pads and headbands to make the babies comfortable
  • LED lights showing connectivity and battery status
  • Lightweight and portability


  • Not suitable for big children
  • No volume adjustment

XCEL 100 Digital Electronic Muff W/ Voice Clarity – Best For Battery Saving

XCEL 100 Muff W/ Voice Clarity & Bluetooth Technology

XCEL 100 Muff W/ Voice Clarity & Bluetooth Technology

Key Features:

  • N.R.R.: 28 dB
  • Playtime: 10 hours
  • Microphone type: Hi Gain Omni directional mics
  • Comfort: Foldable ear cups and flexible headband
  • Auto shut-off function
  • Battery: A.A.A. replaceable battery

The XCEL 100 Muff is a recommendable Bluetooth device that can help save power in the battery automatically. It also has an ergonomic design that will bring a lot of comfort to you.

Auto Shut Off Function

The product does not come up with a built-in battery. Instead, it requires 2 A.A.A. batteries as the power supplies to run. This does not mean the device will go out of power quickly. 

The auto shut-off function will be activated after 60 – 120 minutes, stopping the protector from working temporarily.

Custom Comfort Ear Cups

An impressive point we have found about this product is the foldability. As you can see, the device contains 2 flexible ear cups that can be folded in and out. With this feature, the Bluetooth headset will not take much space in your storage.


The manufacturers have designed to create 4 big buttons on the 2 ends of the headband. You can directly control the volume, switch the device on/off, and pause the music with them.


However, these buttons seem to have low responsiveness. You may need to touch them several times to make them work.

WALKER'S XCEL Digital Electronic Muff-26dB NRR Noise Protection Sound Enhancement Shooting Safety Earmuff, 2 AAA Batteries, Grey, One Size
  • XCEL ELECTRONIC MUFF - Designed for hunters, range shooters & outdoor enthusiasts, these wireless earmuffs offer exceptional hearing protection & comfort; Packed with innovative features, these ear protection muffs also enhance your situational awareness
  • ENHANCED HEARING - Featuring Hi-Gain Omni Directional Microphones, these hunting earmuffs amplify important sounds in your environment, delivering crystal-clear audio; Enjoy better hearing and ear protection with these 26dB NRR range shooting earmuffs


  • High N.R.R. of 28 dB
  • Wind noise reduction
  • Volume management technology for hearing safe
  • Foldable design
  • Voice mode navigation
  • Comfortable ear cushions


  • Low responsive buttons
  • Picking up a lot of static external noise caused by overhead LED lights

Caldwell E-Max Low Profile Electronic Hearing Protection – Best For Dual Microphones

Caldwell E-Max Low Profile

Caldwell E-Max Low Profile

Key Features:

  • N.R.R.: 24 dB
  • Microphone type: Dual microphone
  • Comfort: Adjustable headband and padded ear cups
  • Safe volume control technology
  • Stereo sound
  • Battery: A.A.A. replaceable battery or rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Do you want to hear dynamic sounds when making phone calls? Do you want to transfer full information to the person on the other line? Just let this Caldwell E-Max Low Profile help!

Dual Microphone

This E-Max model does not only have one but 2 microphones on the 2 sides. These pieces of equipment are designed to record all the detailed voices you make in the clearest state and transfer them to the person you are contacting.

Stereo Sound

You never worry about mishearing. With a stereo amplification system, this cordless device will provide crystal clear sounds. All the designs are for the highest quality of phone calls.

Volume Control Buttons

Like the XCEL 100 Muff W, this Caldwell E-Max Low Profile supports volume controls. There are 3 buttons on the 2 sides of the ear cups. You can increase or reduce the volume to the safe level with them.


This product runs on either a rechargeable lithium-ion battery or 3 A.A.A. batteries. The lithium-ion one is already included. But if you want to use the A.A.A., you may have to buy them from the manufacturers separately. They will cost you a little bit of extra money.

Caldwell E-Max - ADULT Black Bluetooth - Low Profile Electronic 21 NRR Hearing Protection with Sound Amplification - Adjustable Earmuffs
  • SPECS: Experience high quality stereo sound while confidently protecting your hearing with 24 NRR (Noise Reduction Rating).
  • COMFORTABLE: Featuring an adjustable headband and padded ear cups, you’ll find a custom fit to ensure proper noise cancellation and hearing protection. A slender, low profile design provides a closer cheek weld, allowing for more accurate shooting.


  • Natural sound due to the stereo amplification
  • Gun-shot noise reduction
  • Volume control buttons
  • Dual microphones for clear voice recording
  • Compatible with both rechargeable and single-use batteries


  • No A.A.A. batteries included
  • Causing static noise

Caldwell E-Max Shadows – Best For Earplug Design

Caldwell E-Max Shadows

Caldwell E-Max Shadows

Key Features:

  • N.R.R.: 23 dB
  • Playtime: 5 hours
  • Microphone type: Built-in microphone
  • Comfort: Soft foam ear tips
  • Automatically shuts off 
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable battery 

Here comes the final product on this list. This time, we introduce to you a different type of exceptional hearing protection. While the other products come up with a headset style, this Caldwell E-Max Shadows is a big deal on earplugs.

Comfort In Use

This earplug-style device still provides a lot of comfort in use. You never worry about fitting, as the earpieces can be plugged directly into your ears. No headband will cause heaviness on your face.

The output port of the earpieces is covered in soft foam. Thus, you will not feel itchy or hurt around your ears, even after wearing these foam plugs for hours.

Automatically Shut Off

The Caldwell company deeply cares about the experience of the user. The manufacturer has designed an automatic shut-off function for this wireless device. After every 4 hours, the protector will stop working by itself to save the battery.

Long Battery Life

Thanks to the automatic shut-off function, the battery can last for a long duration. Believe it or not, the device can play music for up to 5 hours after a single charge!


What turns the device down is the low volume of the music. Even when you adjust the music levels to the maximum, the sound quality does not seem to be improved.

Caldwell E-MAX Shadows 23 NRR - Electronic Hearing Protection with Bluetooth Connectivity for Shooting, Hunting, and Range
  • SPECS: Black - Experience high quality stereo sound while confidently protecting your hearing with 23 NRR (Noise Reduction Rating)
  • COMFORTABLE: With 6 sizes of comfortable foam tips, you’ll find a custom fit for your ear to ensure proper noise cancellation and hearing protection


  • Foam ear pads for high softness 
  • Auto shut off function for long battery life
  • Case working as both storage and charger
  • High-quality stereo sounds
  • Custom-fit
  • 6 sizes of custom earpieces


  • Inconsistent volume controls
  • Low volume

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Last Words

One more time, we want you to understand and remember the importance of ear hearing protection. If you will be exposed to loud environments, you want to buy Bluetooth hearing protection to keep your ears safe.

When buying, make sure that you check all the essential factors we have mentioned in the buying guide above. A good device should contain all those features.

For further questions, please contact us. We will answer you as soon as we can.

And now, we will end our article. Many thanks for reading!


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