product Introducing Fast Charge, Smart Suggest, and More!

When we first imagined Here One™, we set out to create a software-powered system that would be more than just a headphone and that would evolve over time. Today, we’re releasing our first Here One System Update, which provides faster charging for your Here Buds™, more battery life for both music streaming and Real-World Sound Control, and clearer phone calls. These improvements come on top of Smart Suggest, a new feature that learns your preferences and automatically suggests the most appropriate Noise Filters based on your location, time of day, and past use—so you can access them more quickly and easily.
Here’s a closer look at what’s included in this System Update:

Smart Suggest: Personalized Recommendations
Smart Suggest is a brand new feature that recommends specific Smart Noise Filters based on your environment and listening preferences. With information such as time of day, location, wisdom of the crowd, and your previously used settings, Here One suggests the most appropriate Filter recommendations at the right time and place. Imagine walking into Starbucks to get your morning coffee. You’re instantly bombarded with the sound of coffee being ground, orders being called, and people talking around you. Because getting coffee is part of your early morning routine—and the busiest time of day—Smart Suggest recognizes that you’re in a loud environment. As a result, it recommends Noise Mask, Restaurant mode, or Real-World Volume reduction so that you can reduce the sounds around you, but still be able to give the barista your order and hear when it’s ready. As Here One learns more about your hearing preferences and those of other users, Smart Suggest will get smarter and more personalized over time.

Fast Charge: 50% Battery in 15 Minutes
In the four months since we started shipping, we’ve learned a lot about how our community is using Here One in the world. In particular, commuters have told us that they love using the Bus and Subway Noise Filters to selectively tune out screeching and background noise so that they can listen to their music or podcasts, while still being able to hear announcements. After their commute, they want to quickly charge up their Here Buds while getting settled so that they are ready to take a call or use the Office Filter to help them focus on their morning work. This feedback helped define our Fast Charge feature, which now charges the Here Buds back up to 50% in 15 minutes.

Better Call Quality
In addition to Smart Suggest and faster charging, we’ve made improvements to the fidelity and clarity of phone calls for both the caller and receiver. So the next time you’re on a phone call, the Here Buds will automatically turn down the Real-World Volume, allowing you to focus on and hear your conversation more easily.

More Battery Life
Finally, we’ve added more battery life. You’ll now enjoy 30 additional minutes for Real-World Sound Control and 10 more minutes for streaming.

Here One is a system that’s been engineered to continuously improve over time. Today’s update is just the first step, and we’ll continue to introduce additional improvements and new features to make Here One even more indispensable for your daily life.

 To update your Here Buds today, download the System Updater!

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Here One Shipping Update


Here One Shipping Update

We started shipping Here One pre-orders on February 21st, and we’ve now shipped thousands of Here Buds™ wireless earbuds to our customers.