Some Tips On How To Fix Bluetooth Headphones When Only One Side Works

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Bluetooth headphones that only work on one side are an error that users often encounter. So the method to repair Bluetooth headphones when this situation is a keyword with many searches on social networking sites.

To fix bluetooth earbuds, you need to restart the headset first. If that still doesn’t solve the problem, try resetting Bluetooth and pairing.

In case that doesn’t work, check your mobile/PC audio settings. Otherwise, we think the problem comes from your sound.

To learn more about the solutions, read the following article. The article shares how to repair Bluetooth headphones when not connected and sound jerky.

Besides, the article also includes tips to check the cause of the headset only working on one side.

Let’s read on to know more details!

Why Do Bluetooth Headphones Only Work On One Side?

Why Do Bluetooth Headphones Only Work On One Side?
Bluetooth Headphones

To start with how to fix earbuds when only one is working on one side, let’s analyze some of the causes of this problem. Note, we only share some of the reasons; if your wireless headphones are not one of them, it’s time for you to contact a technician.


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Connection errors

Bluetooth Connection errors 
Bluetooth Connection errors 

Bluetooth headphones having connection problems are a common cause of them working on only one side. During the pairing process, Bluetooth wireless headphones and the transmitter often encounter some errors.

For example, one of the two devices connects to the other. Although some Bluetooth headphones already allow multiple devices to be connected simultaneously, they are not yet common.

Or the cause is the connection line is obstructed, usually because of the long-distance and many obstacles and other signals causing interference.

Broken ear

Broken one ear
Broken one ear

You can easily see this condition with the naked eye. At this point, you need to consider the severity of the fracture.

If the break is minor, you can fix wireless it by using masking tape to isolate the problem. Otherwise, we think you should replace your Bluetooth headphones.

Audio file error

Your headphones can not play all sounds. For more details on this, you should review the manufacturer’s manual and the specifications of your Bluetooth headphones.

Or the leading cause is an error sound file. Some audio files set priority to play on one side of the headset. So you quickly mistakenly think that the other side of the headset is unavailable.

WC problem

Bluetooth WC problem 
Bluetooth WC problem 

Bluetooth WC problem 

Many users have a habit of putting their headphones in their pockets and do not regularly clean them.

When the headset accumulates a large amount of dust, it will affect the sound output. Therefore, dirty headphones are also why they only work on one side, even if both sides stop working.

How To Repair Bluetooth Headphones When Only Working On One Side

fix wireless Bluetooth Headphones When Only Working On One Side 
fix wireless Bluetooth Headphones When Only Working On One Side 

Even if you connect Bluetooth headphones to the device correctly, the headset will only work on one side. The cause may be a broken wire that makes one side unable to play in one sound. Please refer to the content in the video below for more details.

how to fix one side not working problem any Bluetooth headphones Sk Experiment

When Bluetooth headphones fail to connect

The fixing way when Bluetooth headphones fail to connect 
The fixing way when Bluetooth headphones fail to connect 

Check the user manual

In fact, on the first use, some headphones automatically switch to pairing mono tracks. So many people think that Bluetooth headphones can be readily available without any installation. However, this statement is not entirely correct.

CEO of Jlab Audio – a brand specializing in making low-cost wireless speakers – Win Cramer had a headache when Bluetooth headphones did not connect for the second time. So when you try to connect, and the transmitter doesn’t show up with Bluetooth headphones, we think it’s time to recheck the user manual.

When you buy Bluetooth headphones, you will receive a paper or a quite detailed user manual. Review the manufacturer’s instructions on how to put the headset in pairing mode.

Usually, you just need to hold down the power button for a few seconds. However, some Bluetooth wireless headphones have a different method. For example, touch-controlled headphones require a separate connection.

Disconnect other devices

Normally, the working principle of Bluetooth headphones is to only connect to a single transmitter. In other words, your Bluetooth headphones cannot pair with both devices at the same time.

Once you connect to the iPad, Bluetooth headphones will not connect to any other devices. It is a common principle in most headphones.

But now, some Bluetooth headphones have improved and allowed connecting to multiple playback devices simultaneously.

So when your Bluetooth headphones don’t work, try disconnecting the headphones from another device. Chances are your one ear headphone is among the more popular.

Disconnecting will force the Bluetooth headphones to return to their original pairing mode. Now you need to select the transmitter and connect.

Disconnect the device from another headset

Similarly, your transmitter does not allow simultaneous connection of 2 Bluetooth headphones. So make sure they are not connected to any other headphones.

Because when turned on, your phone is straightforward to reconnect to Bluetooth headphones that have paired before. As long as the two devices are within range, they will automatically connect. To avoid such a situation, you can delete the old Bluetooth connection from the phone memory.

For iOS, go to Bluetooth audio settings and click on the ‘i’ icon next to the Bluetooth headphones you want to remove. Then you click ‘forget device’ to remove them from the device.

As for Android devices, you do the same. These two operating systems only differ in symbols, and the operation and location are the same.

Close the gap

If you are listening to music, but suddenly one of the headphones stops working, the sound is choppy. We think it is because you are too far away from the transmitter or the connection line encounters many obstacles.

Although most Bluetooth headphones can connect within a radius of 33 feet to 100 feet, this distance is in open space conditions. That is, there are not many obstacles, or there are too many wifi signals that interfere with the signal.

The best solution to this problem is to bridge the gap between the transmitter and the Bluetooth headphones. Also, stay away from other signal generators.

When headphones not working due to other reasons


How to check if headphones not working due to other reasons 
How to check if headphones not working due to other reasons 


Bluetooth headphones require a battery to work. We recommend that you fully charge the battery for the headset to work properly. Because the headset battery is low, you will have some pairing problems, and the Bluetooth headphones will not work.

Some headphones still work while the battery count is close to 0%. But it will drain very quickly and affect the sound quality. Charge the batteries even if they have a little bit left.

Make sure two devices are compatible with each other

Make sure two devices are compatible with each other
Make sure two devices are compatible with each other

Like most other technological devices, Bluetooth headphones have also undergone a revision process with many improvements. To this day, many models of Bluetooth headphones are equipped with many modern features to meet the needs of everyone.

Up to now, Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest technology applied in some headsets. This technology allows Bluetooth headphones to connect to most devices.

However, for some transmitters such as phones and computers too old Bluetooth headphones cannot connect.

So, to troubleshoot your headset, check if your Bluetooth version supports it. Then, you need to make sure the two devices including Bluetooth headphones and phone or computer are compatible with each other.

Check if the headset is clean

A clean and dry pair of earbuds Bluetooth headphones should provide good sound. If the Bluetooth headphones are dusty, waxy, or lint, the sound cannot be played, leading to a situation where one side works, and the other does not.

So, the first thing you need to do is check that your Bluetooth headphones are clean. Usually, people have the habit of putting one ear headphones in their pants pockets, shirt pockets, or bags. This action causes Bluetooth headphones to accumulate dust and lint.

So if you find dirt, clean it with a dry cloth. If the device gets wet, dry it using a microfiber cloth to absorb the water.

Check the audio format

Current Bluetooth headphones sometimes can’t play some old audio formats. It is because your headset only works on one side.

Because the problem is not always with the one ear headphones, you need to check to determine the correct cause of the problem. Old types of audio formats sometimes cause interference, even causing both sides of the headset not to work.


The models all have different specifications. That’s why they have different ways of working. What you need to do now is to learn about the parameters on your device carefully.

Some Bluetooth headphones allow users to reset all settings. To do this, refer to the instructions for use from the manufacturer.

In general, most Bluetooth headphones on the market today have the following implementations. First, the user needs to make sure the headset is turned off, then restart it. If the headset has a power button, press and hold it for a few seconds.

Some special bluetooth earbuds that support touch control will have their way of starting. If that still doesn’t work, try doing the same for the volume up and down buttons.

Check the connection audio jack balance

Many users do not know that wireless earbuds like iPhone, Mac, and Windows PC all provide the option to adjust the sound to the right or left side of the headset. Carriers have provided this feature to assist hard-of-hearing users.

So when your Bluetooth headphones are only working on one side despite trying the above solutions, the cause may be by mistake. The settings have been adjusted. The solution now is to change the stereo sound by going to the settings on the transmitter.

How to adjust stereo sound on iOS

  • First, you need to go to the ‘settings’ section of your device’s menu and then click on ‘accessibility’. For older iOS devices, you may need to go to the ‘general’ section to get ready for the next steps.
  • Scroll the screen until you find the ‘auditory’ category. In this section, you go to ‘audio/visual’ to adjust. To ensure that the sound plays evenly on both sides of the headset, you need to ensure the slider is at the point between L and R.
  • Note, for older iOS, this slider is in the ‘hearing’ section.
  • Also, pay attention to the Mon Audio button at the top. Turn off the mono sound to perform the L R tuning.

How to adjust stereo sound on Mac

  • For Mac, you do the same with wireless earbuds when only one. But the path to the L R bar is a bit different.
  • You need to open ‘system preferences’; in this, you click on the ‘sound’ item and then ‘output’. A menu panel will now appear on the screen. Select the name of the headset and make sure the slider is in the center L R.
  • And when you need to work on a single audio jack checkbox, you go into ‘system preferences’ and go to accessibility.

When Do I Need To Buy New Headphones?

When Do I Need To Buy New Headphones?
When Do I Need To Buy New Headphones?

Unfortunately, if your Bluetooth headphones are seriously damaged, you cannot fix headphones despite applying the above solutions. However, you can try to fix one ear by going to the help of the technical staff.

Of course, the cost to buy new bluetooth earbuds is not expensive. So we recommend replacing them.

Especially if you have been using headphones for more than a year, I think you should accept that Bluetooth earbuds have reached the threshold of life. In case the headset is new, try contacting the manufacturer and ask for advice from them.

You can diagnose some headphone problems yourself and decide when to buy new Bluetooth headphones. If the device has sound quality problems, do not hesitate to replace them.

After using it for a while or having bad effects on Bluetooth headphones, the sound quality will degrade. The first signs are crackling and crackling sounds.

Another sign that Bluetooth headphones are about to be replaced is a problem with Bluetooth connectivity. This connection becomes unstable and not as reliable as before with an aux cable.

Also, if bluetooth earbuds make you feel pain when using them, get rid of them. Headphones on the market today come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Using the wrong size headphones can easily hurt your ears and even cause some damage. So before you buy, you should try to find the correct headset.

In the event that the headset doesn’t work this bit, we think it’s time to throw it in the trash.


Why can’t I connect to Bluetooth?

If your device can’t connect to Bluetooth, recheck the headset’s settings. Most likely, your device is not set to pairing mode.

Or it could be because they are not in range. And in case you keep having connection problems, set it to ‘forgot to connect’ and start over.

How long do Bluetooth headphones’ batteries last?

There are no specific numbers for this question as battery life depends on its quality.

The shelf life provided by the manufacturer is only theoretical laboratory data. In fact, the battery life of Bluetooth headphones is also affected by the needs of each person.

When should I charge my Bluetooth headphones?

According to device manufacturers that use Bluetooth connectivity, they recommend charging the battery when the capacity is about 20%.

However, the problem is that the Bluetooth headset does not have a notification about the remaining battery percentage.

So it leads to many times when your headset falls into a state of battery exhaustion without even knowing it. To fix headphones with aux cable, please refer to some Bluetooth headphones battery alarm applications.


Above is the information that I want to share with you. With the one-sided headphones not working, troubleshooting tips we’ve listed, hopefully, you’ll be able to fix and use your Bluetooth headphones as usual.

We can’t deny that a pair of earbuds are an electronic device that fluctuates in performance. It is difficult for you to see what makes them so, especially for wireless headphones.

So the above solutions are just a simple way to fix the headset working on one side. In case you cannot solve the problem, go to the technicians to perform advanced fix operations.

Finally, if you have any other questions or are unclear about one of the methods we just mentioned, leave a comment or contact us. We will respond and answer you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for reading!

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